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I Forgot My Mom’s Birthday – What Should I Do Now?

Although it is not rare, forgetting the birthdays of loved ones is always an unpleasant experience.

You just happened to forget your mother’s birthday, and now what?

What bothers you even more, is how your mother feels now. She must feel hurt and forgotten because her child forgot about her special day.

You feel guilt, shame, and disappointment in yourself for letting something like that happen to you.

What should you do when you forget your mother’s birthday? Apologize sincerely and explain that it was an oversight, make it up to her, show your mother how much you care about her, and never forget her birthday again.

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We know that you feel like the worst person in the world, especially if you know that your mother takes her birthday seriously.

However, it is essential to emphasize that this can happen to anyone, and what is crucial is how you handle the situation.

This is precisely the point of this article, where we will give you some guidelines on how best to correct your mistake.

Why Did You Forget Your Mother’s Birthday?

Before we give you tips on how to handle the situation, we need to list the potential reasons why you forgot your mother’s birthday.

Those reasons are:

1. You Just Happened To Forget

You just forgot; there’s no great explanation.

Although you try to always be responsible and organized, this happened to you.

In your defense, we can emphasize that you are too busy and preoccupied. Stress from work, too many obligations, a busy life, and something like this can happen.

You didn’t forget about your mother’s birthday. You just forgot to congratulate her.

When you woke up this morning, you knew it was your mother’s birthday, and you had already thought of how you would congratulate her, but as the day went on, it totally slipped your mind.

2. You’re Bad at Remembering Dates

It’s safe to say that memory is not your strong point.

The problem is that you don’t even try to change your bad characteristic.

It has happened many times that you forget important dates for your mother. Besides your birthday, you forgot holidays like Mother’s Day and didn’t do anything then.

It’s not just about your mother; you forget all dates important to others. They are already used to it from you.

The worst thing is that they must remind you that you should congratulate some holiday or special day. So what’s the point, then?

Being bad at remembering dates can’t be an excuse to keep neglecting important close people.

If you don’t want to change that bad habit, it is a sign that you are too lazy and disorganized to change.

3. You Don’t Have a Good Relationship With Your Mother

There is a bigger problem here.

Yes, there is a fact that you forgot about your mother’s birthday, but your relationship could be better in general.

What if it got to the point where you drifted apart? We know this is sad, but it is often true.

When children grow up, they sometimes neglect their parents because now they are their own people and live their own lives. And especially if there were some disagreements and arguments.

You forgot about your mother’s birthday because she never calls you either. If she also forgot your birthday and didn’t congratulate you, forgetting hers can be a kind of subconscious revenge.

And when she calls you, your mother just complains about everything, especially you. Those conversations are not pleasant for you at all.

With this behavior, your mother makes you not even talk to her, and you see every conversation with her as an obligation.

What Should You Do If You Forgot Your Mom’s Birthday? 4 Essential Tips

We understand that you feel terrible and want to do everything to let your mother know you are thinking of her, despite forgetting her birthday.

Here are the practical steps you need to take:

1. Apologize Sincerely

Everything starts with an apology, but let it be a sincere apology, not the one after which you will continue the same.

In addition to apologizing, it is crucial to take responsibility too.

Which means not making excuses and making up various lies to justify yourself.

Explain to your mother that it was an oversight on your part, but don’t lie to her.

2. Make it Up For Her

Now that you’ve apologized, it’s time to make it up to your mother.

Even if she tells you it’s unnecessary, you still do everything to make her feel like her birthday is important.

You can buy her flowers or some specific gift you know she likes. You can also take her to her favorite restaurant.

Whatever, the only thing that matters is that she is happy and enjoys her birthday.

3. Learn From Your Mistake

We are sure that you want to avoid repeating your mistake again.

You don’t want to hurt your mother again by forgetting her birthday? Also, want to change that habit of forgetting dates in general?

This can be a significant learning experience for you.

If you constantly forget important dates and have general memory problems, you should work on improving your focus.

Fortunately, today you have a lot of applications and reminders on your phone that can help you with that.

Update all upcoming birthdays or anniversaries in such an application to be more mindful of the important dates in the future.

4. Show Your Mother How Much You Care About Her

This does not only apply to birthdays but to every day. Especially if you feel you are not as close as before and have drifted apart over time.

Spend quality time with her, listen to her, and offer your support whenever she needs it.

If there were issues in your relationship, work on improving your differences. We are talking about your mother, and it’s evident that you care about her as she cares about you.

Even if some little things bother you about her, such as that she is too talkative when you call her, get over it. Your mother is a special person in your life, and be happy while you still have her.

In Summary

No, you’re not the worst person in the world for forgetting your mom’s birthday. Although it seems highly irresponsible, no one is perfect, and it can happen to anyone. 

What matters is what you do to make up for it. 

Apologize to your mother and do everything to make her birthday wonderful. It doesn’t matter that it will be a little late. 

Ultimately, the best way to make up for forgetting her birthday is to be a loving and caring child all year round.

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