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Why is My Wife Stressed, and How Can I Help Her?

We all know that stress is, unfortunately, a part of life. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, it will catch up with us eventually.

What is important is how we deal with stress and not allow it to overwhelm us and seriously disrupt our lives.

This happened to your wife; she seems stressed for too long, and you don’t know how to help her.

Why is your wife stressed? Some main causes of stress include work-related pressure, relationship issues, emotional problems, and unfulfilled expectations.

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What is important to emphasize is that stress is contagious, so it can easily happen that you are also under pressure because your wife is.

Also, the fact that she struggles and you don’t know how to help her is stressing you too.

In this article, we will explain the reasons behind your wife’s stress in more detail, but we will also help you properly support her in difficult times.

Why is Your Wife Stressed? 5 Most Common Reasons

We are all different, and not everyone reacts to stress similarly.

What will trigger someone significantly and throw them into a spiral of stress, someone else will be able to cope with it more easily.

To help you understand what’s troubling your wife, let’s delve deeper into the primary causes of stress and provide further clarification:

1. Work-Related Stress

While work is necessary in our lives, there are more important things, such as our health.

However, the number one source of stress in the modern age seems to be work.

The demands of a challenging job, long working hours, or a toxic work environment can lead to significant stress for anyone, including your wife.

Of course, low salary is a frequent cause of job dissatisfaction and complete exhaustion due to work.

Does your wife complain about her job every day?

It is possible that your wife is experiencing classic burnout regarding her work, and she needs a break.

2. Relationship Issues

This reason is mostly related to you.

Be honest, are there any problems between you and your wife in your marriage?

Conflicts, unresolved issues, or lack of emotional support within the relationship can affect your wife’s stress levels.

Maybe you don’t understand the seriousness of resentment in marriage. The fact that you think the most important thing is that you and your wife love each other, even though you fight daily, cannot be an excuse.

In such conditions, even the most extraordinary love can fade, and your ignoring behavior can lead you to the verge of divorce.

3. Household Responsibilities

Housework and responsibilities around the home and family, although they may seem ordinary, can be a huge stress source.

What is the share of household tasks between you and your wife?

A common scenario may apply to your marriage: The husband typically focuses on his job and does little or nothing regarding housework. Meanwhile, the wife has her job, too, often coming home to more work taking care of the household.

That new job includes preparing food, doing laundry, cleaning the house, doing homework with the kids, etc. A to-do list is neverending.

Balancing household chores, managing finances, and taking care of children can be overwhelming for your wife, specifically if she feels she has to handle everything herself.

She is incredibly annoyed when you have some comments about how she could cook better or that the house is not clean enough.

You also take her hard work for granted and think it’s easy to do her job, take care of the kids, make lunch, clean the house…

If she does all this alone, without your support, it is no wonder she will feel drained and stressed.

4. Unfulfilled Expectations

If your wife is unhappy with her life, stress will become part of her everyday life.

Your wife had high expectations of life. However, things turned out differently.

Striving to meet societal expectations, achieving personal goals, or dealing with self-doubt can also cause significant stress for your wife.

All those goals she set for herself remained just unfulfilled dreams.

She didn’t achieve the career she always dreamed of and had to settle for a dead-end job that made her depressed.

Despite her efforts to relocate, you continue to live in the same place that she despises and feels trapped in.

Maybe she expected more from you, that you would be more involved in marriage, but you changed over time and became passive.

5. Poor Physical and Mental Health

Poor health can result in stress, aggravating one’s health condition. This creates a harmful cycle.

It is hard not to be stressed when something is wrong with the body and when something hurts.

But what about mental health? Stress is closely related to many mental disorders. Many mental illnesses are closely linked to stress, either as a side effect or a contributing factor.

Unresolved traumas from the past, stressful life events, general dissatisfaction and negativity, and many other factors influence the development of mental illnesses.

How Does Stress Affect a Marriage?

