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Why You Don’t Enjoy Cooking and 6 Tips to Change That

We all like to eat, but not all want to cook.

You are one of those people for whom cooking is one of the most tedious tasks.

Why don’t you enjoy cooking? Because you find it too time-consuming, not rewarding enough, and you’re not very good at preparing delicious meals.

woman looking for food

All of these are legit reasons not to make cooking your favorite activity.

We don’t all have to be Gordon Ramsey, but we need basic cooking skills.

There is not always someone there to prepare food for us, and buying fast food is not a healthy choice in the long run.

And what about buying healthy, already-prepared meals? They are good, but you are not always able to find them, and they can seriously impact your finances if you keep buying them.

Have we made you interested in changing your attitude about cooking?

If so, keep reading this article because there are great tips on becoming a top chef, or at least someone for whom cooking will not be a first-world problem.

Why Don’t You Enjoy Cooking? 7 Reasons

The very thought of having to cook already makes you nervous.

Absolutely everything about cooking annoys you, but you want to change that.

Here are the reasons why you don’t enjoy cooking, but also the best solutions for each of them:

1. You Don’t Like Cooking Because You Think You’re Not Good at it

Dissatisfied Woman Cooking

Let us start with a psychological reason.

We all hate what we feel we are not good at.

So do you with cooking. You consider yourself untalented for it.

You don’t cry from chopping onions but from cooking itself.

The kitchen is not your territory except when you need to eat.

Someone probably told you that you prepare food poorly, destroying your enthusiasm for cooking even more.

Solution: Learn About Cooking

We fear what we don’t know enough about, so educate yourself about cooking.

As for self-confidence, prepare for yourself first and for others later.

The more you know about cooking, the more confident you will feel.

Practice makes perfect.

You may not be talented at cooking, but like with everything, talent is only 10 percent; the rest is practice.

2. Cooking Takes Too Much Time

cutting vegetables

Your time is precious, and you never seem to have enough for everything, let alone cooking.

We admit cooking is a time-consuming chore.

Everything healthy and tasty takes a lot of time to prepare.

You think your precious time is better spent on something else than camping in the kitchen.

You come home from work tired and just want to lie down and rest.

But you have to eat something, and if you have yet to buy something on the way home and don’t want to order some overpriced dish that you don’t even know how it’s prepared, you know what awaits you.

In your brain, eternity awaits you in the kitchen while you prepare something even remotely delicious.

In addition to the fact that cooking takes too much time, it is also stressful.

You must ensure that your lunch doesn’t burn and put the ingredients correctly. In the end, everything can end up with failure.

Solution: Make a Meal Plan

weekly meal planner

I know you think this is an extra time waster, but hear us out. 

If you organize a little in advance, you’ll save time later.

Have a meal plan, what and when you prepare, considering your chores.

If you have no problem eating reheated food for several days, meal prep is right for you.

Set aside one day to prepare food in bulk.

A good day for that is Sunday, but you can choose another day that suits you.

Then prepare more significant amounts of food and store them in the fridge.

If you don’t have time to cook every day, this is a great way to have a healthy homemade meal waiting for you.

3. Cooking is Boring to You

You know how to cook but are extremely bored while preparing food.

You might even be too lazy for that, so sometimes you skip meals to avoid the hassle of preparing them.

Cooking can be tedious, mainly when you prepare the same food, especially if you are not a gourmet and prepare food just to eat something and not to make specialties.

While preparing food, you think about all the fun things you can do during that time.

It’s even worse when you cook for others. You imagine them having fun while you chop the onion into small pieces.

Because of this, there may even be arguments in the family.

An unequal schedule of chores can cause a wife to be angry at her husband for not doing enough around the house while she prepares food all day.

Solution: Link Cooking to Something Enjoyable or Cook With Someone

Cooking doesn’t have to be so dull when you do something else besides it.

You can turn on your favorite music or listen to a podcast (which doesn’t have to be about cooking).

If you are really good at multitasking, you can watch a movie while cooking.

Do you feel lonely while preparing food? You can cook with someone from time to time.

But don’t have someone who annoys you. 

For example, your mother always has some suggestions and constantly criticizes your cooking. You don’t need that vibe in your kitchen.

Cook with a friend or partner with whom you can have a pleasant conversation and make cooking interesting instead of boring.

4. You Don’t Have The Right Cooking Tools

kitchen utensils on wooden table

You will only be comfortable in the kitchen with the proper utensils.

Do you always miss some utensils for preparing food, or do you need good dishes?

You think kitchenware is too expensive and want to spend less on it.

Solution: Invest in Your Cooking Tools

Just think about how much time a person spends in the kitchen preparing food.

survey of 2,000 American adults about their families’ cooking habits found that the average person spends 67 minutes per day in the kitchen.

Then why not have the right tools to make that time easier for you.

Think about it, you like to buy comfortable clothes, to feel comfortable.

Also, invest in quality kitchen tools to make the tedious process of preparing food as pleasant as possible.

5. You are Tired of The Same Food That You Prepare All The Time

Upset single man eating

Even if you perfect the preparation of something, chances are that it will become untasty for you over time.

This can happen even to housewives who love to prepare food.

Everyone can get bored of the same food and the same preparation methods.

But you think you need some crazy ingredients for new recipes that you can’t find.

Solution: Find New Recipes

Why not try something completely new?

If you are old-fashioned, you can buy a cookbook, but a more practical choice is to follow some chefs on social networks.

You don’t have to follow the most famous celebrity chefs who have every ingredient from unicorn horns to ancient plant roots.

For cooking tips, follow someone simple and practical.

You will be amazed at what you can make with the ingredients you already have.

6. You are Already Annoyed by The Mess Left After Cooking

You know how it goes, you prepare food for two hours, eat for 15 minutes, and then clean for an hour.

You wonder why to bother preparing food when you know you’ll have to clean it up later.

Your worst nightmare is a pile of dishes in the sink.

Solution: Clean as You Go

The best way to avoid a mess in the kitchen, clean while you are preparing food.

Whatever you get dirty, put it in the dishwasher right away. Put everything you use back in its place immediately.

There is always a mess when preparing food, but you can eliminate it by keeping the kitchen clean and putting things in order as soon as you get them dirty.

To Conclude – Change The Way of Thinking

“Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.”

 Yes, and that simple lunch you prepared is a work of art.

Think about it, by cooking, you give energy to your body.

It’s ok to eat fast food sometimes, to order food when you really don’t have time, but the best feeling is when you prepare the food and enjoy it because you know it’s the work of your hands.

It would help if you were grateful that you prepared a meal because hunger is still a massive problem.

Instead of being too bored to prepare food, you should be grateful and respectful that you have food on the table.

“Cooking is a caring and nurturing act. It’s kind of the ultimate gift for someone, to cook for them”

— Curtis Stone

We know that you are sometimes annoyed by family members who are having fun while you spend your precious time in the kitchen, but know that this way, you are giving them the ultimate gift – food.

And they won’t miss anything even if they replace you in the kitchen here and there, right?

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