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You Don’t Want to Get Old? Dealing With Getting Older at Different Age

Only one thing is sure, we all age.

Time does its thing and does not forgive anyone, and that fact is challenging for you.

Why are you afraid of getting old? You are scared of the physical and mental changes that come with age; there are new responsibilities and the dreaded feeling that you are late in life and have not achieved enough.

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All this can be too much for you. It can throw you into a cycle of overthinking about the future.

No matter how old you are while reading this article, the fear of aging can strike you too.

To comfort you right away, we all fear aging to some extent.

Those who are not afraid of aging are generally happy, and those who learn to embrace their age are wise. 

And what are the years you fear? Are they some milestone years, like 30 or 40, or do you fear every new year when you get older?

We will give specific examples of particular years and tips you should apply at that age to enrich your life instead of fearing it.

You Don’t Want to Turn 20? 5 Tips to Have a Rockin 20s

Hey, we get you. Is there anything worse than when you stop being a teenager?

It is definitely the end of childhood and represents the transition to adulthood.

Here are some tips to make your 20s an excellent decade of your life:

1. Don’t Fear Growing Up

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When we say that someone doesn’t want to grow up, we imagine a young person, but it doesn’t have to be the case.

And people in their 20s, even in their 30s, don’t want to grow up sometimes.

They want to live with their parents forever and lead a carefree life.

This is known as the Peter Pan syndrome.

This syndrome is characterized by adults who continue to hold onto their childhood tendencies.

We all know the story of Peter Pan, the boy from the imaginary island of Neverland, where everyone refuses to grow up.

Cute story, but do you know Peter Pan’s main enemy, Captain Hook?

He is an adult, and do you remember what he is most afraid of?

He is most afraid of the crocodile that is chasing him. That crocodile swallowed the watch, and Cook is scared when he hears a ticking sound when the crocodile is near.

The crocodile with a clock is a clear metaphor that time is passing and consuming everything.

Disney sure knew how to be ruthless at times.

2. Embrace New Opportunities

The 20s are the years of life when new opportunities are ahead.

Now you’re officially grown up and can lead an adult life.

A whole world of opportunities suddenly opens up in front of you.

Try to try as many things as possible to know what suits you.

Work on yourself, and don’t be afraid of new chances.

It’s up to you to see what suits you and embrace it.

We’re not saying you should be a “Yes Man” and say yes to everything, like Jim Carrey in the movie of the same name.

It would be best if you were not closed-minded but worked to expand your horizons and not limit yourself.

3. Trial and Error

In your twenties, you have the right to make mistakes.

The 20s are like a trial period of adult life; this is the best time to make mistakes.

But only if you learn from those mistakes.

Don’t get us wrong. We are not telling you that you should try something illegal and dangerous.

By mistakes, we mean that if you have joined a college and realized that it is not for you, it does not mean that you must stay there and be unhappy.

Or if you’ve moved to another city and realized it’s not the right place for you, move again. You are not a tree.

Otherwise, the twenties are the perfect years to move and live alone without your parents for the first time.

If you have money, travel as much as possible, because later in life you won’t have as much free time as you do now.

4. Find Something You are Passionate About

It can be something other than a career or a fantastic job, although those are cool things.

What does it mean to be passionate about something?

We mean something that you like to do and that fulfills you.

It can be exercising, reading books, or playing an instrument.

Something that will be the perfect hobby that will always be with you.

5. Have Fun, but Also Learn Responsibility

Being in your twenties can be much more fun than being a teenager, believe it or not.

To begin with, you will now be able to enter clubs without problems because you are no longer underage.

But (now comes the boring part) you also have to learn responsibility in your twenties.

Growing up brings with it new responsibilities and obligations.

It may not sound fun, but it is necessary for your further development as a person.

You Don’t Want to Turn 30? 5 Tips to Have Amazing 30s

Lonely girl thinking about embarrassing moment

We rightly believe that everyone is most afraid of the big 30.

How many comedy movies are there on that topic.

If your twenties weren’t a sign that you needed to grow up, your 30s definitely are.

Does that thirtieth birthday scare you so much that you don’t even want to celebrate it?

Here are tips on how to make your thirties a fantastic time:

1. Know Who You Are And What You Want

Is there a better feeling than standing firmly on your own two feet because you know yourself and what you want?

You learned a lot from your mistakes in your twenties. Now in your thirties, you always know the right decision for you.

It’s even more important to know what you don’t want.

2. Learn to Have Healthy Boundaries With Others

Without healthy boundaries, other people can totally drain you.

They can limit you and divert you in your life path.

It can be colleagues at work, an overly controlling family, or a partner who doesn’t respect you.

