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4 Reasons Why TikTok is Ruining Your Marriage

You must have heard much about how social networks can negatively affect marriages and relationships.

Some common characteristics of all social networks harm relationships, but we will concentrate on TikTok in this article.

Why is TikTok destroying marriages? Because it can create a huge addiction, it is focused on superficiality and narcissism, as well as on the fake representation of life.

Couple with smartphones in their bed

You will surely think, aren’t other social networks like that, especially Instagram?

There are many similarities but also some differences.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Instagram? Probably beautiful photoshopped photos, with profound motivational quotes copied from Google.

And what do you think when you hear TikTok? You probably think of some silly dances with some cringy music in the background.

Here, we can make a distinction and explain how TikTok destroys your marriage.

Why are we only mentioning TikTok and Instagram? Because they are the most popular social network. Sorry Facebook, you are too dated.

How is TikTok Ruining Your Marriage? 4 Potential Scenarios

Before we list why TikTok destroys marriages, we must emphasize differences in how you use TikTok.

Maybe you’re a casual user who just follows the most popular Tik Tokers and doesn’t record too much.

And then you can be a content creator who lives and earns from TikTok. Your partner can also be included in that, as is often the case on TikTok.

Maybe you are something between a casual TikTok user and a content creator. You follow famous TikTok creators, record videos, follow trends and wait for your content to go viral.

We aim to present some universal reasons why TikTok is ruining marriages that apply to all TikTok users. And those are:

1. Toxic Pranks that Partners Play on Each Other

Angry couple arguing at home

People love pranks, and TikTok is all about pranks.

Those pranks may have started innocently, but they seem to be getting more brutal.

That makes sense because you must keep the viewers’ attention and constantly chase new views, followers and likes.

What was funny and considered a fantastic prank last week has already been surpassed today because everyone has already done it.

That is why the limit must be moved constantly.

If you always prank your partner, expect him to get angry at you and stop trusting you.

He might even feel stupid like he’s some foolish clown the whole internet is laughing at because you presented him that way.

We won’t even emphasize how evil and uncomfortable these pranks can be.

For example, a woman tells her husband that she is pregnant. He gets all happy and jumps for joy, and then she tells him PRANK.

Likewise, a man pretends to cheat his wife, even setting some false evidence so she can find out, and of course, the woman goes mad when she finds out.

We have nothing against humor, but some things are not for pranks because they can even lead to a physical reaction from the partner.

Because of this, partners can stop trusting each other even when they are telling the truth.

What is a lie, and what is the truth?

Imagine when your wife tells you something serious, and you say ok, it’s just another prank, and you don’t believe her.

Ok, we know a lot of these pranks are pre-planned and staged.

In fact, the vast majority of such videos on social networks are fake.

But they still send wrong messages to viewers and negatively affect the marriage of those who share them.

2. Narcissism and Superficiality Between Partners

This may be a harsh statement, but social media favors beautiful people.

TikTok is particularly under fire because there have been many theories that its algorithm favors attractive people.

Even in every tutorial, “how to become successful on TikTok,” there is a “be attractive” step.

We know that more attractive people usually have beauty privileges in real life.

But even they need that confirmation of their good looks, that precious likes, comments, and followers.

You’re probably wondering why obvious narcissists have so many followers. 

Also, ask yourself why narcissists have a lot of friends in real life.

How does all this affect relationships and marriage?

Those narcissisms and superficialities will not have a good effect on the relationship.

If one partner is exceptionally attractive, the other partner may feel insecure.

Let’s say the wife is attractive and gets a lot of attention because of that on TikTok.

You know how it goes, fire emojis, peach emojis, rude comments…

Because of this, the husband can feel highly jealous, and many potential arguments can happen in that marriage.

We will not even discuss potential cheating partners because it is something general for all social networks.

3. The Line Between Life on TikTok and Reality is Getting Blurred

We can call this common scenario the “Are you filming this” syndrome.

