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What Does it Mean When Someone Forgets Your Birthday?

If you are a person who attaches great importance to your birthday, it can be unpleasant if someone important forgets about it.

Shouldn’t your birthday be when everyone close to you tries to make it a perfect day for you? Or at least remember to congratulate you?

Unfortunately, someone important didn’t congratulate you on your birthday, and now you’re wondering.

What does it mean when someone close to you forgets your birthday? It could mean that they forgot, or that they are bad at keeping track of dates, that they don’t attach much importance to birthdays, or that there are actually issues in your relationship.

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Although you are highly offended, as you can see, this is not necessarily an indication of malicious intent, but it may indicate that there is something behind this.

How to understand someone who forgot your birthday, and how to deal with that situation? Keep reading this article to find out.

Why Do People Usually Forget Each Other’s Birthdays? 4 Major Reasons

Let’s find out why most people forget birthdays:

1. They Simply Forget

People constantly forget things, and birthdays can slip their minds, especially when preoccupied with other things.

They may be too busy or going through a lot of stress, so they forget entirely about birthdays.

This doesn’t mean they don’t like you or have something against you, they just forgot. There are no hidden reasons.

2. They Are Not Good at Remembering Dates

Some people have an ongoing pattern of forgetting important dates of close people.

Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, all these special days people can forget.

Everyone can forget sometimes, but if it has already become a habit, it says much about that person.

Anyone who persistently does not want to change their bad habit of forgetting dates is clearly lazy and not motivated enough to change it.

3. Not Everyone Attaches The Same Importance to Birthdays

If you are someone who loves birthdays, especially your own, this is probably hard for you to understand.

Well, believe it or not, some people even hate their birthdays. They remind them that time passes quickly, and the number of years triggers them that they have yet to achieve as much as they planned until that age.

And for some people, a birthday is just a random day, and they see no reason to celebrate it.

4. They Are Not Close to You Anymore

Although this may mean at that distance that you no longer live close and see each other less, which can really affect the relationship.

However, genuine relationships and friendships are maintained despite geographical distance.

We mean that distance is when you are no longer close to someone you used to be with. So it’s no wonder that person forgets to wish you a happy birthday because it’s no longer an important date for them.

This can be a painful realization for you but don’t immediately blame that person because usually, both parties are at fault when drifting off occurs.

Why Does Everyone Forget About Your Birthday?

Everyone sounds too broad. Using the examples of the closest people, we will explain what it means when they forget your birthday.

When your partner forgets your birthday

An unpleasant and painful experience because you expect the most from your partner that day.

It all depends on how long you have been in a relationship and how serious it is.

But the bottom line if your partner forgets about your birthday, is that there is a possibility that they are not showing enough effort in the relationship, and this is something that you should point out to them.

When your friends forget about your birthday

What kind of friends are they when they don’t remember your birthday? At least they have a reminder on Facebook when it’s your birthday.

What if you could have been a better friend and forgot some friends’ birthdays too.

And again, we emphasize that you should take the possibility that you are no longer as close friends as before.

When your parents forget your birthday

If anyone should remember your birthday, it’s your parents. Quite logical.

The fact that they have forgotten can mean they are too old and no longer good with dates, and you should not immediately panic.

However, if you have a terrible relationship with your parents, who do not support you and are unhappy about your life decisions, they may have deliberately “forgotten.”

How to Respond When Someone Forgets Your Birthday?

Forgetting birthdays is not that rare. Just look at all the YouTube videos or funny TikToks on that subject. Somebody always makes drama in those videos because someone forgot their birthday.

Are you the one who is ready to start drama, or will you approach the situation more maturely?

We think it’s better to avoid drama. Here’s how to do it:

1. Talk With Them

If someone forgets your birthday, the best action is to communicate how you feel to them.

Instead of assuming the worst, approach the situation with an open mind and ask them if they forgot your birthday. If they did, let them know how it made you feel and why birthdays are important to you.

It is much better to act like this than to create a whole drama with a person who made a mistake once and wants to correct it.

2. Explain to Your Loved Ones How Much Your Birthday Means to You

Their birthdays don’t mean too much to them and are just random days for them. But your birthday means a lot to you. And that is absolutely your right.

Therefore, explain to others that you want some sign of attention that day.

Don’t ask for expensive gifts, and don’t act narcissistically. To begin with, it’s enough just so they don’t forget. Everything else is a bonus.

If you’re still afraid that they’ll forget, let them add your birthday to the reminder on their phones, it’s the least they can do if they care about you.

3. Be Realistic

You can’t expect all your friends to rush to wish you a happy birthday if you always forget theirs.

Also, if you are in a relationship with many problems, your partner forgetting your birthday can be just the tip of the iceberg.

Therefore, first, look at the bigger picture and burning problems instead of focusing only on the fact that someone forgot your birthday.

4. Treat Yourself

It’s okay to spoil yourself on your birthday, especially if no one else does.

Instead of feeling bad, make that day special just for you

Do something you enjoy, go for a massage, order your favorite food, and go to the cinema to watch a movie only you want to watch. And don’t worry, going to the movies alone is not weird. It can actually be a very liberating experience.

So, treat yourself on that fantastic day. You deserve it!

To Conclude – Is Forgetting a Birthday a Big Deal?

Forgetting a birthday isn’t a crime, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Especially if that person realizes they hurt you and wants to make it up to you.

But it can also be a warning signal, especially if it is already an established pattern of behavior. It is a sign that something in the relationship itself is wrong and needs to be addressed.

We’ll end this article with Simple Mind‘s iconic lyrics:

“Don’t you, forget about me, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t…” ♫

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