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My Husband Doesn’t Want to Celebrate New Year? 3 Reasons

New Year’s Eve is approaching, and magic is in the air.

You’re all hyped up because it’s your favorite holiday, and you want to have a great time for that special night.

But one thing is ruining your euphoria and holiday spirit.

Your Grinch husband who doesn’t even want to celebrate NYE at all.

Why is your husband like that and doesn’t want to celebrate NYE? Because he doesn’t like that holiday, he’s unhappy with his year, or maybe he’s angry at you.

woman arguing with husband

In any case, this opens up a huge topic for discussion.

Whether to make a whole scene about why he won’t celebrate your favorite holiday or to see what’s bothering him.

We’ll cover that in this article, so stick around until the end.

Why Doesn’t Your Husband Want to Celebrate New Year’s Eve? 3 Reasons

Everyone has their reasons, and you respect your husband’s opinion, but some things just don’t make sense to you.

Is it so hard for him to do something that means a lot to you?

What are the reasons behind your husband not wanting to celebrate NYE:

1. Your Husband Don’t See The Point in Celebrating NYE

Not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for the holidays.

Has your husband always been like this, or is it just recently?

If he’s always been like that, don’t be surprised that he’s still like that.

Although maybe he endured that holiday euphoria to please you.

You know how men are at the beginning of a relationship and marriage; they are usually charming and do everything to please women.

But later, they get lazy and feel that there is no need to try hard anymore.

That’s why your husband doesn’t want to celebrate NYE anymore either because he doesn’t need to pretend he likes something he clearly doesn’t.

Where does his hatred of NYE come from?

It may have originated from his childhood when he had high expectations from Santa Claus but never got them.

That commercial side of the holidays may be annoying your husband.

Your husband thinks New Year’s Eve is just another capitalist cash grab for the masses he wants no part of.

If this is the case, it is clear that your husband is not too burdened with material things.

That husband is certainly not going to buy you an expensive Christmas present.

Maybe your husband likes to do everything the opposite of the others?

If this is the case, you may be dealing with an irreparable contrarian who thinks he’s special just because he doesn’t do something everyone else does.

2. Your Husband Had a Bad Year

The end of the year and the beginning of the next can be challenging for many.

Your husband also fell into those holiday blues.

At the end of the year, we like to evaluate how the current year was for us, and some go further and evaluate their entire life.

Did your husband get fired recently? Or does he hate his new job and want to quit because they don’t pay him enough?

You may have had a lot of financial, health, or other difficulties this year.

Someone important person may not be with you anymore next year.

And bad years are, unfortunately, a part of life.

This is precisely why your husband has fallen into such a mood that there is no reason to celebrate.

Why celebrate when nothing is okay and how he wants it to be.

3. Your Husband is Not Happy With You and Your Marriage

Your marriage is not what it should be.

This means that there has been a lot of strife in your marriage this year.

There may have been some trivial reasons and some more serious ones.

However, even trivial reasons must be approached seriously because they quickly turn into serious ones.

Even arguments over household chores can lead to divorce.

Do you often argue about who does how much around the house?

He’s probably telling you you’re not working hard enough because he wants to come home and have everything perfect.

If your husband is a narcissist who always likes to be right, it’s clear that you have many problems.

However, he may be right that your marriage must be seriously repaired.

But both sides need to do a better job of it.

He’s mad at you because you’re all euphoric about NYE instead of focusing on the problems you’re having in your marriage.

You may have fallen into some revenge mode in your marriage.

For example, he wants to avoid celebrating NYE with you because you want to avoid celebrating with his family.

Or you didn’t buy him a present for his birthday, and now he’s angry like a child about it.

What to Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Want to Celebrate New Year’s Eve?

The situation is clear if your husband does not want to celebrate NYE with you.

Who even wants such a lousy husband?

Couples should celebrate NYE together, especially those who are married, and there is no question about that.

However, he does not want to celebrate at all, unlike you, who live for that holiday.

Here’s what you need to do to change your husband’s mind:

1. Realize He Doesn’t Love NYE as You Do

How can anyone not love NYE? You don’t understand that.

Attempt to understand why he is like that and try not to put too much pressure on him.

We know you want to lash out at him, but that won’t make him love the New Year more.

Couples don’t have to think alike about everything, and although many too often declare themselves to be soul mates, it usually isn’t the case.

If you start discussing the preparations for NYE on December 1, don’t be surprised that he is already bored.

Don’t buy him a Santa suit in advance or make him decorate the whole yard with decorations; you know how much it costs.

Not everyone shares that kind of enthusiasm, not even your husband.

But that doesn’t mean he should completely shut you out and act as if something you want isn’t important.

2. Understand What is Bothering Him

Is your husband a person who does not show emotions too much?

Maybe some event had a bad effect on him emotionally, and he still hasn’t processed it.

You don’t notice, but he may be troubled by work, career, and similar.

Or you have been through some difficulties together this year, and you understand what is bothering him.

But despite that, you want to celebrate NYE and put the past behind you while your husband can’t.

Everyone processes things differently. 

Just because you quickly left the past behind doesn’t mean your husband can do that too.

It is up to you to understand and help him in that process.

3. Acknowledge and Start to Solve The Problems in Your Marriage

Has the current year opened up any problems in your marriage?

We’ve mentioned the well-known arguments about housework, but there can be many more.

Arguments can be about various life disagreements about where you want to live, whether you should go to work and jealousy over a specific person.

If the situation is serious, these problems can culminate right on NYE, and you can create a huge scene that others can witness.

Everyone is highly emotional on NYE, so it’s easy for those emotions you and your husband have been hiding inside to explode.

That’s why it’s best to start solving problems in your marriage before the New Year.

4. Find a Compromise

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your partner and do things you wouldn’t usually do just to make him happy.

For example, to go to a concert by a singer we don’t listen to, but our wife adores him.

Your husband doesn’t need to do that much but needs to do at least something.

You don’t have to make him go to a Justin Timberlake concert, but he owes you at least one quality romantic dinner at a good restaurant in return.

And a small victory is still a victory, right?

5. Show Your Husband How Much Fun NYE Can Be

This is especially true if he has never celebrated NYE or has bad memories related to NYE.

NYE is a magical night; you should celebrate it just how you like it.

It doesn’t have to be a usual celebration, but you can celebrate on your own terms.

You can travel to another country your husband loves and make beautiful memories.

Or you can have a house party just for the two of you.

The possibilities are endless, and it is possible to get your husband to find something that works for him.

To Sum it Up,

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful holiday, but you must respect each other wishes regarding the celebration.

Your husband shouldn’t be a Grinch, and you shouldn’t overburden him.

We believe you will find a common solution and have a fantastic and unforgettable NYE.

The Tiny Changes Matter team wishes you a great time and a Happy New Year!

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