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I Hate My Neighbours: Should I Move?

Imagine this situation: You have finally bought your dream house or apartment for which you have worked for a long time.

A very neat and tidy home in suburbs of Ohio

You arranged it according to your preferences, and all that’s left is to enjoy it. There’s just one small problem.

Neighbors who disrupt your peace and make you think about moving.

You can’t avoid your neighbors whether you live in a big city or a small village, a house or a building.

Unless you live on a mountain or in a remote place, avoiding your neighbors is almost mission impossible.

They are like some kind of necessary evil.

These people do not necessarily have to be connected with us. Yet we see them all the time, even too much.

You probably see your neighbors more than your relatives.

Of course, various scenarios are possible in neighborly relations.

Remember all the comedy movies on that subject. “Neighbors” with Seth Rogen and Zack Afron is a great example.

How often did you find Homer Simpson funny when he annoyed his neighbor Ned Flanders?

Now you found yourself in that situation. Maybe you’re some Ned Flanders, and it is no longer funny. 

In this article, we will try to go deeper into the topic and potentially help you with a problem that is not naive.

Why Do I Hate My Neighbours?

There are too many reasons for intolerance towards neighbors, but let’s single out some:

Neighbors make too much noise

Desperate woman trying to sleep hearing neighbour noises in the night at home

This is probably the number one reason for neighborhood problems.

Ok, it’s impossible to be quiet non-stop, but we’re talking about constant noise that disturbs your peace.

If you live in a building, there are probably house rules posted.

Even if you live in a house, there are times during the day when you shouldn’t make noise.

This means especially at night and early in the morning.

Parties, shouting, arguments, loud pets, instruments (imagine some kid learning to play the drums)… These are all recipes for noise that disrupts your life.

Nosy neighbors

You know that one neighbor who is always on “neighborhood watch”? Of course, you know him. He lives next to you!

He is a self-proclaimed private detective who knows everything that happens in the neighborhood.

nosy neighbors

In addition, he has a vivid imagination, so he likes to come up with some scenarios that didn’t happen, just to have better stories.

Gossiping is his favorite hobby.

No matter how much you ignore him, he finds ways to start a conversation that mostly boils down to gossiping about other neighbors, just as he talks about you in front of others.

Neighbors who don’t respect your property

It is common for neighbors to fight over the property.

Who took away part of the lawn from whom, or who uses someone else’s water?

The most common are arguments over parking spaces.

This is especially noticeable in larger cities where a parking space is the most valuable asset.

The potential for a conflict is enormous if you have some shared property and shared maintenance obligations.

This also includes trespassing neighbors.

Some neighbors neglect their home and yard so much that they endanger you too.

An angry neighbor shouting, blaming, yelling at each other in their homes

Overgrown trees invade your yard and make a mess. There is so much garbage at your neighbors, and it is not thrown out that the animals drag it to your yard.

Imagine that your neighbor is a hoarder. That’s just a disaster in the making.

Overly friendly or jealous neighbors

This reason is not only related to neighbors, but very often it can be.

Maybe you’re the type who doesn’t like small talk and mind your own business, but your neighbors don’t understand that.

You just don’t want to make friends with your neighbors. You think that just because you live next to each other doesn’t mean you automatically need to be friends.

Especially if you have nothing in common, then why hang out?

If you fell into the trap of socializing with neighbors, you may have noticed their passive-aggressive jealousy that drives you crazy.

I Love My House, But I Hate My Neighbors

Have you noticed a pattern in which your neighbors keep bothering you and you keep moving? Do you always want to move to another place?

First, think about whether the reason you want to move is more significant than a problem with the neighbors.

You love your perfect house, which you worked so hard for.

Your job suits you and does not make you depressed.

You don’t hate where you live, and you don’t feel trapped?

Ok, now that you’ve decided that only the neighbors are a problem, it’s time to change something.

How to Deal With Neighbors Who Disturb Your Peace?

If you’ve played that popular game Neighbors from Hell, you’re probably thinking of various traps and tricks to get revenge on them. 

However, we advise you to forget about it and approach the problem like this:

Talk to them

A neighbor talking to each other, making a conversation in their homes

An honest conversation where you explain the problem can solve things.

We will consider that your neighbors are reasonable people who may have ignored the fact that they are endangering the neighborhood and that after a conversation, they will change their behavior.

If the problem is more significant and endangers more neighbors, not just you, everyone should approach the neighbors who are causing trouble.

People are usually more ashamed when a large number of people comfort them, so there is a greater possibility that they will change something.

Try to be more understanding and offer help

Portrait of cheerful couple inviting guests to enter home

This may sound too difficult considering how annoying your neighbors are, but try to be more understanding if possible.

Mutual understanding is always a good way to sort the differences.

If your neighbors have a baby, you don’t have to complain about every sound of crying.

Maybe they are celebrating some important and happy event in their lives, so they are noisy. You will have some celebration and maybe go a little too far with the noise. If they are as reasonable as you were, then they will not complain.

Maybe your neighbors are old and can’t take care of the trees that fall into your yard. You can handle that because it will be better for you too.

Ignore neighbors

If they are more annoying on a mental level, that bothers you too and despite what you told them, just ignore them.

How to ignore jealous neighbors?

Don’t start a conversation with them and hang out when you’ve already realized what they’re like.

If gossiping bothers you, don’t participate in those activities.

neighbors talking

Let them deal with gossiping and sticking their nose in other’s life while you enjoy yours.

Seek help

Your personal neighbors from hell are not responding to your appeals; it’s time to ask for help.

We mentioned the other neighbors, the tenants’ association, and the landlord as the first choice. 

If the situation is serious and your property and safety are threatened, contact a lawyer or the police.

In Summary,

So, this article should answer the question: Should you move because of your neighbors? The answer is no!

Problems with neighbors are common. Not everyone can agree with everyone. 

The only thing that matters is mutual respectIf it is impossible to have it, then you shouldn’t have any communication with an unrespectful neighbor.

“Love thy neighbor” is more like “Respect the neighbor.”