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4 Reasons Why Your Son Did Nothing For Mother’s Day

May 14 passed and left you disappointed.

That wonderful holiday left you feeling sad and forgotten.

And all this because your son didn’t give you anything for Mother’s day. 

Actually, he didn’t even congratulate you, to be exact.

Your son made you feel like the loneliest person in the world.

You can’t help but wonder why your son didn’t do anything for Mother’s Day? Potential reasons are that he forgot, that he is angry with you, or that he thinks that the holiday is not important.

mothers day

Whatever it is, he should have at least called you and congratulated you.

This situation reflects your more profound relationship with your son, whether it is damaged or not.

We will explain this better through this article, so keep on reading.

Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Like many other holidays, Mother’s Day has a rich history.

We will only go a little into the historical data. 

Know that Mother’s Day dates back to the ancient Greeks.

They had a cult dedicated to the mother goddess Cybele, and that worship runs through history in different cultures and civilizations.

The modern celebration of Mother’s Day is associated with the name of Anna Jarvis, who organized the first Mother’s Day service in the early 20th century.

Why is all this important to our story?

It is essential because mothers have always been highly respected and honored.

And so it is today; Mother’s Day is a day when love for mothers is celebrated in different parts of the world.

It is the day we express our love, respect, and honor toward our mother.

How does it all look from your point of view?

When your son was younger, you probably just wanted him to make you a card for Mother’s Day.

His drawing of you as a superhero melted your heart every time.

Today, your expectations are different when your son has grown up and is living his own life.

Now, you want to get at least one call from him. You think you deserve at least that much.

But what if there isn’t even that?

Why Didn’t Your Son Do Anything For Mother’s Day? 4 Potential Reasons 

We know this may be painful for you, but we must understand why your son did not make you happy on Mother’s Day. 

Those reasons are:

1. He Didn’t Learn The Importance of Mother’s Day

It depends greatly on whether your son has learned to recognize the importance of holidays.

If you didn’t teach him the importance of special days such as holidays, it’s no wonder he doesn’t have any attitude towards them now.

Maybe you were one of those mothers who buy themselves a present, and then the child supposedly gives them that same present.

That way, your son surely didn’t learn the importance of celebrating that day because he never even bothered to do something special for you.

Mother’s day is another random day for him.

And maybe that’s how he treats other people when it comes to holidays. 

Let’s say he doesn’t give his wife a Christmas present or does nothing for Valentine’s Day

It’s all consumerist nonsense to him.

2. You And Your Son Have Drifted Apart

You can’t help but cry when you remember how close you were when he was a kid.

It seemed to you that it would always be like that, but over time that changed.

Your son is grown now, he has his own family, and you probably don’t see or hear from each other very often.

Now you’re probably wondering how often your son should call you because you don’t think he calls enough.

He is always too busy with work, family, or responsibilities. You know how it was when you were that age.

All this is somewhat normal, your son should live his life, but he should not forget about his mother.

3. You And Your Son Are Not on Good Terms

Unfortunately, this is also a frequent reality between parents and children.

You and your son are no longer on good terms, and you rarely hear from each other.

Maybe your son is so mad at you that he hasn’t spoken to you in years.

Who is to blame for that? You or him?

Blame is hard to measure, and surely both sides have their share.

What kind of mother were you when he was growing up?

Were you perhaps too narcissistic and self-centered?

Maybe you were overcontrolling and not allowing your son to be independent enough.

There is this rebellious spirit in children that they like to do the opposite of what their parents do, especially if the parents are too strict and want control over every aspect of the child’s life.

Perhaps you never understood each other well enough and couldn’t talk about anything, so it’s no wonder you’re totally distant now.

4. He Forgot About Mother’s Day

This is the least likely, but we have to consider that possibility.

Mother’s Day is once a year, but it is universal, and everyone celebrates it.

The stores have signs and flashy lights a few weeks before Mother’s Day.

You really need to live under a rock and not notice all that.

And let’s not talk about social networks where everyone posted photos of their mothers that day.

That’s why it’s very hard to forget Mother’s Day

But your son somehow managed it, even though you have a great relationship otherwise.

What Should You Do When Your Son Doesn’t Do Anything For Mother’s Day? 5 Tips

We understand that this day is significant to you and that you expect at least some sign of attention from your son.

Here’s what we recommend for next year’s Mother’s Day:

1. Lower Your Expectations

We know it’s hardest to lower your expectations when you’re excited about something, but sometimes it’s necessary.

If you don’t expect too much, you won’t be disappointed.

We’re not saying to tone down your Mother’s Day hype altogether, just to keep it lower, especially if you know what the previous ones were like.

2. Remember What Example You Set For Your Son

What kind of relationship do you have with your mother?

Did you not congratulate her on Mother’s Day, and your son noticed that?

If you had a bad relationship with your mother, your son might have learned that Mother’s Day is not such an important day.

Your husband also has a stake here; what an example he set for your son.

If he is one of those men who don’t like holidays and rarely congratulate them, don’t be surprised that your son is like that now.

Also, consider that you made your son lazy because you always reminded him about holidays and birthdays.

And not only that, but you prepared gifts for him to give and even a gift for yourself.

Your son has not developed an attitude towards holidays and gift-giving.

And he may be too dependent on others to do things for him.

 Whose fault is that?

3. Let Your Son Know That Mother’s Day is Important To You

Sometimes you can’t expect a big surprise to happen.

Letting your son know you care about Mother’s Day would be best.

And not that you want an expensive gift, but a small sign of attention.

That can be chocolate, flowers, a gift card, or even a phone call if your son lives far away.

That little sign of attention means the world to you, and let him know.

4. Try to Resolve The Issues Between You And Your Son

If you and your son are not on good terms, you should put the holidays aside until the situation is resolved.

Parents are the ones who should be more reasonable.

You are expected to show more understanding and turn the other cheek, all for reconciling with your son.

Be the first to reach out and try to fix your relationship.

It is possible to solve the issues with a lot of love, respect, and the right approach.

If you succeed in this, Mother’s Day will suddenly become much pleasanter for you, because in addition to your child congratulating you, you will feel like a better mom.

5. Let That Day Be Just For You

Even if you don’t manage to sort out all the issues with your son by the next Mother’s Day, that doesn’t mean you should despair that day.

Since that day means so much to you, let Mother’s Day be your “me day.”

So that day, treat yourself to a fancy dinner, spa, massage, or whatever you like.

In Summary,

We understand that it is not pleasant when your son does not congratulate you on Mother’s Day.

But don’t let the next one pass like that. 

You have to make an effort to prevent that from happening.

Just because you’re reading this, we know you want to change that and that you’re an awesome mother, and we hope you will succeed in it.

Happy Mother’s Day! 🌹

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