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My Husband Didn’t Get Me Anything For Christmas – What Should I Do?

It’s that magical time of year again, and what better time is than Christmas?

A snowy idyll outside, hot chocolate inside, a decorated Christmas tree, and stockings full of presents, Mariah Carey’s – “All I Want For Christmas is You” is playing everywhere. 

There is magic in the air.

Everything is perfect, except for one tiny thing that completely ruined your Christmas spirit.

There is no gift under a Christmas tree for you from the most important person.

You wonder why your husband didn’t buy you a present for Christmas. 

That can be because he is forgetful and irresponsible, you agreed on not buying gifts this year, or he is mad at you.

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Is it childish to have your feelings hurt if your spouse didn’t get you a Christmas present?

Are you making too much drama, or is being very upset justified?

This article explains your husband’s behavior better and offers solutions for not ruining your Christmas spirit.

Why Didn’t Your Husband Buy You Anything for Christmas? 5 Potential Reasons

No one likes to be left without a present for Christmas, especially from an important person like the husband.

What are the reasons why he didn’t give you a present this year:

1. Your Husband is Irresponsible and Forgetful

He is not essentially a bad guy, but he has two terrible traits.

Those two traits are irresponsibility and forgetfulness, which get on your nerves.

The culmination of his irresponsibility is that he didn’t buy you a Christmas present.

He probably wanted to buy you a present but got sidetracked by something and forgot.

By the time he remembered, all the shops were closed, and Christmas morning had already begun.

Is he like that in general?

Do you have to remind him to do anything?

Or worse, he says he will do something but doesn’t do it.

He waits for the last moment for everything, and he is a master of procrastination.

These are all characteristics of a lazy and unmotivated husband.

2. It Was an Agreement Not to Buy Each Other Gifts This Year

Maybe you and your husband agreed in advance to skip gifts for each other this year.

This was probably influenced by your current financial situation, which could be better.

So why are you angry if you agreed in advance not to buy gifts?

Well, you bought it for him despite your agreement and expected him to do the same.

You expected him to read between the lines and surprise you with a gift despite everything.

However, he did not do that.

You feel hurt now because of that, and you just want to spend the whole day in bed.

3. Your Husband Stopped Buying You Gifts

thinking about someone

Has your husband stopped giving you gifts on other occasions besides Christmas?

By that, we mean anniversaries but also birthdays.

Remember that one time he didn’t do anything for your birthday?

He annoyed you so much that you don’t even want to celebrate it this year.

Does this mean your husband doesn’t love you?

It doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love you, but your marriage has fallen into a routine.

Many men get lazy in marriage, and we don’t mean laziness in the classic sense.

Your husband is probably a hard-working, successful man who works and earns a lot, and that’s all ok.

However, when it comes to romance, marriage, intimacy, and passion, that’s another story.

Life routine contributed to it, as well as stress, obligations, and various life problems.

Your husband probably says to you before every birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary: ​​”I give you all my money as it is, so if you want something, just go and buy it.”

If this is the case in your marriage, your marriage urgently needs work on romance and intimacy.

4. Your Husband is Angry at You

Ok, so he has a specific reason why he didn’t buy you a present.

Any idea why he would be mad at you?

Maybe he’s angry because he thinks you’re not doing enough around the house.

Does your husband say you are lazy?

He thinks that he works too much and that it is easy for you because you are currently a housewife and all your responsibilities are around the house and children.

Holidays are when families get together, but there can also be various arguments.

There are many comedy films on that topic.

Maybe he thinks you should have spent Christmas with his family, and it bothers him that you don’t get along well with them.

He believes that you should celebrate every holiday with his family.

Sometimes he gets so angry that he decides to visit his family without you.

5. Your Husband Has no Christmas Spirit

Is your husband a hopeless Grinch?

Every Christmas must be ruined for you because of his lack of enthusiasm.

This lack of enthusiasm does not have to be related to Christmas but other holidays and vacations too.

Do you often wonder why your husband has to ruin your every vacation?

Religious differences may also be an issue here.

Your husband may not share the same religious beliefs as you, so you have different views on Christmas.

And what if your husband is a contrarian?

It could also be that your husband doesn’t like that consumerist approach to Christmas where you have to wait in lines to buy a bunch of presents.

He believes that people overdo it with gifts and yard decor, which is not the point of Christmas.

A perfect example of how much people know how to overdo it at Christmas is shown in the comedy film “Deck The Halls” with Danny DeVito.

What matters to him is his family’s happiness and health, not a bunch of presents.

He believes that spiritual things are more important, not only material things.

We can’t say we disagree with him, but some gift every now and then is not a bad thing.

What Should You Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Buy You Anything For Christmas? 5 Tips

Couple having fun together at a christmas fairy

Should you make a drama and get so mad that you can’t control yourself, or should you accept the situation calmly?

Here are some tips:

1. Comprehend Why Your Husband Didn’t Buy You a Present

He was wrong, but let’s try to understand him too.

Maybe he needed more time to buy, or he ordered you a gift that didn’t arrive yet.

All this does not justify him 100%, but it does not mean you should attack him immediately.

Especially if he always bought presents on time and never forgot any special day.

We all make mistakes sometimes.

2. Don’t Expect Him to Read Your Mind

Men are usually less romantic than women and prefer a practical and direct approach.

If you already say you won’t buy each other gifts this year, then so be it.

Don’t let him be a bad guy because he didn’t buy you a present and you bought him one.

You have no right to be angry when there is such an agreement.

If your financial situation could be better, don’t get angry because you didn’t get some precious and expensive gift.

3. Give Him Hints

Many men do not like buying gifts because they think they will make a mistake and buy a bad one, so they completely avoid it.

Make it easy for him by giving him hints about what you need.

If he’s asking for specifics and you still want him to go out of his way to surprise you, you can tell him to pay attention to the four rules of Christmas gifts.

4 Christmas gift solutions are:

  • Something they want;
  • Something they need;
  • Something to wear;
  • Something to read.

Tell your husband about these rules, and he will surely know what to do for next Christmas or the next holiday (Valentine’s Day is coming fast, so he should prepare in advance now).

4. Work on Romance in Your Marriage

date night

If your husband needs to understand that gifts are important even if you have been married for a long time, you must let him know.

Make it clear to him that the sign of attention is meaningful to you, that he made an effort for you, and that it makes you happy.

You don’t want money as a gift, but you want to know that your husband made an effort for you.

5. Talk to Your Husband About Problems in Your Marriage

You realize your husband didn’t buy you a present because he is angry at you.

Why is he angry?

Together you need to work on it and solve that problem.

Don’t let there be an elephant in the room that you didn’t solve, and now is the reason for a bad atmosphere for Christmas.

All Things Considered,

The fact that your husband didn’t buy you a present for Christmas shouldn’t be something you create drama about, but it can indicate that something is wrong in your marriage.

Recognize why your husband didn’t buy you a gift and apply these tips.

Maybe your last Christmas wasn’t the best, but that doesn’t mean your next one shouldn’t be the happiest ever.

So, Merry Christmas in advance, and we hope you will be satisfied with the present this time.

And even more important than a gift is to be satisfied with your husband.

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