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6 Social Skills That Watching Movies Can Improve

Movies are primarily associated with entertainment, but they actually have much more power.

Can movies improve your social skills? Yes!

Movies are art. The point of any art is to enjoy it first, teach us something, move us, and motivate us.

Happy girl watching movie

Because movies are the most accessible art, they have the most significant power to change our lives.

We’re sure there are still some who don’t like movies.

They think they are a waste of time or even have a negative impact.

The point of this article is to prove what social skills movies can improve.

If this topic does not interest you by chance, we will tell you right away that there will be movie recommendations, so there is no reason not to stay until the end of the article.

How do Movies Affect Your Social Skills?

Group of people in theater with popcorn and drinks

The study, conducted by researchers from UCL’s Department of

Experimental Psychology and Vue Entertainment found a direct link between watching a film and its impact on our brain function, social connections, productivity, and creativity.

Movies are an art form that affects society as a whole. They can significantly influence an individual’s beliefs, attitudes, and social skills.

“Film is the art form to create social change.” 

— Brittany Dobish

The Way You Watch Movies Affects Your Social Skills

Whether a movie will affect you depends on how you watch it.

We don’t mean whether you watch movies in the cinema or via streaming platforms, but we mean whether you watch movies with attention or not.

Here are two examples:

Example 1:

Tom comes home from work tired and just wants to lie on the couch.

To avoid sitting in silence, he turns on Netflix and plays some random movie without much thought.

He probably even lets Netflix recommend the movie to him because he doesn’t want to spend too much time scrolling and searching for a movie.

During the movie, Tom looks at his phone, checks social networks, eats, and maybe falls asleep.

The movie is just there to play in the background.

This way is passive movie watching, and it won’t have much effect on Tom.

Example 2:

Phil loves movies. He chooses to watch them when he is not tired and sleepy.

Before every movie, he likes to read reviews, only those without spoilers, because he hates spoilers the most in the world.

He is actively watching the movie, and all his attention is directed toward the film.

After the movie, he likes to explore trivia about actors, shooting locations, easter eggs in movies…

Which of these two people did you find yourself in?

Are you one of those people who can’t watch a movie or read a book because they don’t have the focus?

We don’t want to sound like some movie snobs, but you won’t understand the message if you don’t watch the movie carefully.

And what is a film if it is not a message? It can be positive or negative.

The message depends on what the author wanted to say, but even more important, how you understood the movie.

6 Social Skills Movies Can Improve

Happy girls sitting in multiplex movie theater, talking, laughing

1. Communication Skills

This is somehow the most logical.

By watching movies, we improve our communication skills.

We learn new words, expressions, and ways of expressing emotions in communication.

Movies are also an excellent choice for learning a foreign language and are certainly more fun than learning in schools.

2. Emotional Intelligence 

Movies are great for emotional intelligence boosters.

Emotional intelligence is reflected in understanding our own and other people’s emotions, the ability to communicate effectively with others, cope with stress, and have empathy.

When we watch movies, we often identify with the characters.

We suffer through their sufferings and rejoice in their successes.

Through movies, we see the emotional consequences of certain behaviors.

And something we didn’t experience in our lives, we can recognize because we saw it on film and know how to react.

Movies also have an excellent effect on empathy.

Kids are taught empathy through movies, especially good old Disney fairy tales.

3. Problem-solving and Decision Making

Motivation, solving problems, and quickly coping with different situations, all of that can be affected by watching movies.

Various movie stories influence our motivation and decision-making; superheroes, zero to hero, rags to riches, etc.

Don’t you get motivated watching Rocky Balboa work out, and the “Eye of the Tiger” is playing in the background?

It is no longer difficult for you to go to the gym and lose those few extra pounds.

It’s important not to get too carried away because movies are fiction.

Many clichés in movies are the opposite of reality.

Sometimes we need that fiction in life, that motivation and belief in a happy ending like in the movies.

Even if they are not fiction but based on true stories or documentaries, it is not good to go too far and think that we can repeat everything from the movie.

When we watch someone solve a specific problem, we have insight into that process and can learn to do it ourselves.

4. Strengthening Relationships

Just as going out for coffee or going to the gym with friends is good for strengthening relationships, so are movies.

First of all, movies are great conversation starters. It’s easy to start a conversation with someone about movies.

If you happen to like similar movies, that conversation can be long.

Pro tip: Avoid spoiling movies. Nobody likes spoilers.

How many first dates have taken place in cinemas? It’s the perfect location for that.

You don’t have to go to the cinema, you can invite friends, prepare popcorn and enjoy the movie together.

Some movies are much more enjoyable with friends instead of watching alone.

Comedies are funnier, and laughter is contagious, but most importantly, laughter is healthy.

And those horror movies that you can’t watch alone will be much less scary in a company.

And if you get scared together while watching horror movies, it’s like going on a roller coaster together.

Horror movies are often notorious, but they can actually be beneficial.

In addition to helping us overcome our fears, they have a positive impact on mental health as well.

From cheesy comedies to scary horrors, whatever the choice of the movie is, if you watch it in the company of someone, that way only deepens your relationship.

5. Creativity

Creativity is one of the most important spices of life, and movies can help you a lot.

Movies can be your inspiration for any kind of art, not only if you are involved in the film.

Your imagination can run wild after watching various creative films.

We’re not saying that all movies are incredibly creative, but someone with an eye for detail can find inspiration even in bad movies.

Maybe by watching a bad and uncreative movie, we also encourage creativity to do the opposite of it.

You know how they often say that “a book is better than a movie”? It doesn’t always have to be the case, but don’t neglect books in your search for creativity.

6. Knowledge

Movies are a vast treasure trove of knowledge.

Movies have everything from ancient civilizations to the secrets of the universe.

And fiction knows how to interfere a little, but it can’t shake all the knowledge that movies can give us.

Pro tip: watch foreign films from different countries to better understand other cultures and nations.

As with creativity mentioned above, don’t get all your knowledge from movies, don’t forget about books too.

What are Good Movies for Social Skills?

Group of young friends watching a movie on a building rooftop terrace

Finally, movie recommendations! That is what you’ve been waiting for throughout this whole article.

This is a huge topic for discussion because what is a good movie for one person and affects him in a certain way may not necessarily be the same for another.

But we are such movie nerds that we have to suggest some universally good movies that can help you improve your social skills.

If you want to work on emotional intelligence, try “The Pursuit of Happyness”, “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind” or “Good Will Hunting”.

If you want some knowledge of history, we recommend “Braveheart” or “The Schindler’s List.” 

If you are interested in space travel, quantum physics, and black holes, watch “Interstellar.”

Need some motivation? In addition to good old “Rocky,” we also recommend “Forrest Gump” and “Life is Beautiful.” 

There’s also “The Shawshank Redemption.” if you don’t believe us about that movie, trust IMBd because it’s the highest-rated movie.

Want to laugh or be scared with your significant other?

We recommend comedies such as “Horrible Bosses” or “The Hangover,” and maybe a few more romantic ones like “There’s Something About Mary” or “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

As for horror“Conjuring” and “The Exorcist” are good choices.

You lack creativity and imagination; there are “The Lord of the Ring” and “Star Wars,” and we recommend Tim Burton’s movies because of their unique style.

To Conclude,

In addition to entertaining us, movies also teach us meaningful life lessons and influence our social skills.

It is important not to exaggerate and not to go too far into fiction, but to know how to escape into imagination when we need it.

And what are you waiting for? Have you chosen which movie to watch tonight from the ones we recommended? Let us know how you liked it.