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I Want to Be a Housewife: 7 Reasons Why This is the Right Decision

How is it possible that being a housewife in today’s society is significantly undervalued?

a Happy housewife woman in laundry room with washing machine

Just try this experiment: In front of many female friends, declare that you want to be a housewife.

How do you think they will react?

We guarantee you that the vast majority will look down on you. Your friends will wonder why you don’t have enough self-respect and are satisfied with such small things.

When you declare that you like being a housewife, you must justify yourself quickly. Some kind of disclaimer and justification of the decision is necessary.

This attitude goes so far that housewifes are imagined as some beings trapped in the kitchen.

Gender equality in today’s society is an essential social factor.

Women fought for their rights and equality, and women deserve to live as they want.

So what’s the problem with you wanting to be a housewife? Isn’t the whole point of doing what you want?

The modern age has brought the idea that a strong businesswoman you must be. You have to pursue a career and be competitive.

They are always chasing some money, and in addition, they are pursuing their image.

The image of a successful businesswoman is carved in the minds of many young girls.

woman working in office with documents

On social networks, you will hardly see the promotion of your lifestyle as desirable.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with chasing your career and dreams.

You respect people who have that lifestyle, but you have the feeling that they look down on you, and you’re just doing what you love too.

What are the reasons that motivate you to be a housewife?

You Are More Traditional in Terms of Gender Roles

You have no problem with your husband being the one who will earn money and you taking care of the house and family.

Young mother holding her baby in the bedroom

For some women, that concept is disgraceful, but it is entirely normal and acceptable for you.

You are more feminine and think that the traditional gender roles will strengthen the bond between you and your husband.

A traditional housewife takes care of the house and the family. She is focused on her children and husband.

You may have inherited that way of thinking from your family. Traditional values ​​are often passed down from generation to generation.

The opposite is also possible, maybe your family was the opposite, and you carry bad memories.

So now you feel that a more traditional approach is best for your family.

You respect others, but you believe that society needs strong families.

You Like to Have More Freedom With Your Time

Calm millennial woman relaxing

Housewives’ responsibilities are often neglected, as well as their free time.

It is automatically considered bad if you have a lot of free time. How can that be bad?

Free time is a valuable asset in today’s busy world.

Maybe stay at home wifes have more free time, but that’s not the point.

The point is the freedom to use your time as you wish.

Yes, there is a lot of laundry to wash, and it takes a lot of time to clean up the house, but at least you use that time as you want.

That’s much better for you than the image of a nervous woman rushing through traffic to get to a tedious job.

Have you heard of Rushing Woman Syndrome?

Women often have to juggle between work, children, and home.

These women work full-time jobs, and at home, there is also full-time housework waiting for them.

Their to-do list is never-ending. 

Phones are ringing, emails are piling up, the house is in a mess, and children have been eating only sandwiches for the last two days. 

When you ask such a woman how she is, you will always get the answer that she is: busy and stressed.

Trying to achieve everything, which is obviously impossible, leaves stress on the woman. It can even lead to health consequences

You consciously decided not to be a rushing woman but a stay-at-home woman, and you don’t regret that decision.

You Don’t Get Bored Easily

Cute little boy and his mother sitting and paiting bright pictures together

You find life interesting just as it is, and you are far from bored. 

As a housewife, the stereotype that you will be bored at home is entirely wrong. 

There is always something to do at home, especially with a large family.

When you decide to be a housewife, everyone will probably tell you that you will be bored at home all day. Especially when your husband is at work.

You don’t have a problem with the fact that many days will be monotonous. Those days are the most beautiful to you.

Maybe you’re more on the introverted side.

Introverts love their peace and respect solitude. They avoid crowds, and if you work outside the home, it’s almost impossible not to have a lot of interactions with others.

Being alone is not a burden if your husband works all day because you know how to fill your time.

You Know to Enjoy Small Things

happy parents prepare food

In today’s materialistic society, it all boils down to expensive things instead of substance.

To secure those expensive things, you must work unless you are some wealthy heir, but that’s another story.

Someone would call you old-fashioned, but you are not fulfilled by those things.

It’s not all about money for you. We can’t live without money, but since you have enough for a decent life, you don’t see the need to chase after money.

The peace of your home, a quality home-cooked meal, a cup of tea, and your favorite book are much more interesting to you.

You are grateful for everything and don’t have to chase after expensive things to feel happy.

You Are Not Competitive

Businesspeople arguing in meeting

We may be at a high level of civilization, but everyone still identifies with some animals and warriors.

Just look at social networks. They are all fighters, lions, wolves, gladiators…

Everyone wants to climb as high as possible on that social ladder.

Priorities have changed, but the essence has remained the same. Everyone wants higher salaries, better cars, more expensive houses…

Ok, if it fulfills them, but not you.

Again, maybe it’s your introversion, but you don’t experience yourself as a highly competitive person.

You must constantly fight with yourself and others to advance in your career.

For you, that environment is highly toxic. You have concluded from experience that it is not for you at the moment, and you do not see yourself in it, which is perfectly fine.

We don’t all have to go into those corporate arenas if we don’t have to.

The most important thing for you is that your partner respects you and appreciates your efforts around the house and with family.

You Still Follow Your Dreams

Someone will say how is following your dreams being a housewife, but you can still follow your dreams.

As a housewife, you have more time to devote to old hobbies, discover new interests and get to know yourself better.

Girl nerd florist make a mini terrarium with house plants

Being at home all day gives you an advantage because you can educate yourself and thus work on yourself.

The Internet offers you various opportunities. There are many platforms for learning, so you can freely learn something new, and who knows, maybe it will become your job in the future.

If you want, you can do some online work, which does not take too much time and does not put pressure on you. At least today, there is a huge selection of such jobs.

That way, you can study or work from home without the pressures you would have outside of the house and without neglecting your lovely home.

You can be more successful with this approach than if you had to leave home all the time to study and work. This is because you are the master of your time, and if you see that something does not suit you, it is easier for you to stop this way.

You Are Aware That You Are Privileged With This Lifestyle

Although your friends imagine you being in the kitchen all day, it is clear to you that you are privileged.

Not every woman can afford such a lifestyle. Some have to work full time to support their family.

Overworked tired businesswoman

So don’t think bad about women who work all day and don’t spend time with their children.

Maybe they would like to live like you but are not in that position.

You may not receive a paycheck, but you are privileged because you work for yourself and the people who love you instead of working in an environment that considers you expendable.

Even if life and circumstances change, you are ready for that because you have a plan B.

It gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy the current circumstances even more.

To Sum Things Up,

No matter how much the role of a housewife is neglected in the modern world, it should not prevent you from living your life the way you want.

As you can see, a housewife doesn’t always have to be “desperate.” She can be joyful too. You are a real example of that.