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Should Couples Spend New Year’s Together?

We know New Year is a big date for everyone, especially couples.

New Year’s Eve is associated with a fresh start but also an opportunity to look back on the previous year and conclude what our relationship was like.

Should couples celebrate New Year together? Absolutely YES, like any other holiday, that will bring them closer together and strengthen their relationship.

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But what if we’ve only been in a relationship for a few days or weeks?

The relationship may still be new, and the partners are not exclusive yet.

A such big decision may be influenced by other factors, such as the financial situation or the geographical distance of the partner.

This article deals with these more complicated relationship cases and tries to find the best solution.

We will look at the problem from both male and female perspectives.

My Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Spend New Years With Me

Holidays, New Year, magic is in the air, and you are nervous and don’t know what to do.

Let’s approach this situation through these two examples.

Example 1: You and your girlfriend started dating recently

Your relationship is still new, but everything started great.

You’ve met, started dating, and are slowly starting to spend more and more quality time together.

But that whole idyll of a new relationship threatens to be ruined by the end of the year and the New Year’s celebration.

Your girlfriend doesn’t even mention the subject, which bothers you immensely.

You want to spend New Year’s Eve with her, but you don’t want to be too pushy.

Let’s be honest, you’ve been in a relationship since recently, and New Year’s is still a big deal for every relationship, especially the first one you celebrate together.

You constantly started to give subtle signs to your girlfriend that you would love to celebrate the New Year with her.

Your girlfriend either doesn’t get your signals or quickly changes the subject when the New Year’s celebration is mentioned.

You’re left confused and unsure what to do because you want to spend New Year’s Eve with that gorgeous girl you like so much, but you don’t want to be too pushy and potentially ruin a good thing.

Example 2: You and your girlfriend have been in a relationship for a long time

We will assume that it has been several years, which means there have already been some past New Year celebrations.

Has your girlfriend always refused to celebrate the holidays with you?

She makes some lame excuses or even says she will celebrate with her family or friends.

Or the two of you have already celebrated some New Year’s Eve, but this year is different because she doesn’t want to celebrate with you.

You know how girls like to make a big deal out of every holiday, but your girlfriend doesn’t even want to celebrate your relationship anniversary.

We know you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, but this is definitely a sign that there are some issues and your relationship is not going in the right direction.

What Should You Do When Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want to Celebrate New Year With You?

You may feel hurt, but you have to approach the situation rationally.

  • If you started dating recently:

We know you already think you’re soul mates, but have you gotten to know each other enough?

Maybe your new girlfriend doesn’t like holidays and doesn’t care about them too much.

There may also be some cultural differences; you have to consider that.

After all, what if she is into you, values ​​your relationship, and doesn’t want to ruin it but wants to take things slowly.

Don’t let yourself conclude that she doesn’t care about you.

Maybe your relationship has a lot of potentials to blossom in the future, and you start unnecessarily panicking now.

However, if you feel your relationship is already so strong, tell your girlfriend that you should celebrate New Year’s together.

Don’t play “who will ask first” games, be the one to ask the question.

Maybe she’s just waiting for you to ask her and make the first move, recognize the situation and act.

  • If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time:

You’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you have a history together, and maybe you’re already living together.

Despite all that, your girlfriend doesn’t want to celebrate New Year with you.

As a long-term couple, you have to celebrate the New Year together.

New Year’s Eve is generally considered a night when couples are together.

If your girlfriend wants to spend the New Year with friends instead of with you, you have the right to be angry and jealous.

This may be her ultimate disregard for you, but you may also be guilty.

Here are some examples of why she doesn’t want to celebrate New Year with you:

All these are signs that there are issues in your relationship that you need to work on, and the New Year’s celebration has only opened Pandora’s box of problems.

It’s better to work on the problems and see your own mistakes than make a potential scene and ruin the celebration.

Make sure that the problems remain in the previous year and that your girlfriend is happy and excited to celebrate the New Year with you.

Should I Spend New Years With My Boyfriend or Friends?

We are talking from a woman’s perspective now, although some conclusions remain the same in both cases.

We will again mention a few examples that can help you decide.

Example 1: Your boyfriend doesn’t want to celebrate New Year with you

You were unpleasantly surprised when your boyfriend told you that he didn’t want to celebrate the New Year with you, but with his hometown friends.

It’s even worse because you know one of his exes will be there.

How should you react in this case?

It’s best not to react because if he thinks his friends are more important than you, that’s his choice.

New Year’s Eve knows how to bring people together but often also knows how to distance them.

In this case, it can open your eyes to the fact that your relationship has no future.

Make plans with your friends, have a great time, and let a boyfriend like this stay in the previous year.

Example 2: You are not sure if you should spend New Year’s Eve with your boyfriend or with friends

This dilemma is typical for new relationships.

Your new boyfriend is good, but you must know if you are ready for that big step in your relationship.

You are safe with your friends, hang out for a long time, and know you will have a great time.

But maybe your new boyfriend deserves a chance too, who knows, maybe because of him you will have the best New Year’s Eve ever.

Look at your relationship so far.

Do you feel happy and fulfilled? Do you think your boyfriend respects you, and do you have a great time when you are together?

And, of course, what is his opinion about the New Year celebration.

If he wants to spend New Year’s Eve with you, and your relationship is doing great, we see no reason you shouldn’t do that.

There’s no need to stress about how long you’ve been together; some relationships progress faster.

Example 3: You want to spend the New Year with your boyfriend, but you also want to spend it with your friends

Why not both?

Spending New Year’s Eve with friends and a boyfriend is entirely possible.

And the point of the New Year is to enter it surrounded by as many people we love as possible.

The only problem is that your boyfriend still needs to meet your friends well.

Hey, if he’s the one for you, he has to respect your friends.

And your friends, if they are real friends, must accept your boyfriend.

Maybe this combination is perfect for a crazy New Year’s party.

To Conclude – There are no Universal Rules

There is no golden rule about whether couples must spend New Year’s Eve together.

It depends on many financial, geographical, and cultural factors, but the most important is your relationship.

New Year’s is a holiday most often celebrated with a partner, and that’s how it should be in every happy relationship.

If the relationship is new but vital and already standing on solid legs, it doesn’t matter that not much time has passed and you are already celebrating the New Year.

For some relationships, a few days are enough to know it is the right decision, while others need much more time to understand.

Whatever you decide, we hope you spend New Year’s Eve surrounded by the people you love.

Happy New Year!

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