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Should I Go Out Alone on New Year’s Eve? 5 Tips to Have a Great Time

Is there a more social holiday than New Year’s Eve?

It is the most universal holiday for all people in the world, and somehow it is assumed by default that no one is alone then.

Unfortunately, you are in such a current situation that you have no company for the craziest night.

You’re wondering, is it weird to go out alone on New Year’s Eve? We’ll tell you right away that it’s absolutely not weird and that if you want to go out, you should do it. With the right attitude, you can make it a great time.

Happy Girl New Year's Eve

First of all, we must congratulate you on that decision.

Most of those who are alone for NYE choose not to go out.

Choosing your favorite comfort food and watching movies all night under a blanket is easy.

But you’re not like that. You want to go out and have a great time regardless of being alone.

That party spirit in you doesn’t allow you to sit at home alone when the whole world is having fun.

This article will help you make the most of your situation and have an unforgettable night.

Why Are You Alone on New Year’s Eve? 

As strange as it may seem to some, it is not uncommon for someone to be alone on NYE.

Various situations happen in life, and it does not necessarily mean that someone is to blame for being alone at that time.

Here are two possible reasons:

1. You Moved to a New City

Moving to a new city alone can be a stressful process in itself.

It happened to you that you moved just in time for New Year’s Eve, and you didn’t have time to build a new social circle.

Some might say that NYE isn’t the time to start working on it, but we’ll tell you otherwise.

New Year’s Eve is a great time to start making new friends.

People are extra social then, so it will be easier for you to do so.

2. You Don’t Want to Spend New Year’s Eve With Your Friends

For various reasons, you decided not to spend NYE with your friends.

Why? Do you feel uncomfortable in their company?

Let’s say you have bad experiences from previous years, and now you don’t want to hang out with your friends for NYE.

For other holidays maybe, but not for this one.

Especially if it’s a large group of friends, you can never agree on where to go, and someone might drink too much and ruin the night for everyone.

You don’t want it to happen again, so you’re going solo this time.

3. You Recently Went Through a Breakup, and Now You Are Single

You were in a relationship or married until recently, but then you broke up or divorced, and now you’re single for NYE after many years.

It is important not to despair that this has happened to you and not to feel depressed because you are alone.

But as soon as you have the will to go out for NYE, we believe you didn’t fall into that mood, and we’re glad.

The only bad thing is that you are single (and ready to mingle), and all your friends are married or in serious relationships.

You don’t want to watch them kiss all night; that’s why you decided to go solo to maybe find a new significant other.

Who knows, it’s New Year’s Eve anything can happen.

Top 5 Tips to Have a Great Time Going Out Alone on New Year’s Eve

Going out alone is difficult in itself, and it seems even more complicated when it comes to such an important holiday as NYE. 

However, it doesn’t have to be like that at all, and these 5 ultimate tips can help you:

1. Own the Fact That You Are Going Out By Yourself

Own and embrace it, don’t be ashamed of going out alone.

Think about when you go to the store or to do laundry; you are alone then and don’t care what others think.

But when it comes to an event where you are expected to be surrounded by people, you become uncomfortable.

We come to the concept of the spotlight effect.

The spotlight effect is a term that addresses our tendency to think that everyone is looking at us too much.

We think that the spotlight is on us and give ourselves too much importance.  

When we do something unusual like going out alone, we think everyone is looking at us and talking about us.

We have a newsflash for you; people pay much less attention to us than we think.

Whether our narcissistic nature tells us that everyone is looking at us or something else, the point remains the same: other people don’t care.

So, know it’s not weird to go to a restaurant alone or to the cinema.

Use the fact that you are going out alone as your advantage and part of your story for the evening.

It takes courage and confidence to go out on your own, so there’s no need to feel bad about it.

Not doing what everyone else does makes you more intriguing and mysterious to other people.

When people you meet ask you where your friends are, don’t lie. 

You went out alone, and you are not ashamed of it.

2. Go Somewhere You Know You’ll Feel Good

This is logical, but think about how often you have had to go to places where you don’t feel like going out just because of your friends.

Now you don’t have to, and you can choose the place where you always wanted to go out, and your friends called you contrarian because you wanted something different from them.

You want to have that extra advantage when you’re going out alone for NYE.

For example, if you like a specific type of music, check in advance where the music you like is played.

If you like jazz music, go to a jazz club.

That way, you will be surrounded by like-minded people, making it easier to start a conversation.

Likewise, with food, you have the right to go to restaurants that serve what you like to eat the most.

Do you like pineapple on pizza? It’s NYE; enjoy your specific food choices!

One bonus tip is to avoid places where you know there will be a lot of couples if you think that might trigger you.

You know, the places that are too romantic, where you know in advance that couples will kiss all evening.

If it can trigger you to feel lonely, it is better to avoid such places.

It would be best if you went out where there are many single people, a good party, and everyone wants to have a wild time on NYE.

3. The Night Starts as Soon as You Leave The Apartment

It’s best to start warming up as soon as you leave the apartment; what does that mean?

You have to be social, so start talking to people before you get to the club where you’re going out.

This means that you can even talk to people in the elevator or on public transport.

If you plan to call Uber, that’s ideal.

You know what taxi drivers are like; they love to talk and know everything.

The taxi driver may advise you on the best place to go out.

4. Be Social

This is by far the most important tip.

You must be social when you go out alone, especially on NYE.

If you find starting a conversation with other club guests challenging, you can talk to the staff, at least until you relax.

Start a conversation with other people around you while sitting in a bar.

Yes, they are strangers to you, and you are to them, but that’s how acquaintances begin.

Remember, we mentioned earlier that people are extra social on NYE, so use that to your advantage.

That’s how you meet new friends, make acquaintances and contacts, and even meet a significant other.

Be friendly and open to meeting new people; you will do great.

5. Set a Goal For The Evening

We’re not saying you should overload yourself with goals for NYE, but have at least one goal.

Make it simple, like meeting at least three new people or trying a few new drinks or foods.

That way, you can’t accidentally get bored when you always have something to motivate you.

But don’t limit yourself. You can freely go beyond your goals for that evening.

To Conclude – You Should Go Out Alone For New Years’ Eve

Whatever situation has forced you to go out alone for NYE, or you simply want to, you are entitled to do so.

The magic of New Year’s Eve is for everyone who wants to celebrate it.

You might have the best time, and on the next NYE, you’ll be with a new quality person who will make you happy.

The Tiny Changes Matter team wishes you a great time and a Happy New Year!

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