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My Job is Making me Depressed, but I Can’t Quit: 3 Ways to Deal with It  

In life, we make many decisions, but only a few dramatically affect our quality of life.

One of them is the decision to choose a profession.

Given that we usually spend around 8 hours at work, which means most of the day, doing work that makes us feel bad can be extremely exhausting.

Businessman being depressed by working in office

If your job is making you depressed, but you can’t quit, you need to devise a solution that will save your mental health. 

An inadequate choice of profession affects all segments of life.

If you do a job that doesn’t interest you, you come into contact with people with whom you don’t have much in common.

You lack the motivation to move forward and feel stuck.

Let’s see how you can help yourself and prevent depression from taking over your entire life. 

Define What Exactly Depresses You 

When you do something you don’t like, your quality can’t come to the fore, so your self-image easily suffers over time.

When you’re doing something you believe in, even a bad team doesn’t bother you as much as the best team can when you’re doing something you don’t like.

If your job is making you depressed, it is important that you understand why.

Everything can change, you can change, but change will only work if you know what exactly needs to be changed. 

Bad Atmosphere at Work 

Businesspeople arguing in meeting

If you reluctantly go to work and come home exhausted, it is important to define what makes you feel that way.

Sometimes we can be quite satisfied with the work we do, but if the atmosphere in the office is bad, no matter how much we love our work, in the long run, it will kill our enthusiasm.

A bad atmosphere reflects bad company culture, working conditions, and relations between people. It is not something that one person can deal with alone.

If you care about the work you do, but the environment is actually killing you, try to recognize who else in the company feels the same way you do.

Making those small alliances with like-minded people can significantly improve your mood and completely change your job calling.

Pain is easier when it is shared, and if it turns out that many of you feel this way in the company, perhaps it would be effective to join forces and openly present the problem to your superiors.

Not all directors and managers can notice the atmosphere among their employees.

Some people are so focused on work and success that they completely neglect all other aspects of work. However, be careful.

If the company culture is such that it fosters a negative atmosphere and you care about keeping your job, it may be enough to find a companion.

You Hate Your Work 

hate monday illustration

If you have to do a job you don’t like, in which you cannot express yourself and use your talents, there is no such atmosphere that will make you feel good.

Even the best team will be your inspiration only in the beginning.

As soon as the initial enthusiasm fades, you will start to feel like you missed out.

Of course, not all of us have the luxury of allowing ourselves to be without income and casually look for a job that we will love.

If this is also your case and you simply cannot quit your job, what can make your life easier is finding a hobby you will love.

Or, instead of a hobby, you can work on acquiring the skills you need to get a job you’ll love.

No matter how much you don’t like the job, if you actively work to find the job you want simultaneously, you won’t have room to fall into depression.

Do not accept any situation as the final judgment of your life.

There is always room for change.

It may take a long time to make the change you want, but even the smallest step towards it counts and is worth it.

Also, don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of eventually loving a job you hate. It won’t happen, especially if you know exactly what you want.

Burn Out Syndrome 

Burnout syndrome at work is not a modern invention but a reality many hard-working people face.

how to avoid burnout

If you don’t allow yourself to rest, you constantly set yourself higher goals; you will inevitably feel exhausted at some point.

If certain stress at work lasts too long and there is no solution in sight, it is also very possible that you will spontaneously fall into depression.

In any case, it is important to recognize what you lack and allow yourself to take what you need. With burnout syndrome, quality rest is all you need to restore your vitality.

Fear of Change 

Sometimes we have much more possibilities than we realize. We often do not dare to taste them out of fear.

We are afraid that we will make a mistake and lose the security we had until then.

However, these are very toxic reasons for staying at a job that does not fulfill you, especially if you know that you can change jobs easily.

If you feel you cannot quit your job, think about how justified your fear is.

Is it a problem for you to disappoint someone’s expectations or to lose your security?

No job is as secure as a job you love, and the only person whose expectations you should meet is you.

Wrapping It All Up 

Whatever you decide, the only unacceptable thing is to allow yourself to sink into depression.

Depression seriously impairs the quality of life, and there is no job in the world worth sacrificing your health for.

Seek support from those closest to you. The first relief will come when you honestly tell someone how you feel.

Then it will be easier for you to make a plan to solve your situation at work.