Everything has to be filmed, so sometimes you forget to live a real life.

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”

Andy Warhol

The famous visual artist stated this back in 1968, and his predictions came true.

And we laughed at the reality shows when they appeared.

Now we are all reality stars and have five minutes of fame.

Every random person gives themselves the right to present as if they are famous because they have gathered a few thousand followers.

How does all this affect marriage?

Marriage is a bond between two people based on honesty and sacrifice.

Couples often forget to live their lives because they are too devoted to TikTok.

Or they forget to enjoy moments for themselves because they have to share everything with their followers.

Here’s an example, a man proposes to his girlfriend, takes out a ring, the atmosphere is romantic, tense emotions, you know how it usually goes.

She says, hey, we didn’t record the proposal for TikTok. Let’s do it all over again.

As if it’s possible to repeat the same emotion again unless it is acted out.

Husband: “I love you.”

Wife: Ok, that’s nice, but you can say that again so I can record it for TikTok.

4. One Partner Thinks The Other Spends Too Much Time on TikTok

relationship problem concept

If one partner is not so much into social networks, especially not into TikTok, while the other is addicted, that’s an ideal reason for arguments.

It’s usually women who spend more time on TikTok.

This information is confirmed even by the latest statistic, which says that the majority of TikTok users are female 57% and male 43%.

TikTok is made to be fun, simple, and above all, quick and easy to access.

The creators of TikTok realized how short the attention span is today, and that’s why the videos are so short.

They seem to be getting shorter and shorter, and that format is doing great today.

But be aware of the short duration of TikTok videos.

When you fall down the TikTok rabbit hole, hours can go by without you noticing.

Another video after another video, the day goes by, and the chores remain to wait for you unfinished.

This is why the husband can say that the wife is not doing anything around the house because she is constantly scrolling TikTok.

It can also be the opposite where the husband doesn’t do anything the wife tells him because he’s too preoccupied with TikTok.

How to Stop TikTok From Ruining Your Marriage?

TikTok ruining marriage

You realized that TikTok is negatively affecting your marriage.

This negative influence is primarily reflected in the lack of trust and honesty and goes to the potential suspicion that your partner is cheating on you.

These are why marriages most often don’t last in 2022.

Try these few tips to save your marriage:

1. Agree With Your Partner When You Record and When You Don’t

That line between real life and social media must be respected.

Arrange the time when you record and when you don’t.

Please don’t put your partner under constant pressure to potentially film him.

2. Be Careful With Pranks

Someone might advise you to stop them completely. We won’t, but think before you record them and post such content.

Before posting, think about your marriage and what it will do to your partner, reputation, and public image.

And most importantly, think about what it will do to his feelings.

3. Don’t Post Every Part of Your Life

Keep some part of your life just for you.

Your followers don’t need to see everything.

Something has to stay private between you and your wife, not for the whole TikTok to watch and comment on.

4. Pay Attention to What Kind of Content You Put Out

You wanted to post some content, but in the end, you posted something completely different because that’s why you became viral.

But do you want to watch the content you are posting? Do you want someone to adopt these messages about marriage, relationships, and life?

Remember that most TikTok users are children. Do you want to be a bad role model to them?

5. Limit The Time You Spend on TikTok

Wife addicted to TikTok

This can apply to both partners if you both use TikTok or even share a profile.

If you make money from TikTok and consider it your business, this decision will be more difficult.

But if you see your marriage suffering because of it, maybe you should try cutting back on your time on TikTok.

If you are not a TikTok creator, it is certainly easier for you to do this.

You can even disappear from social networks and see some benefits of that decision.

All Things Considered

Your marriage should be stronger than any social network, even that almighty TikTok.

“Make sure you are happy in real life, not just in social media.”

You don’t need to stop using TikTok as long as it doesn’t jeopardize your marriage or any other aspect of your life.

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