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My Wife Think I Don’t Care About Her – How to Change That?

It’s not pleasant when your wife accuses you of not really caring about her.

She obviously feels hurt because she is neglected by you. But you can also feel hurt by such accusations.

You are a loving and caring husband who would never neglect his wife. Are you sure?

In marriage, we can neglect our partner without even realizing it.

Dissapointed beautiful brunette girl in quarrel with her boyfriend background.

Work, obligations, and stress can distance us without us even noticing.

When we fall into that life and marriage routine, it is difficult to get out of it.

Have you noticed that your wife has been unhappy for a long time? Maybe she gave you some subtle signs that she is not satisfied with your attitude towards her.

It is best when the marriage is ideal without any problems, but problems between spouses are also part of the relationship.

Marriages are full of ups and downs.

It is important to learn from those failures and implement lessons in our relationship.

In any relationship, it is crucial to consider both partners’ behavior and not the one who is allegedly guilty, in this case, you.

We don’t think you’re the only one to blame here. Your wife may bear part of the blame for the drifting away too.

In this article, only your behavior is discussed, so prepare well, don’t be surprised later when you realize that you are not that Mr. Perfect as you think you are.

My Wife Says I Don’t Love Her

Young married couple arguing

 An unpleasant situation, but what made her think that?

When we get married, we swear eternal love and support. That’s what marriage should be based on. Over time, we seem to forget those vows.

A relationship and a marriage can often be very different.

In a relationship, we try harder to impress our partner, while in marriage, we get a little lazy.

And that laziness can lead your wife to think you do not love her and do not care enough about her, and there can be much bigger problems.

What are the potential reasons why she feels this way?

You’re Asking Too Much From Her

Are you the type who is never satisfied?

You ask her that the house is always tidy, specialty for lunch every day, completed homework for children, and that she still has the same weight as when you were in a relationship.

You have a picture in your head of that husband who comes home and says, “Honey, I’m home,” and expects to be greeted like a hero.

You also demand that you are always the center of attention.

If you’re like this, it’s time to come down to earth.

Maybe take a look at yourself. Are you as perfect as you want your wife to be?

You Criticize Too Much

Stressed young married family couple arguing emotionally, blaming lecturing each other, sitting on couch

Everything is the target of your criticism. Your words are like poisoned arrows that always find their mark: your wife.

You criticize her for being lazy or make a nasty comment about her weight.

If she gets up a little later because she’s tired, you start panicking as if she’s been sleeping all day.

Even if he does something well, you always find some minor flaws.

Everything Has to Be Your Way

These are the worst types of husbands who want everything their way.

From what movie you two will watch to where you spend your vacation, your word must always be the last.

You make every big decision without her opinion.

Likewise in social relations, your friends always come before hers, every holiday must be spent with your parents.

Marriage is based on compromise and sometimes putting your partner’s needs before your own. That is impossible with you.

A grown man is acting like a spoiled brat. You have booked a one-way ticket to destroying your marriage by behaving like this.

You Ignore Her

Businessman in the toilet

Ignoring can be on different levels. Maybe you ignore your wife when she tells you something

You stare at the phone and only say yes, yes, that’s right, and you don’t listen to what he tells you.

It doesn’t matter if it’s something important or something random, like how she spent her day. You just don’t pay attention.

You can do this inconspicuously.

Over time, you got used to turning off when he was talking to you, looking at your phone, or thinking about something else.

Maybe like Homer in “The Simpsons,” when Marge tells him something, he thinks about donuts and beer in his head. 

Ignoring is also can be physical. You may ignore physical contact such as a hug, kiss, or action in bed.

You Make Her Jealous

No one likes to be made jealous by their partner; we won’t even get into the topic of potential cheating.

If you’re constantly flirting, making comments about other women in front of her, or worse, comparing her to them, no wonder she’s angry.

Also, social networks can be a massive cause of these problems if you constantly liking pictures of other women.

No woman likes men who fall into the thirst traps of every random girl on Instagram.

Is My Wife Unhappy With My Behavior?

Too far from one another. Nervous angry young couple sitting on opposite sides of sofa keeping silence after quarrel argument fight.

Here are some clear signs that your wife thinks you don’t care about her:

She Talks to You Less

It makes perfect sense because she knows you don’t care what she has to say.

Why even bother to talk when she realized long ago that talking to you is like talking to a wall?

She Gets Irritated Quickly

All that neglect creates inner rage.

Her tolerance threshold has been lowered, and she can react violently to the smallest trifle.

She is Losing Trust in You

When someone disappoints us many times, we lose trust. 

How many times have you only disappointed her? Why should she trust you then?

She Doesn’t Care About You Either

As a result of your ignoring her, now she doesn’t care about you either.

You, too, now get cold and disinterested responses and physical avoidance. Don’t be surprised if you end up sleeping on the couch.

She is Constantly Tired and Nervous

Chronic fatigue is a consequence of our bad mood. 

Your wife is dissatisfied with your attitude towards her and, therefore, unhappy.

She Has New Interests and Friends

This is also some revenge on you and running away from you. 

Your wife has felt neglected by you so many times that she now seeks attention elsewhere.

She Changes Her Appearance Suddenly

“A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.”

— Coco Chanel.

This is a clear sign that he wants a change. Maybe you are the one who will be changed.

How Should I Show My Wife That I Care About Her?

married couple smiling

Here are some tips to help you save your marriage and reignite your love.

Communication as a Priority

Without communication, there is no real relationship.

You and your wife will solve problems with healthy communication.

Talk about everything, from what you did during the day to the meaning of life and the world’s origin.

Even if you disagree on something, it doesn’t have to end with an argument.

Help Her With Her Chores

lazy husband

Don’t set unrealistic tasks in front of her. Actually, don’t set tasks. Your wife is not your maid.

Even if you’re the only one currently employed, that’s no excuse for you to come home from work and play video games all day while she does all the household chores.

Maybe she also works full-time and is expected to do everything around the house.

Share the chores so everyone does their part and no one is overwhelmed.

Show Understanding and Gratitude to Her

Be grateful for everything she does for you and your family.

Replace ugly comments with compliments.

Support her in her ideas, interests, and hobbies.

Even if she makes some mistakes, don’t be critical right away.

Be Romantic

The concept of romance is not the same for every woman, but every woman loves romantic men.

Remember how romantic you were at the beginning of the relationship. You’ve become lazy now that you’ve “won” your wife and married her.

“A real man conquers the same woman every day in a thousand ways.”

It doesn’t have to be some incredible romantic gesture. A small sign of attention can be quite enough.

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the marital routine and make a surprise that will mean a lot to her.

Initiate Physical Contact

Happy couple hugging on the top of a mountain.

What is marriage without physical contact?

Couples who touch each other more are closer and happier.

Hug and kiss her whenever you can. It will only increase your intimate relationships as well.

To Sum it All Up, Pay Attention to Your Wife! 

“A happy man marries the girl he loves, but a happier man loves the girl he marries.”

Don’t take life and marriage for granted. Remember why you married her, what you went through together and what she does for you. 

You may not have it tomorrow just because you didn’t know how to appreciate what you have today.

Remember this

“Happy wife, happy life.”