Set boundaries and realize that you are the most important person to yourself and not a punching bag to others.

You probably realized by now that “No” is a complete sentence.

There’s no need to explain further if you don’t want something.

3. Ask Yourself Who Your Real Friends Are

“Your circle should decrease in size but increase in value.”

It’s great if you have a lot of friends, but that number tends to decrease when you hit your thirties.

That’s normal; with the thirties come many more obligations regarding work, family, and children, and not everyone can hang out all the time.

But there’s also the fact that friendships with some people just fade away.

Toxic people who are unhappy about your successes and who are not the support you never need in your life.

The line between who is your actual friend and who is not is blurred in the twenties. It is much clearer in the thirties.

Even when an old childhood friend you haven’t heard from for a long time calls you, you’ll know if it’s worth reconnecting with him.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

In your thirties, others start asking you to be defined more and more.

You already know how it goes, what do you do for a living, where do you live?

Some know how to be rude and go so far as to ask you questions such as how much you earn and when you plan to have children.

When people don’t reach those imposed criteria that come with a certain age, they feel sad.

You live for yourself and not for others. Your 30s are the time of your life when you need to understand that.

Just because someone has a better car than you and makes more money doesn’t mean your life is terrible.

And don’t trust social networks too much because everyone is showing their best there.

If social networks burden you too much, you can turn them off, and you might notice some benefits of that decision.

5. Understand The Importance of Investing in Yourself

“The best investment you can make is in yourself”

— Warren Buffet

If you didn’t realize this in your twenties, it’s time to realize the importance of investing in yourself in your thirties.

And what do we mean by that investment?

Basically, everything that improves your personality and your well-being.

You probably learned to be patient and realized that nothing good comes overnight.

That is why it is good to invest in yourself and your knowledge.

It is also not forbidden to invest in the hobbies that fulfill you.

The fact that you have a bookshelf full of books that, unfortunately, you didn’t get around to reading all of them doesn’t mean that you won’t get around to it eventually.

Also, investing in traveling is a good choice.

“Travel is one of the few things where spending money actually makes you richer.

We mentioned that you should travel in your twenties, but now you probably have more money, so it’s easier for you to go to a destination you’ve always dreamed of.

Also, it would help if you remembered the healthy habits you should implement.

By that, we primarily mean a healthy balanced diet and physical activity.

You Don’t Want to Turn 40? 5 Tips That Will Make Your 40s Enjoying as Possible

Husband comfort upset offended wife

Believe it or not, life can get much easier in your forties.

What are the best tips for your 40s:

1. Let Go of Your Ego

By now, you’ve probably realized that the world doesn’t just revolve around you.

The emotional maturity that comes with being in your forties is priceless.

You no longer need to be right about everything and to be a constant contrarian.

You have thrown toxic emotions like envy and jealousy out of your life.

Also, you have learned well to stay away from such people.

2. Don’t Care About Other People’s Opinions

This can be learned in your twenties and practiced in your thirties.

 But only in your forties do you become a master of this skill.

You realize how unnecessary it is to worry about other people’s lives and how much other people’s opinions about your life shouldn’t interest you too much.

You cut toxic people out of your life like a sword.

3. Realize That Not Everything in Life is About Money

All our lives, we chase money, career, promotion… And during that time, life happens around us.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work anymore, but don’t let work control your life.

Your child’s birthdays are more valuable than those extra-paid work hours.

And after all, it’s totally ok if you don’t care too much about material things.

Family and health are much more important than how many zeros you have in your bank account.

4. Don’t be Surprised When You Suddenly Have More Time

Don’t be surprised by the extra free time you suddenly have since turning 40.

This is because you no longer have to chase a career as you did in your 20s and 30s, but you are probably accomplished in that field.

You know your worth and don’t have to prove yourself to anyone anymore.

Also, if you have children, they are already a bit older.

We’re not saying it’s easy with kids, but at least you’re past the diapers and sleepless night stages.

Suddenly, you’ve freed up space in your daily schedule and can return to the gym.

5. Start Enjoying The Present Moment

We will not tell you that you are old because you are not.

But when you get to some significant years, like 40, you start to realize how important it is to be present in every moment.

Just remember the beautiful moments when you were a child.

Everything seemed perfect then, and how time just flew by.

And what you are experiencing now will be in the past someday, so why not enjoy it then.

To Sum it All Up,

Through all these examples of years that we have mentioned, similar lessons are drawn.

Age is just a number.

Throughout your life, you should work on your happiness and improving yourself, and don’t forget to enjoy every moment.

“Use your precious moments to live life fully every single second on every single day”

Marcia Wieder

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