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6 Reasons Why it is Not Weird to Go to The Movies Alone

There is nothing better than Friday night, a favorite drink, popcorn, and a beautiful, magical screen showing the new movie you’ve been dying to watch.

Um, but something is missing. Everyone ditched on you, you have no one to watch a movie with, and your perfect evening is ruined.

What to do now?

You can’t help but wonder: Is it weird to go to a movie alone? We will tell you immediately that it is not! It’s actually a great choice.

Group of people in theater

Think about it, watching a movie is not a social activity by nature.

It’s more of an intimate experience, like reading a book.

And how is it that it’s perfectly ok to watch a movie at home alone, but if you go to the cinema alone, then you’re a weirdo? It doesn’t make sense, right?

That stigma about everyone looking weird at someone who went to the movies alone exists.

We’re here to prove that that stigma doesn’t make sense and that it’s completely normal to go to the movies alone.

Why is it Wrong to Go to The Movies Alone?

Are we as human beings uncomfortable being with ourselves?

Think about it, no matter where we go, we always want to surround ourselves with people.

This is especially pronounced in some activities that are marked as highly social.

It’s great to be surrounded by people you’re comfortable with in a given situation, but why not do something yourself and enjoy it?

Back to our topic, everyone imagines going to the cinema as a social activity.

When you tell someone you’re going to the movies, the first thing they’ll ask is who you’re going with.

Everyone likes to dress up nicely for the cinema as if someone will see them in the dark of the movie hall.

But everyone just sits and watches the movie. That’s the point. How is it suddenly something social?

Ok, maybe you’ll laugh together at some jokes or get scared by some jump scare from the movie, but watching a movie is essentially an individual experience, and we’ve made a social event.

We all sink into the darkness of the movie theater as soon as the movie starts. Does it matter who is alone and who came with someone?

With the popularization of streaming services, it seemed that cinemas had been overtaken, and their popularity had suddenly declined.

However, after the pandemic, during which cinemas were closed, people realized how important they really are and seemed to appreciate more the experience of watching a movie that the big screen can provide.

There is something magical about watching a movie in a theater.

Watching movies in a theatre rather than at home is different. Because having to leave the house and go to an unfamiliar place is exciting, a big part of the whole experience, and the experience is more immersive.

Benefits of Going to Watch The Movies Alone

Selective focus of young couple watching movie in cinema

That’s all great, but what is it that can spoil your enjoyment of the movie the most? People, of course.

And we’re not even talking about the random people in the movie theater who seem to be doing everything they can to ruin your viewing experience.

You probably know who we mean: those who talk all the time, their phone rings, make stupid jokes, sleep, yawn, snore, and whatnot.

Here we mean those who go with you to watch a movie, your family, friends, or special someone.

No matter how much you love them, they can ruin the entire experience of watching a movie at the cinema.

Let’s start from the beginning and explain why it’s a good idea to go to the movies alone.

1. You Will Skip The Comments Before The Movie

A new movie is premiering in the cinema that you are excited to see.

You’re so excited you talk about that movie, know all the fun trivia, and all the trailers.

All that’s left is for someone to go with you.

You ask your friends, and all you get are comments about the movie from everyone.

Some people don’t like the movie in advance, hate the leading actor, think it is stupid, and haven’t even seen it.

You can easily get angry if you and your friends don’t have the same taste in movies as you.

Imagine if your friends told you that the 10th sequel of a horror series you love is garbage, and they don’t want to see it?

What an insult to your divine taste.

All this can annoy you and destroy your initial excitement about the film.

2. You Can Organize Your Time More Easily

Everyone has hectic schedules, and it’s hard to coordinate with friends when is the best time to see a movie together.

Even if we assume you want to see a movie on the weekend because everyone works on weekdays, the task is even more difficult.

Everyone is busy when it fits you and free when it doesn’t work for you.

The more people involved, the more complex the organization will be.

Just think how hard you and your friends sometimes manage to go out for coffee. How will you organize to watch a movie that lasts two hours?

When you go to a movie alone, you go at a time that fits you, and it’s easy for you to organize yourself.

3. You Don’t Have to Wait For Anyone

You and your friends have finally agreed on which movie to watch and found a time that suits you all.

Your friends are late as usual, and the movie is about to start.

You like to arrive on time, get comfortable, and have a few minutes to watch trailers for new movies.

Of course, you won’t miss the movie’s beginning because of their irresponsibility.

They have finally arrived.

While settling down, they disrupt the movie for you, and you’re probably getting trampled a little.

But nothing can be more annoying than the question, “What happened in the first half of the movie?” 

They soon realize they cannot follow the movie’s plot because they have missed a considerable part.

Then you usually hear, “This movie is stupid.”

You’ll just regret calling them at all.

4. No One Disturbs You While Watching a Movie

Let’s assume that your friends are those who don’t have good manners in the cinema.

Those who, with various distractions, ruin watching a movie for everyone, especially you.

They want to talk all the time. Your friends are obviously bored and look at their phones.

Maybe they are also snack thieves and steal all the snacks you had for yourself.

The point is, they don’t watch the movie the same way you do.

For you, movies are art, relaxation, and enjoyment. You even think that movies can improve our social skills.

Even if you’re some kind of a movie snob, so what?

5. You Will Avoid Criticism After The Movie

If the person you watched it with doesn’t like the movie, expect criticism.

This can be incredibly annoying if you really liked the movie.

In addition to the critics, there is also a mandatory post-film discussion.

And there can be an argument if you don’t share the same opinion with those you watched it with.

If you watch a movie alone, when it’s over, you can understand it the way you want without someone ruining it for you.

You can always check IMDb or Letterbox reviews if you want to hear other people’s opinions about the movie.

6. You Will Learn to Be More Comfortable With Yourself

Let’s sum it all up:

  • you will choose the movie you want;
  • you will arrive on time;
  • no one is going to ruin a film for you;
  • you won’t have to listen to comments about the movie that you disagree with;
  • You will keep all the popcorn for yourself.

All these are great benefits, but the most significant advantage is that you will learn to appreciate your company more.

“If you can go to watch a movie alone in the cinema, then you can do anything in life.”

Going to the movies alone is not some sort of a fantastic endeavor, but it can teach you a valuable lesson.

You don’t always have to depend on others for your happiness.

It’s nice to spend time with the people you care about, but if they’re clearly disrupting your enjoyment of something, it’s perfectly ok to do it without them.

To Conclude

There is nothing weird about going to see movies alone.

In fact, it can give you a whole new perspective and teach you important lessons.

If this article didn’t convince you, why not try it yourself?

Reserve a ticket for some random evening when it suits you. Choose a movie you know no one you hang out with would want to watch. Grab your favorite food and drink for yourself and enjoy.

We guarantee you’ll love the whole experience, if not, we’ll refund your ticket money.