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Why Does My Husband Not Shower Every Day? How to Change His Hygiene?

Let’s be honest from the start; nobody likes people who lack personal hygiene.

Avoiding regular showering, brushing teeth, grooming, changing dirty clothes, who does all that? Your husband, unfortunately.

We will tell you right away that your husband does not take a shower every day can be a lack of hygiene habits, laziness, and a sign of protest against something often associated with an inner dissatisfaction.

woman arguing with husband

You feel desperate and don’t know how to change your husband’s hygiene habits. 

After all, you are even considering getting divorced because your husband doesn’t shower regularly.

What to do in this stinky situation?

Please read this article to the end. We can help you get your smelly husband to take a shower.

Why Doesn’t Your Husband Shower Every Day? 3 Potential Reasons

Ok, it doesn’t have to be every day, but every second and even the third day would be tolerable for you.

But we’re talking about weeks without a shower here. That can’t be normal behavior!

What are the main reasons why your husband does not shower regularly:

1. He Never Had Adequate Hygiene Habits

Hygiene habits are acquired in early childhood.

Of course, this is influenced by the parents.

A parent’s job is to explain to the child the importance of hygiene and how to properly maintain it.

If your husband’s parents did not raise him well in that regard, they did not adequately prepare him for life.

Maybe it’s not his parent’s fault; it’s just the way he is.

When you were in a relationship, you noticed that his hygiene could improve.

But you decided not to pay attention to that because you were in love, and maybe you idealized him a little too much because everything else about him was perfect.

You expected him to change that in marriage, but he didn’t, and it started to bother you terribly.

Your husband rarely takes a shower, maybe only when you go somewhere important.

And as far as hygiene in the house is concerned, he always makes a mess.

When you argue with him because of that, and he finally cleans up his mess, he can’t keep the space clean.

2. Your Husband Has Become Lazy

Has your husband become so lazy that he hates taking a shower?

What influenced this behavior of his?

Maybe he has become indifferent to the point that he doesn’t even care whether he is clean.

Neglecting personal hygiene is the first major sign of various mental problems.

If your husband used to be clean and tidy but has stopped that now, chances are that he has depression.

Lack of self-confidence, will, and motivation can cause personal hygiene to suffer.

Your husband has given up on personal hygiene because he may be depressed from a dead-end job that he hates, financial problems, hates the place you live in, and similar.

3. Your Husband Has Weird Theories About Why He Shouldn’t Shower

In your husband’s defense, he may have some skin issues.

However, he has developed theories about why he shouldn’t shower every day, even much less than that.

Your husband believes that in this way, we are doing a disservice to our health and our skin.

He’s probably watched too many videos about people who haven’t showered in years, and now he thinks that’s the way to go.

Some people did it in the name of science, some because of a specific solitary lifestyle, and some just because they are weird.

All this does not give your husband a reason to believe in those theories that contradict common sense.

How Does it Affect You When Your Husband Stops Showering?

It annoys you, and you constantly wonder how much longer you will have to put up with it.

Your husband’s lack of hygiene bothers you in the following ways:

1. You Feel Disgusted

Your husband’s lack of hygiene is, above all, awful.

And how could he not be?

Who else likes smelly people next to them, especially when it comes to your husband, with whom you should also be intimate.

Intimacy? Yeah, right, you don’t even want to sleep next to him when he goes a long string of days without bathing or brushing his teeth.

2. You Feel Offended

You are offended by the fact that your husband clearly disrespects you because he does not want to take a shower.

And yes, you have the right to be offended because this is an act of disrespect towards you.

In this way, he sends you the message that he doesn’t care enough about you.

It’s like he doesn’t really care if he’s attractive enough to you.

Your husband can annoy you even more if he only takes a shower when he goes to see other people, while with you, he has no problem smelling like a skunk.

3. You Feel Embarrassed

Ok, we shouldn’t depend on other people’s opinions, but this is something that everyone else has noticed.

And how can they not notice when your husband is a stink bomb wherever he appears.

It goes so far that even family members and your husband’s work colleagues have also drawn attention to your husband’s hygiene.

No wonder his colleagues avoid him at work.

Now, imagine how bad your husband smells when others notice, and despite being uncomfortable, they must tell you.

4. You Worry About Health Problems

Your fear is justified because many health problems are possible due to poor hygiene.

Just as you take care of your husband’s health, you also take care of your own health because his unhygienic habits can also affect your health.

Living with such a man seems like a hell if you’re some kind of germ freak.

How Do You Get Your Husband to Shower More Regularly? 4 Excellent Tips

It’s time for your smelly husband to change his habits because you can’t take it anymore.

Try these tips:

1. Explain to Him That His Stench Bothers You

Yes, it bothers you, and you don’t want to put up with it anymore.

You may have already tried giving him subtle hints that he stinks, but that didn’t work.

It’s time for a direct approach.

We know you feel like you’re going to hurt his feelings, but the situation is serious.

2. Tell Him You Feel Disrespected

It bothers you that he obviously doesn’t care if you find him attractive.

You feel even more disrespected if he gets all clean and tidy when he needs to see others while he’s like a pig with you.

Is that a sign that you should be jealous too? Let your husband explain it.

3. Tell Him That You Will Love Him More if He Showers More Regularly

And not only will you love him more, but you will also want him more.

You will have more desire to kiss and hug him, and of course, there will definitely be more action in bed.

One excellent bonus tip for this is that you also shower with your husband.

This will be an additional motivation for him to jump into the shower cabin.

4. Encourage Him and Be There For Your Husband

As we said, neglecting personal hygiene can signify mental illness and deep dissatisfaction.

Stop negging him like you are his mother; instead, listen to him.

There are the right words for someone who is feeling bad, and with small steps, you can help him feel better mentally and to take care of his hygiene.


If you still have some doubts, these frequently asked questions can help you further:

My partner doesn’t shower daily, is it fair that I refuse sex?

It is absolutely logical that you do not want sex with a husband who does not take care of personal hygiene.

You cannot relax and enjoy such circumstances.

Also, many sexual diseases can be the result of poor hygiene.

How often should my husband shower?

The general rule of thumb is once a day.

Best before bed because there is no better feeling than going to bed clean and waking up clean in the morning.

There are various theories on this topic and according to some studies, 2-3 times a week is enough.

There is no one size fits all, but hygiene must be maintained regularly.

So sometimes, it is desirable to shower twice if there is intense physical activity, such as working out in the gym.

What if my husband has sensitive skin?

Have you found out that your husband has sensitive skin? So, that’s why he runs away from the soap.

There is also a solution, special cosmetics for dry and sensitive skin, which will not bother your husband.

Also, he should avoid too hot water if he has dry skin.

See, there is a solution for this, too. 

Your husband no longer has to have an excuse for not showering.

Should I divorce my husband because of hygiene issues?

As trivial as it may seem, hygiene problems can lead to divorce in more extreme cases.

It is up to you to help your husband get out of that mindset.

However, if the lack of hygiene is connected to other problems in your relationship, consider whether you see yourself still married to your husband.

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