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How to Focus on Reading Without Getting Distracted: 6 Practical Tips

Reading is an activity that is recommended for all ages. Apart from the enjoyment, it can bring, it is also very healthy for keeping your brain fresh and functional.

The modern age introduced so many gadgets that are only getting faster while our attention span is getting shorter.

Young pretty woman sitting and reading a book

No wonder we sometimes have trouble focusing on reading without getting distracted. Reading demands undivided attention, and since we are all so used to multitasking all the time, it can become truly challenging to sit and read in peace.

A single tone of a Viber message, a Facebook or Instagram notification, is all it takes to break the spell and transfer us from the world of the book we are reading to the virtual world that always tempts us.

Even the most passionate book lovers sometimes find it hard to resist all the distractions and devote their full attention to the material they are reading.

Luckily, if you are determined to get your focus back, there are plenty of things you can do: 

Turn Off Your Mobile

Social media detox

Make all the calls you need to make and ensure you don’t expect any urgent calls during the time you plan to read. This way, you will not feel guilty for putting your phone on silent.

It is not easy to forget about social networks if you constantly hear the tone of social media notifications, and let’s face it – there’s always something happening online, and it is incredibly easy to waste an hour just by scrolling through your news feed.

So, why would you even expose yourself to the risk? You will reduce many distractions just by switching your mobile off or putting it in silent mode. 

Choose a Comfortable Position

Most of us lead a sedentary way of life. Rare are the people who have never felt back or neck pain due to prolonged sitting.

Even if you are reading the most exciting book in the world, it will be hard to keep focus if you feel pain in any part of your body.

Sometimes, when we have to read some serious material, to study or memorize what we are reading, we feel obliged to sit behind a desk.

But, that is really not necessary, and it can even have a detrimental effect on our focus.

It is much easier to read in a comfortable chair or bed that offers full support to the back, neck, and hands as we hold the book while reading. So, look around and feel free to choose the coziest place possible for reading. 

Avoid Multitasking 

A young woman is sitting in a room with a cup of coffee and reading a book

If you plan to read and prepare lunch at the same time, one of your plans will fail. You’ll either eat a poorly prepared lunch or have no memory of what you read.

Multitasking sounds great in theory, but in reality, it is impossible to do more than one thing at a time with undivided attention.

Reading requires undivided focus. You have to memorize what you are reading to be able to follow and understand the book to the end.

If you have to take breaks every now and then to do other things, you will lose a lot of energy trying to get back to where you left off. And you will likely feel like the text you are reading is confusing.

Take Regular Breaks 

The natural attention span of an adult person is around 45 minutes.

If you feel the need to change the position, have a snack, drink some fluid, or make a few moves after you’ve been reading for a while, that doesn’t mean you lack focus.

You just need a break. Reading for an extended period of time might cause weariness, leading you to lose focus.

As a result, taking small pauses between reading sessions will help you maintain your reading attention.

Take Care of Your Basic Needs

Suppose you are hungry, sleepy, or anxious for any other reason. In that case, it will be pretty hard to focus on anything else but your deprived needs.

Don’t push yourself to focus when you are not emotionally and mentally ready to commit yourself to anything else but solving your issues.

Nothing can replace a balanced, healthy lifestyle, so take that into account too. 

Choose Your Books Wisely

Beautiful brunette woman looking for a book in store

Sometimes, lack of focus has nothing to do with you. If a text is poorly written, it will be hard to follow it even if your focus is 100% on it.

Before you invest your time and energy into some material, make sure you have made the best choice. It is natural not to like certain writing styles, authors, or themes.

So, if you have a choice, use it. You don’t have to finish every book you open. Make peace with the fact that you simply can’t vibe with every author.

If you have to use a specific textbook for studying, that’s another story. In that case, you could try to find a similar textbook written by other authors and use it as a reference while studying.

If that is not possible, you can split the content into shorter sections and plan exactly how much time you’ll spend on it every day.

This way, you’ll make the content more easily digestible. This strategy can take longer than you planned, so bear that in mind too. 

Wrapping it All Up

Whether reading for you is a form of amusement, education, or pleasure, reading is very beneficial to the brain. It exercises the brain in many ways.

Your memory improves, your imagination grows, your education and vocabulary expand, and your general knowledge increases.

Unlike our mobile devices, books usually don’t have any adverse effects on our health!

Some studies also show that reading can decrease stress, so find a book that entices you and practice your focus!