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My Husband Criticizes My Cooking – How to Make Him Stop?

No one likes to deal with criticism, and neither do you. You especially don’t like being criticized for things you do almost every day. Cooking is one such unavoidable chore.

Unfortunately, you have an always-ready critic in your house who will not hesitate to comment on everything you prepare.

Your husband is the one who got too much into the role of Gordon Ramsay, and he thinks that he is a prominent food critic.

What are the main reasons your husband criticizes your food? Your husband criticizes the taste of food the most. Still, he also criticizes the texture and the lack of creativity in preparing food, but also says that others prepare better food than you.

husband criticizes food

This bothers you tremendously, and you probably should stop preparing food for him.

In addition to the fact that this situation itself is unpleasant, it also opens up other issues in your marriage. Such as: Are you the only one who prepares the food? Does your husband criticize you for other things as well? What is the division of household responsibilities between you two?

It can all be related; therefore, we will give an answer that will cover all those questions. So keep reading.

Why Does Your Husband Criticize Your Cooking? 4 Reasons

In addition to having many responsibilities, it’s always up to you to prepare lunch for the whole family. Your husband doesn’t even ask you if you want to do it but expects you to do it.

You prepare the food the best you can, put it on the table, and then the criticism starts. Your husband begins with detailed explanations of what is wrong with the food you prepared. You feel like throwing it in the trash immediately.

Here are the reasons why he behaves like this:

1. Your Husband Is a Picky Eater

We know that children can be complicated regarding food and often be very picky. That’s how your husband is.

This is okay if he has some allergies, and your husband has the right not to like something, but that’s not the issue.

Your husband is extremely picky when it comes to food. He demands that the food be prepared in a certain way and that the right spices are added, and he even knows to get angry like a spoiled brat if the food has not cooled down enough.

He also has strange eating habits. Your husband doesn’t have a clear schedule for when he eats, so he asks you to make him dinner when it’s long past dinner time. We are sure that such a picky eater does not want to eat leftovers.

His parents, who spoiled him too much and did not teach him to respect food and the person who prepared it, probably contributed to his behavior.

2. Your Husband And You Have Totally Different Diets

It doesn’t necessarily mean that spouses have to like to eat the same things, but here we are talking about those total opposites.

Imagine the following example: You are a vegan, and your husband is a strict carnivore. We are already seeing potential conflicts in the kitchen.

You would like fresh vegetables and fruits for lunch, while your husband only likes meat in all forms.

Now, it’s not just that you disagree with food choices; it’s also about lifestyle. You are all about healthy eating and exercising, while your husband is a junk food fanatic and hates all forms of exercise.

It is clear what arguments are possible in this situation, especially when he calls your food grass and has other stupid comments.

3. Your Husband Prefers To Eat Food That Others Prepare

We don’t just mean about the food prepared by top restaurant chefs. According to your husband, everyone prepares food better than you.

Of course, his mother is the first person that comes to mind. She prepares the best food according to your husband, and you can never reach that level. It’s not that you’re even trying, but you’re annoyed by that constant comparison. Your husband says his mother would prepare food much better whenever you prepare it.

That’s probably why your husband spends every weekend at his parent’s house because, as he says, he goes to eat “real food.”

One extremely unpleasant example is when your husband praises the food prepared by another woman, e.g., a colleague from work. 

Your husband makes complimentary comments about the food another woman cooks. Does this make you jealous? It has the same effect on you as if he commented on another woman’s beauty.

4. Your Husband Doesn’t Only Complain About Your Cooking

And what if the problem is not only in cooking, but the problem is more significant?

Does your husband make negative comments about everything you do?

Let’s say she constantly complains that you don’t do enough around the house, you sleep too long, and that you should find a better job.

Maybe he’s even annoyed because he thinks that you overeat. You realized that because he made hurtful comments about those few extra pounds you gained.

What Should You Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Like Your Food?

You think that your husband’s ugly comments about how you don’t know how to cook tasty food should stop. Here’s what to do to stop them, but also to resolve some other disagreements in your marriage:

1. Explain to Your Husband That it is Rude to Comment on Someone’s Cooking

Is it rude to criticize someone’s cooking? Yes!

We know your husband has stepped into his foodie role and needs to comment on the food. 

He has to comment on the taste, smell, texture, glaze, dressing, and side dishes, whether you prepared too much or too little. You feel like you are in front of a jury for every meal you prepare for him.

Maybe he saw the movie “The Menu” with Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy. But he didn’t understand the film’s point, a satirical portrayal of the entire food critic culture.

In any case, it is incredibly impolite to comment negatively on how someone cooks because, in this way, their efforts are humiliated.

You have a hard time with your husband’s criticism of your food. He then seems insensitive to you because he does not consider the effort you put into preparing the food but rushes in with criticism after the first bite.

In addition to being rude to you, it is incredibly ungrateful to the food itself. Your husband should stop and think about how many people in the world have nothing to eat, and he should be thankful that he has food on the table every day and not act like a spoiled brat.

2. Let Your Husband Prepare The Food

Let him prepare the food when he is already such a foodie.

Oh, yes, there is one small problem. Your husband doesn’t know how to prepare food. His entire cooking skills can be summed up by knowing how to boil eggs and heat food in the microwave. Impressive.

His lame excuse is that he doesn’t really like to prepare food; he only likes to eat and criticize it.

When he already wants to be such a smart guy, it’s time to justify it by finally learning to prepare a decent meal. Don’t criticize him as he did to you, but be more mature and support him in learning to prepare food.

3. Make a Cooking Schedule

We come to the touchy subject, and that is, should only one spouse always prepare lunch?

If you both work equally, we see no reason why only you should prepare the meals.

So make a cooking schedule that includes both of you. All chores in marriage can be shared equally, including cooking.

You can also cook together. In addition to being more involved in the kitchen, your husband will also understand how much effort is required to prepare a decent meal, so he will stop criticizing.

4. Find a Common Solution

This is in case you and your husband have totally opposite tastes when it comes to food.

It is difficult to force someone to eat something they do not like. Therefore, finding a solution that will satisfy both is necessary.

We understand that you think your diet is the best and that your husband does not eat healthily, but sometimes it is difficult to change someone’s eating habits just like that.

Explain to him that you care about his health and let him know the benefits he would have if he changed his diet a little.

Try subtly changing his bad eating habits, including too much junk food, but sometimes treat him to his favorite food.

Most Importantly – Don’t Allow Constant Criticism

There is a saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

And there is some truth in this, but it does not mean that you need to become the best cook in the world to satisfy your husband’s refined taste.

You should find a common solution for both of you, but you should never put up with ugly comments about the food you prepare that make you feel your efforts are not valued.

Mr. Gourmet has two choices in front of him: to stop criticizing or start preparing food himself.

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