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Sleeping With One Person For Whole Life Is Good Decision: 6 Reasons

Choosing to have one partner makes you that small minority. In today’s society, sleeping with only one partner for whole life is overrated and boring.

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You can’t help but wonder if you’re doing something wrong in today’s society because you stand out in the crowd.

Let’s get some things straight: no one should be judged for their choices, as long as they don’t break any laws.

Embracing freedom is a good thing. People should be free in their choices.

If it makes someone happy to change a lot of partners, that’s his business and his life.

Just as someone has the freedom to express their views about intimacy in such a way, so do you have yours.

And yet it seems to you that you are alone in your choice. It’s even very likely that if you tell your friends that you only want to have one intimate partner in your life, questions will follow that might make you reconsider your decision.

All these questions basically boil down to the following: Aren’t you afraid of missing out on something by deciding to sleep with only one person for your whole life?

There is a huge fear of missing out on something if we don’t sleep with multiple partners.

What led you to this decision, which is even controversial in today’s society?

You Are a Romantic Soul

Happy couple hugging on the top of a mountain.

Maybe romance is overrated in today’s society, but that’s not the case with you.

Many people think they are romantic, but you really are, and you don’t sleep with others until you meet the right one is proof.

Are you the team soul mates or team twin flames? In any case, you believe in both.

While everyone was watching “50 Shades of Grey,” your choice was still “The Notebook,” which always makes you cry.

Ok, let’s be realistic, you probably won’t have amazing epic romantic scenes like in “Titanic” (we all know how that movie ended), but you believe in the concept of one love for life.

The perfect scenario for you and your partner is high school sweethearts who get married, have kids, and stay together for their whole life. Or meeting your ideal partner in college, at work, later in life…

It doesn’t matter to you because until you find that great love that you will consider valuable for the rest of your life, there is no action in bed.

Stability And Security are Your Priority

She is hugging him from the back

Well, romance is nice, but security and trust are even likable.

You may have seen the harmful consequences of constantly changing partners from different examples.

Perhaps you saw opposite examples that shoved the benefits of having one intimate partner for life.

One partner in your life provides you enormous security in your future life with him.

Let’s say you met as young teenagers, and your relationship has reached the point of marriage.

Since you spent so much time together, practically grew up together, and found yourself in various situations in life, it is logical that you know each other very well.

You know each other so well that you can always rely on each other.

That feeling of security and stability that such a relationship can give you means a lot to you.

People who meet later in life have more difficulty reaching that level of security and trust.

They usually already know everything they want from a new partner and have less trust because they have been through a lot.

Such relationships seem less profound to you because people have already been through a lot, changed a lot of partners, and are now less trusting of new partners.

And how will you deal with boredom?

One partner for life sounds exceptionally boring to some, but not to you.

If your partner is your perfect match, you will never be bored.

What’s more important: sleeping with random strangers in college or a deep, meaningful relationship for the whole life?

It doesn’t mean that you can’t have both, but if you don’t want to do the first option just so you won’t feel that you are “missing out on something,” there is no need to do it.

Your Beliefs Are Against it

Romance, security, and what about beliefs?

If you were brought up traditionally, it is possible that now as an adult, you don’t want to constantly change partners but to settle for one.

There are also religious beliefs but also spiritual beliefs. It depends on what suits you better.

By sleeping with other people, we share our energy and receive theirs. It is a simple exchange of energy.

Beautiful young couple enjoying time together

Some beliefs say sharing your energy with everyone is not good because it can disturb yours.

As much as casual hooking up seems acceptable to some, sometimes we are unaware of who we let into our lives and what dangers it carries, both physically and spiritually.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

According to The Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) estimates that there are approximately 20 million new STD infections each year.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a reality and can happen to anyone.

Someone will now say it is possible to get a STD from just one intimate partner, which is true.

However, it is very logical that a person who constantly changes partners has much more chances of such a thing happening to him. It’s simple logic.

Of course, there are preventions and drugs for STDs, but you don’t want to deal with that and be afraid after each new partner if you pick something up. 

Your best prevention and protection is being exclusive with your partner. That dramatically reduces the chances of transmitting STDs.

Different Criteria For Opposite Genders

We come to slightly more awkward but true topics.

If a woman changes a lot of partners, such behavior is usually considered wrong. However, if men change partners frequently, that is not a problem.

Who are we to comment on the number of partners and invade someone’s privacy?

Both views are wrong and carry consequences.

A woman shamed for having multiple partners can develop various mental disorders.

young unhappy woman

However, a man who changes partners is considered even more attractive, and no one criticizes him.

Let’s not forget the lack of self-confidence due to the inability to change partners, especially in men.

Both men and women can have the consequences of changing partners too much. There is no need to separate the genders.

Interestingly, women are increasingly encouraged to have as many intimate partners as possible.

Women and men should have their freedom, but one gets the impression that promiscuous behavior is encouraged more than its consequences are discussed.

Hookup culture

Have you noticed how normalized, even desirable, it is to sleep with complete strangers?

It is presented as fun and is usually associated with younger people, but it does not mean that older people are not part of it.

Study shows that about 72% of men and women participate in hookups.

Hookup culture means having random one night stand with a person we meet at a party, bar, or social network.

It seems that it has never been easier to have a random hook up than it is today.

Hookup culture promotes an attitude of “Everybody’s doing it.” You can easily feel left out if you’re not a part of it, especially if you are young.

Even if you are not a person who likes to go to parties, various dating apps will help you find a intimate partner by simply swiping right.

Again, we are not judging anyone, someone likes such a way of life, but we must also point out the opposing sides that turn you away from it.

Random hookups carry the risk of STD, physical and emotional injuries, violence, and unwanted pregnancy.

Promiscuous behavior is often linked to alcohol or drug abuse problems. 

That trinity always somehow goes together, as is often shown in the movies.

In such states of mind, it is easier for people to make promiscuous decisions that can lead to consequences.

Wondering what the dangers of dating apps are? All of the above.

Dating apps additionally trivialize and speed up getting to know someone before sleeping together.

We recommend the true crime documentary “The Tinder Swindler” on Netflix if you haven’t watched it.

To Come to The Point,

Is it wrong to sleep with only one person for your whole life? Absolutely not!

“Sex is about the quality of your entire love lifenot the intricate alignment of your bodies.”

– Kevin Leman

Just as you shouldn’t judge people who change partners a lot, no one should judge you either.

What is important is that we do what suits us and what we are comfortable with without endangering others.

“Embrace your sexual freedom”! You have embraced it, and your choice is one partner for life.