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I Hate This World: Why I Feel That Way & How to Change That?

It is easy to say that you hate this world.

We get it; just as the world gives many reasons for love, it also offers many reasons for hate.

Love and hate, as two opposite emotions, are always at constant war; unfortunately, hate prevails for some.

For you, hatred is the dominant feeling because you are simply sick of everything.

Maybe you hate the world because of global problems like wars, pollution, poverty, etc.

But what if you hate the world because of personal problems?

Side view young woman looking away at window sitting on couch at home

Life often does not pamper us, and sometimes we think, “I hate myself and this world.”

Behind such a strong emotion as hatred, some internal problems are usually hidden.

You can’t love everyone and anything, but isn’t the statement “I hate everyone” a bit too much? Especially if someone hurt you, and now you’re putting everyone else in the same basket because of it.

Do you really hate people and the world, or is something bothering you?

In this article, we will deal with why you feel that way and, more importantly, offer some solutions to apply it, so keep reading.

Still Holding Onto Grudges From The Past

The past can often be the reason why you hate the present.

Maybe you think you were happier before. Or perhaps you are haunted by something you did in the past.

From the past, we often carry scars that will disturb us much later.

Let’s say you were seriously hurt in the past, disappointed, and your dreams were broken. You are probably looking for the culprit in others.

That accumulated anger can only hurt one person, and that’s you.

“Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

Dissatisfaction With Where You Are in Life Right Now

Lost on sad thoughts lady at home feels emptiness by personal difficulties and unsolvable problems

There are a large number of factors that can contribute to you being dissatisfied with your current situation in any sense.

We all have hopes and dreams, but they often don’t come true.

Ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, and they’ll all say some incredibly cool professions like astronaut or scientist.

Ok, you don’t expect to be an astronaut, but you also don’t expect to be stuck in a dead-end job that makes you depressed and force you to hate everything.

Feeling trapped in your place can be a massive source of frustration and dissatisfaction.

We all have high expectations from life, and that’s normal.

The disappointment of not living up to those expectations can be overwhelming.

It can wear us down so much that we don’t have new expectations for anything because we think nothing good will ever happen.

After all the hardships, do you now think, “Hope is the first step on the road of disappointments”?

The Problem is With Others, Not You

Attractive Afro American woman sitting on bench outdoors in the park feeling dissapointed aftre conversation with friend

It’s easy to blame others for your dissatisfaction, but what if you’re right?

Let’s say you work in a job that requires a lot of interaction with people.

You will have to get into conflicts, and often people will annoy you unless you are some incredible social butterfly with tolerance and nerves of steel.

If we add to that mix that you are an introvert, hating people can become your hobby.

Dealing with people with different opinions is absolutely at every turn.

The list is too long: A co-worker who chews too loudly, friends who call you only when they need something, relatives who are only there to annoy you, a neighbor who throws his trash in your yard

All listed are just some of the people who can annoy you with their behavior.

The worst thing is that they may not even be aware of it, and here you are sitting, wasting your time, and getting annoyed with them.

Hate Culture

Do you think it’s trendy to be a hater now?

If you have, it’s no wonder because nowadays, it’s cool to hate more than ever.

Hate itself is very contagious. Especially if it is in trend, it is easy to fall under that influence.

Do you want to appear interesting in front of new people? It’s best to make fun of or hate something because jokes are outdated.

Digital hate culture significantly contributed to this.

Have you noticed how many negative comments are underneath everything someone posts on the Internet?

One thing is writing constructive criticism to someone who has already exposed himself publicly.

Criticism should not be banned but should be constructive and respectful.

Now imagine the scenario: You finally record a song and publish it online, and someone only writes “You suck” after all your efforts. That’s all he has to say about something you put a lot of effort into.

How do you imagine those people who are behind those comments? 

Someone described them as miserable people hiding behind a keyboard in mom’s basement. Their mission is to make other people miserable too.

Envy And Jealousy

Comparison is the ultimate happiness and joy destroyer.

By comparing ourselves with others, we can easily start to hate ourselves and the whole world because we are not as beautiful, wealthy, and successful as them.

When other people’s lives become the benchmark by which we determine our own, we very easily fall into the vicious circle of envy and jealousy.

Envy is the art of counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of your own.”

— Harold Coffin

Envy and jealousy can make you vain before you know it.

It has always been there, but that portrait of perfection is especially exploited on social networks.

They are all perfect, beautiful, live extraordinary lives, and have thriving careers on social media.

You never know what’s behind that perfect social media image. Then again, even if all of that is true, there’s probably a considerable amount of effort behind it.

The Current State of The World Makes You Hate it

Wars, nature pollution, poverty, and many reasons make you feel this way.

Even if everything is fine in your personal life, you are troubled by things more significant than yourself.

We should be interested in these things, and it is admirable that you care about things that may not concern you specifically.

The only problem is that it affects your life.

That hatred towards the world can harm you. Maybe you feel like you can’t change anything, or you’re annoyed by people who are totally uninterested in these topics.

How to Stop Hating The World?

young unhappy woman

Just as we have listed the reasons that make you hate the world, we will also detail how to change that.

Leave The Past Behind

Wallowing in the past can only make you bitter and hurt you.

You only need good memories and lessons from the past.

“I never lose. I either win or learn.” 

— Nelson Mandela

Instead of being angry about the past and full of hate, learn lessons from it that will help you change that reality you hate so much.

Change The Things You Hate in Your Life

Imagine using all that energy you spent hating your current situation to change something.

Now imagine a hero from a movie who will turn hatred into motivation while some uplifting music plays in the background. 

Who did you imagine? Rocky running up the stairs, and “Eye of the Tiger” in the background playing? We know it!

You, too, can be that superhero for yourself and your life.

A lousy job, a place where you live that restricts you, excess weight, no matter how hard it seems, is all changeable.

Be Grateful

How can you be grateful when you are sick of everything?

You have a computer and the Internet since you are reading this. Did you know that 2.9 billion people are still offline and do not have access to the Internet?

Here are some things you can be thankful too besides the Internet: being alive, having a meal, a roof over your head, and so on.

Don’t let envy and jealousy for the things you don’t have cloud your view of the things you have.

Happiness is based on what’s happeningbut joy is based on what we believe.”

Agree to Disagree

We can’t all have the same opinions about everything. 

You don’t need to change your views on anything to fit in with others, but don’t let hatred for them consume you.

If someone has a different opinion than you, it doesn’t mean you should automatically hate them.

Respecting other people’s opinions is the basis for not getting angry non-stop. If the other person has views that do not match yours, and you cannot have a normal conversation, just ignore them. You don’t have to get mad immediately.

Be The Change You Want to See in The World

happy woman exercise

Unless you’re Superman, you can’t stop all the world’s problems. It’s hardly that even Superman has enough power for that, but we won’t go into that.

The point is that you can do a lot with small changes.

Humanitarian work and educating others about the importance of nature conservation are all choices that are much better than just sitting, hating, and doing nothing.

For all those who think they can’t change anything, a great example is a couple from Brazil who managed to restore an entire tropical forest independently.

To Conclude,

Hate is a negative emotion that hurts the one who hates the most.

“All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything”

— Gary W. Goldstein

We cannot change other people or the world, but we can change ourselves. That is enough.