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Why Do You Lay in Bed All Day? 6 Effective Tips to Change That

You were productive and got up without a problem every morning because you were excited about everything you could accomplish that day.

But something happened, and getting out of bed became the most challenging thing for you.

How do you stop lying in bed and feeling like a useless sack of potatoes?

The best way to stop lying in bed all day is to determine the reasons that make you do it, and by creating a healthy routine, you can find again the motivation that will make you get out of bed happy every morning.

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It all seems logical, but to you, who spends almost the whole day in bed, it looks like a mission impossible.

This article aims to point out why you do it, warn of the dangers of staying in bed all day, and offer some solutions.

We think that’s reason enough to read this article to the end because maybe by the end you will leave your bed.

Why Do You Lie in Bed Whole Day? 3 Reasons

As much as it may seem to you that there is no reason why you lie in bed all day but that you just decided to do so, there is a reason.

 It is most likely one of these reasons:

1. You Have Fallen Out of a Daily Routine

Have you completely fallen out of your daily routine, or have you never even had one?

It’s not a problem that you like to sleep in a little longer on weekends. The problem is when you don’t have a consistent sleep schedule for a long time.

This is easily transferred to all other aspects of life.

Humans are not robots, and we cannot function entirely automatically, but there should at least be some organization.

Where there is no organization, there is chaos, including your day.

That’s why you spend too much time in bed because you don’t even know where to start when you get up.

And where to even start? Everything seems chaotic to you, and you have no desire to change anything.

You don’t even have an exact time to go to bed, and maybe you even force yourself to stay awake.

Of course, you make up for all that time tomorrow by sleeping through most of the day.

Going to work is torture because you are too lazy to work.

Maybe you never even had a healthy daily routine. Your parents, who did not adequately prepare you for life, can also be blamed for that.

2. You Feel Unmotivated and Burnt Out

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What motivated you until now no longer inspires you and doesn’t make you jump out of bed.

You don’t feel like doing anything and just want to stare at the ceiling because nothing interests you.

job that does not motivate you can contribute the most to this.

Too much-accumulated stress, disappointment, and toxic energy can lead to burnout.

Burnout is mentioned a lot today, and not without reason.

Did you know burnout is officially defined and declared as a medical diagnosis?

It is characterized by a lack of energy and exhaustion, a lack of professional efficiency, and negative thoughts toward work.

All of this can really make you not want to leave bed.

Although work is one of the main causes, it does not always have to be the case.

Even an overly strict routine can be counterproductive and lead to burnout and unproductiveness.

3. You Feel Sad and Disappointed

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This is a more serious situation.

The previous two reasons may also be part of this larger one.

Disappointments, sadness, and resentment are all tough emotions that don’t let you get out of bed.

You often think that you hate the whole world because you consider it cruel to you.

What makes you feel this way:

  • You are tormented by past disappointments;
  • you think your life is a failure and that you are stuck in a rut;
  • you are afraid to face the problems;
  • other people are constantly hurting you;
  • You feel bitter about other people’s success.

These highly negative thoughts can isolate you and make you not want to leave the bed.

Someone will call you lazy and unmotivated, but your problem is bigger than that.

What are The Dangers of Staying in Bed All Day?

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We spend a considerable part of our lives in bed.

According to some studies, the average person spends 26 years in bed sleeping and another 7 years trying to fall asleep.

Incredible numbers and you make them even bigger because you spend too much time in bed.

Know that staying in bed for too long can lead to physical and psychological consequences.

The physical consequences can be obesity and general weakness, and the psychological impacts can lead to various mental illnesses.

How Do You Stop Lying in Bed All Day? 6 Simple Tips

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You realize that lying in bed all day is not taking your life anywhere, and you want to change that.

That is the first step towards change because everything starts with an idea and a desire to change.

It would be best if you remained persistent in your decision, and these tips can help you with that:

1. Find a Reason

Ok, you’ve decided you don’t want to spend the whole day in bed, but be a little more specific about why you don’t want to?

Did something make you fall into that rut?

When you understand the reason, you will be able to change it.

2. Shift Your Focus

Instead of focusing on the negative, try to think of the positive things in your life.

It can be difficult sometimes but crucial for breaking bad habits such as staying in bed the whole day.

The fact that you have the opportunity to stand up and change something is already a positive thing.

Another thing you have to understand is that life happens in circles.

Ups and downs are an inevitable part of life.

Even that moment of despair that seems like an eternity will pass.

Happiness and sadness alternate, and in between, there are some random days when we just need to live.

3. Take Small Steps

You can’t change everything in one day, and going one step at a time is essential.

Depending on your current state, even the most minor step can mean a lot.

If you’ve neglected your personal hygiene because you’ve been in bed all day, take a shower and brush your teeth. You will feel better.

You only eat junk food because you hate to cook anything, and your fridge is empty. Make a healthy meal. 

Just a little healthy food prepared in the most basic way is enough. You don’t have to be a Gordon Ramsey for that. 

You’ll enjoy healthy food more than the junk food you’ve been addicted to.

It is precisely in these examples that the importance of tiny changes is reflected. 

No matter how small they are, they must lead to the ultimate goal that will change you for the better.

4. Prioritize Quality Sleep

Tips for healthy sleep

Spending the whole day in bed is not quality sleep.

We’ve already said how much time the average person spends sleeping, so why shouldn’t that time be quality.

For quality sleep, you need to have good sleeping habits, like going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time.

Avoid using your phone before bed, and don’t overeat at least 3 hours before bed.

In the morning, maybe instead of being woken up by the phone, let the old-fashioned alarm clock wake you up.

You’ll be tempted to delay the alarm with your phone, which you should avoid because pressing the snooze button can make you fall off your sleep cycle.

5. Work on Your Well-being

This means that you work on your happiness.

A happy man does not want to spend the whole day in bed but wants to enjoy the day and life.

Such a person feels good psychologically, physically, emotionally, and socially.

How can you achieve this? By implementing healthy lifestyle habits.

We have already mentioned the particular importance of sleep, and there is also a healthy diet and physical activity.

Engage yourself to be creative and do things you are passionate about.

Surround yourself with positive people who won’t make you hate getting out of bed to hang out with them.

Spend time in nature because nature calms our minds and reduces stress.

6. Create an Atmosphere That Makes it Easy For You to Get Out of Bed

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These are some slightly more practical tips that can significantly help you get out of bed easier. 

Here are 5 more tips on how to get out of bed easier:

  • Make the room you sleep in just for sleeping – that means no watching movies or eating food in the bed you sleep in.
  • Don’t make your bedroom a mess – nothing kills motivation more than a pile of mess in your bedroom. It’s time to clean the bedroom and keep it clean.
  • Brighten up the room – sleeping in the dark is good, but you should open the shades or curtains in the morning and signal to your body that it’s time to get up.
  • Prepare the night before – a little preparation the night before, like making a to-do list, can take the stress out of tomorrow’s morning.
  • Turn on some music – Whatever your musical taste is, it only matters that it motivates you to get up and start your day positively.

To Summarize

Sleeping long enough is important, but it is also essential to wake up and get out of bed on time.

Hey, you don’t want to miss out on everything the new day offers.

Implement these tips we have offered you, and we believe you will succeed in changing that habit.

It’s time to rise and shine, sleepy head!