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About us

Everything in life begins with change.

We often struggle to understand the impact tiny changes have on our lives.

Changes help us get out of the patterns of behavior we want to alter and open our horizons to new possibilities.

Everyone loves stories about people who made incredible changes that led to overnight success. We get the impression that it is expected of us.

The media offers us an image of a successful influencer living his dream or an incredible story of a developer who started from a dorm room and is now a millionaire. The media simply adore such “from zero to hero” overnight success stories.

We’re not here to diminish anyone’s success, but we’re here to point out that those incredible stories of quick success are usually not like that in reality.

The effort behind those great successes is often overlooked. The public focuses only on the end result but not the path that led to it.

For most people, small daily changes will lead to positive outcomes. Success from tiny changes comes gradually and unnoticeably but remains with us as a new part of our personality.

We are always supporters of the theory that one should focus on the process and not on the end goal.

The best thing anyone can do for themselves is to make small and incremental improvements in life. We are here to help you:

  • get to know yourself and your feelings better;
  • improve relationships with important people in your life;
  • become more confident in your decisions and gain self-confidence;
  • understand other people’s behavior better and improve communication with them;
  • change bad habits and replace them with good ones;
  • successfully overcome challenging life situations;
  • overcome any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

We will not tell you stories about overnight successes. Instead, we will always emphasize the importance of patience and consistency as the key factors in tiny changes.

Tiny changes that are consistent and maintained over time have a tremendous effect on your life. They are superior to making no changes in life at all.

So, make tiny changes, stick to them, and let the outcomes speak for themselves. And remember:

Tiny Changes Matter

Meet our writers:

Carol Gravitt

In her previous life, Carol was a talented content writer. Then she made a series of small changes that led her to become a graduate psychologist specializing in all kinds of relationships.

From family to marriage problems, Carol has a lot of experience and will help with the right advice.

She is always focused on improving communication and understanding as the main factors in enhancing the relationship. If anyone can give you the right marriage advice, it’s our Carol.

Rodney Simmons

Rodney is an investigative journalist. Yet, he doesn’t investigate forests and caves but rather people and human behavior.

He has many articles behind him that talk about building good habits and rejecting bad ones, overcoming difficult life situations, human emotions, weaknesses, etc.

When you read his articles, you feel like you have a friend in front of you who understands you, supports you, and gives you the right advice.