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5 Reasons Why Your Life is Bad Right Now and 5 Ways to Change That

We all have bad days, right? Everything can’t always be perfect, and a bad day is bound to happen to everyone.

But what happens when those bad days dominate the good ones, and we get the impression that the whole life is terrible. Is that precisely how you feel right now?

The main reason you think your life is bad is that you neglect yourself. Whatever you have been through and whatever happened to you, you must not neglect yourself.

Depressed young woman

At the end of the day, we have ourselves, however much we are surrounded by people we love.

And just thinking that your life is bad is a form of self-neglect.

This article aims to help you see why you think your life is bad and offer some remedies. You might even conclude that it’s not so bad, actually.

Why is Your Life so Bad? 5 Reasons

We are all different, and each has a unique story.

What makes someone unhappy with their life will be irrelevant to another.

But we will try to point out some universal reasons why people perceive their life as bad.

1. You Blame Yourself For Something You Did or Didn’t Do

If you constantly go back to the past and think about what you did and should have done, you will burden yourself and block yourself from creating a cheerful present.

You didn’t get into the university you were supposed to? Were you in bad relationships that left you hurt? Didn’t you take that one chance you had to move out of a city you don’t like?

You must not keep going back to the past and stay in it, even if you hate your past self and think you made a big mistake that ruined your life.

2. You Live According to The Opinions of Others

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Ok, we can’t live outside all the frameworks of a civilized society, but that’s no reason to live by the opinions of others non-stop.

We will not go into difficult philosophical questions, but who are we really when all the frames imposed on us from birth are removed?

Ask yourself what you actually want from life and what you don’t.

If you depend too much on the opinions of others, you will not do what you want.

That’s why you can get stuck in a dead-end job that makes you depressed. Or you can spend your whole life in your hometown, which makes you feel empty and unhappy.

Let’s assume that you are also a people pleaser. You always try to please everyone, parents, friends, and even neighbors you hate.

You may also be someone who hates taking risks. You want to follow the safe paths of life and do everything by default.

We have nothing against it, but when you already think your life is unfulfilled, ask yourself if that safe comfort zone of life is really that comfortable or if it can cut like the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones.

3. You Feel That You are Not Good Enough for Something

Limiting beliefs again.

We should not think more highly of ourselves than we are, but it is even worse if we diminish our worth.

Decreasing self-worth is a sign of poor self-esteem and mental weakness.

Maybe you’re even questioning everything you’ve achieved and asking if you deserve anything.

You will undoubtedly think that your life is bad if you believe you are not good enough to achieve something.

These beliefs can come from the environment that surrounds you, especially from your parents.

We hope you did not have such parents who told you that “You are good for nothing” and thus left emotional scars on your self-confidence.

4. You are Jealous Because of The Success of Others

Jealousy is a surefire way to diminish the enjoyment of your life, and jealousy leads to vanity.

There will always be someone more successful, beautiful, and prosperous; that is just how things go.

Jealousy has always existed. Today, when everything is directed towards too much material, it comes to the fore even more.

It’s like you have no peace, and you constantly have to be reminded of how much someone is more successful than you in something.

Social networks contribute to that because everyone wants to show their best.

Everyone wears nice suits and patent shoes, drives nice cars, and has dazzling white teeth on social media.

5. You Just Don’t Care Anymore for Anything

Attractive Afro American woman sitting on bench outdoors in the park feeling dissapointed aftre conversation with friend

Severe disappointments have led you to the point where you have had enough of everything and don’t care anymore.

Perhaps you have even reached the stage where you hate this world.

You have realized that no one cares about you; that’s why you don’t care about others.

A defeatist approach to life never leads to anything good.

Not caring for anything leads to neglecting oneself.

Instead of finding ways to change something in life, one does the complete opposite, reaching even more for destructive behavior.

How to Change Your Approach to Life?

Have you noticed that you are physically and mentally unwell? That everyone around you tells you that you look sad?

All this is because you are tormented by the thought that your life is bad.

It’s time to change that. Try this:

Let Go of Regrets

Let the regrets stay in the past behind you, where they belong.

“Regret is simply a mistake that we haven’t learned the proper lesson from yet”

— Mark Manson

Learn a lesson from them and move on.

Focus on your current self and work on your future self.

Stop Limiting Yourself

You must be telling yourself that it’s too late for something, that you’re too old, that you’re not good enough, and the like.

If you talk like that, then you subconsciously convince yourself of it.

Know that it’s not too late to take life into your own hands and change something that limits you.

And to try something new, why not?

Change your way of thinking: From “I can’t do that” to “How can I do it”?

Don’t Let Others Influence You

Quarrel two sisters

It is impossible to completely block the influence of others’ opinions on us, but we must not allow them to disturb our lives.

And you should not depend on others in general and expect too much.

If you are in such a period of life that you may be alone, it does not mean you should be depressed about it.

It’s better to be alone than surrounded by people who limit you and with whom you don’t even want to hang out.

“I used to think the thought of being alone was the worst, it’s not, it’s the people that make you feel alone is the worst”

— Robin Williams

Find Meaning and Set Goals

Of course, you will feel unfulfilled if you have no meaning in life.

And no, it doesn’t have to mean that you have a lot of money and drive an expensive car. It’s not bad when you don’t care too much about material things.

And meaning doesn’t have to be something incredible and majestic. It’s only necessary to find yourself in it and that it means something to you.

Setting goals is only there to motivate you and not create stress for achieving them at the exact time.

“Don’t let the expectations and opinions of other people affect your decisions. It’s your life, not theirs. Do what matters most to you; do what makes you feel alive and happy.”

— Roy T. Bennett

Change Your Mindset and Accept Yourself

Instead of telling yourself that your life is bad, try to see what is good in your life, and there must be at least something.

Hey, you have access to the internet and a computer, 1 out of 3 people in the world don’t have that trivial thing for you.

Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have.

You can never have a happy life if you don’t accept yourself for who you are.

Only you can make a change in your life. 

You can’t succeed in anything if you don’t like yourself.

All your strengths and weaknesses are part of you, and everything you’ve been through is part of your unique life path.

Practice Self-care

happy woman exercise

There are many ways to take care of yourself, and we recommend you practice as much as possible for better results.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t even think that your life is good.

A proper and healthy diet can do wonders for your physical health. If some form of physical activity is added, too, it is a winning combination.

To Conclude, Life is a Gift

No matter how hard it is for you, life is a gift, and you should never take it for granted.

The greatest gift you can receive is another day of life.

As hard as everything seems, sometimes it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

Things will work out, but you must never neglect yourself. Good luck!