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6 Reasons Why You Think That Your Parents Didn’t Prepare You For Life

As much as they are the most superior beings on the planet, people are not born ready for society and life. In fact, we are born totally dependent on our parents.

It is contradictory that the most superior beings on the planet should be so weak at birth compared to animals.

In the animal world, cubs are much less dependent on their parents and quickly become independent.

Parents are expected to care for their children as they grow up and prepare them for life.

parent learn baby to walk

Unfortunately, parents are not perfect, so they can fail in this process.

This does not even mean that they are necessarily bad parents. They simply sometimes fail to prepare the child for life’s challenges in the right way.

Modern life throws various challenges in front of us, and you feel like a new adult that you are not ready for them. You blame your parents because they didn’t prepare you enough for life.

If you have found yourself in these words, this is the right article for you because we will go deeper into the topic of why your parents did not prepare you for life.

Your Parents are Just Bad Parents

angry mother scolds frightened daughter sitting on floor

We start with the most extreme example. Some people aren’t parenting material, but that didn’t stop them from having children.

You may be a victim of parental abuse, mental or physical. Unfortunately, parental abuse is real, and we never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Your parents may have inherited those terrible parenting principles from their parents. These harmful patterns are often passed down from generation to generation.

Maybe they suffer from substance abuse or mental problems.

This is the worst example of bad parenting, and such people cannot be expected to adequately prepare a child for life.

Your Parents Neglected You

Mad bothered millennial girl annoyed by authoritative lecturing mother

Neglect does not automatically mean they are bad people, as in the example above. Yes, some parents put their own needs above the needs of their children.

Narcissistic and self-observed parents can easily neglect and fail to prepare their children for life. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Maybe they had to work a lot to have elementary living conditions. When they came home from work, they didn’t have time to spend enough time with you.

It was hard for them, but maybe it had to be that way because they put the family’s survival first.

The child’s deeper needs, wishes, hobbies, and interests of a child are entirely ignored in this case.

Overprotective Parents

helicopter parents illustration

Overprotective or helicopter parents are often a reason why a child is entirely unprepared for the world when he grows up.

Of course, taking care of your child is necessary, but here we are talking about extreme cases. The amount of protection is much higher than the actual risk.

Such parents hide their fears by obsessively controlling the child. All this can lead to enormous consequences for the child.

We all have to build our own personalities.

It is necessary to make mistakes sometimes so that we can learn from those mistakes.

This is precisely the freedom for everyone to experience life in their own way.

Of course, a small child cannot be fully allowed to make his own choices, but the development of individuality is necessary from an early age.

Helicopter parents can behave this way towards teenagers, even when their children grow up.

The Golden Child Syndrome

Surely you know some parents who idealize their children to the point that they are unbearable?

It is in the nature of every parent to idealize their child, but here we are talking about those who think their child is the best in everything.

Parents will not pay attention to it even when a child is not good at something, such as sports. Or maybe they will even blame others because their golden child is not successful.

According to them, their child is perfect, and everyone has to come to terms with that.

Toxic Perfectionism and Overly Competitive Spirit

Parents who are overachievers and too competitive can pass it on to their children.

Even if they have not been very successful in their lives, they want to redeem themselves so their children will succeed in things they did not.

One example of such parents can be seen at sporting events. That one parent always yells at their child, fights with other parents and referees, and causes problems.

A video of dads fighting at a children’s sports game often goes viral. Maybe we laugh when we watch these videos, but this can severely affect the child.

Your Parents Spoiled You

Busy father giving pocket money to little capricious daughter with headphones

This reason is often combined with the abovementioned reasons so that a spoiled child is usually golden or neglected.

A spoiled child is neglected by being allowed everything. Just to please the child materially is an entirely wrong approach.

If we allow children everything, they will become ungrateful adults.

What Kind of Adults Become the Children Who Are Not Ready for Life?

Unhappy woman thinking about problems, sitting on floor in bedroom alone.

Such children grow up insecure, ungrateful, scared, confused, and unable to care for themselves as adults.

Tough disappointments, encountering a different reality, bad habits, and difficulty establishing relationships with other people. All this can happen to a person who is not ready for adult life.

If a child was abused and neglected in childhood, the consequences could be enormous on his mental health.

A spoiled child convinced that it is better than others can experience huge disappointments. When a kid realizes that not everything can be his way or that it is not as unique as his parents think, the child, who is now an adult, faces some difficult realizations.

Most Importantly,

It is important to remember that the fact that your parents did not prepare you for life is not your fault but theirs.

Take into account why they acted like that. Who knows, maybe you are too strict with them.

If you found them in the above examples, don’t let their mistakes stop you in your life path. You are where you are right now, and life is waiting for you to live it.

With small steps, you can solve current insecurities.

Working on yourself in every sense is always the best choice.

Find yourself in something that suits you and you like to do and be persistent. Good things will come eventually. You can do it!