As we have already said, stress is contagious, and passing it on to other close people is easy. You can sense your wife’s tension, and so can your children and even pets.

Stress affects your marriage in the following ways:

  • Communication Breakdown – when your wife’s stress levels are high, it can be challenging to have an effective conversation. Your wife can easily get angry with you no matter what you say.
  • Emotional Distance – stress distances partners and causes your wife to withdraw or become distant.
  • Decreased Intimacy – where there is no emotional closeness, there is no intimacy. We are not talking about the lack of sex in your marriage but also about small signs of affection, such as a hug after work or holding hands.

5 Ways to Help Your Stressed-Out Wife

In addition to feeling sorry for what your wife is going through, you also realize how stress affects your marriage.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Recognize and Don’t Minimize Your Wife’s Stress

First, you must recognize that your wife is stressed because she may not tell you, although it is obvious.

Common symptoms of stress are:

  • fatigue 
  • nervousness
  • anxiety 
  • insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • overeating or starving
  • stomach problems
  • lack of energy
  • mood swings

It’s important to recognize these symptoms and take steps to address them.

The worst thing you can do is be in denial and tell your wife that she is fine and ignore her mental state.

2. Actively Listen and Don’t Judge

Create a safe space for your wife to express her feelings without judgment.

Listen attentively, validate her emotions, and show understanding.

Don’t react intensely to her stress or get angry because of what she tells you.

Show empathy and be that strong support you vowed to be when you married.

Recognize that men and women may experience stress differently, and choose the right words to help your wife.

3. Help Her to Find a Solution to Her Stress

Only offer solutions after you listen to your wife and when she asks you for help. Then you can start proposing practical tips and solutions.

For example, if your wife’s job is too stressful for her, you may need to look at other alternatives. If your financial situation allows, your wife should take a break and find a job that fits her better.

As for the housework and the fact that she never has time for herself, it’s time for you to get involved.

You are not a guest in your own house, and you cannot expect all the responsibilities to fall on your wife.

Share the household chores equally so your wife does not feel constantly exhausted.

Here’s a great tip: occasionally, going above and beyond what was originally agreed upon can make a big difference.

Make your wife’s day by preparing a surprise dinner for her when she arrives home, even if you haven’t discussed it beforehand. 

Alternatively, take on the responsibilities around the children for the entire day, giving your wife time to rest.

Your wife will appreciate it.

4. Be Passionate and Affectionate Towards Your Wife

Passion, intimacy, love, and tenderness are never enough in marriage. You can’t overdo them.

Especially if these things are missing in your marriage, you need to bring them back because that makes a marriage happy.

When was the last time you took your wife out on a date? Amaze her with a romantic weekend getaway to some beautiful destination.

Have you stopped giving your wife presents? Surprise her with a gift for no reason other than you love her and show her that you care.

5. Encourage Your Wife to Self Care

One of the best remedies for stress is self-care.

Your wife needs to prioritize taking care of herself, especially since she’s been dealing with a lot of stress from her busy life. 

Encourage her to make time for the things she enjoys doing.

Remind her of her hobbies that she has always adored but neglected over time. It’s time to get back at them.

Suppose you want to help her cope with stress. In that case, you can suggest new hobbies that involve creative expression like writing or painting, physical activities like exercise, or simply being in nature, which is the best stress reducer.

You are also welcome to join her in all these activities.

A form of self-care is also going to the therapist as a part of mental hygiene.

What Are The Right Words to Say to Your Stressed-Out Wife?

Sometimes it’s the hardest to say the right words, so we’ll help you.

Address your wife with these words:

  • “You’re not alone.”

Being there for your wife and giving her space to talk can be the best way to show support. 

  • “I’m here for you.”

Let her know you’re there for her and willing to listen and help her manage her stress. 

  • “How can I help?” 

Show your willingness to assist her in any way possible. 

  • “I believe in you.” 

Remind her of her strengths and capabilities. 

  • “I love you.”

Finally, remember to tell your wife you love and care about her. Good luck!