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My Girlfriend is Insecure About Her Body – How to Help Her?

Although body positivity is encouraged in the media, we still have many cases of body insecurity.

Insecurity about one’s body is an issue that can affect countless individuals, regardless of gender, age, or background.

You’ve noticed that your girlfriend is highly insecure about her appearance, but you don’t know how to help her.

Why is your girlfriend insecure about her body? She may feel pressured by unrealistic standards portrayed in the media, compare herself to others, have high expectations, have low self-confidence, or have a problematic relationship with food.

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Although it is commonly thought that when someone is unhappy with their appearance, that means they consider themselves fat, this may not be the case. Your girlfriend might be insecure because she doesn’t have curves like all those models on Instagram.

In this article, we will examine why your girlfriend is insecure about her body and advise how to help her.

Why is My Girlfriend Insecure About Her Body, and How to Help Her?

Body image is the way we think about our bodies.

Your girlfriend’s opinion about her body is unrealistic and often very derogatory to herself. It is clear that her body image significantly affects her self-confidence, but also her rapid mood swings.

Sometimes, she gets upset over small things, leading to arguments.

To help your girlfriend, you have to take into account all the reasons why she is insecure about her body, which can be:

1. Media influence

Don’t dismiss the media’s enormous influence on your girlfriend’s opinion of her appearance, even if it seems shallow.

Media bombards us with idealized images of beauty that often deviate from reality.

We can see the influence of beauty standards all around us, with dominant sources changing over time. Magazines used to be the primary media pushing unrealistic beauty standards for women, but now social networks play a dominant role.

Everyone shows only their best version on social networks, often filtered through many filters and Photoshop. Although it’s not a secret, many girls are influenced by some beauty influencer with a huge following that promotes a specific look or trend.

Solution: Discuss the Unrealistic Media Portrayals of Beauty With Your Girlfriend

Talk to your girlfriend about the toxic influence of the media on unrealistic beauty standards.

However, maybe she knows all that and yet falls under that influence.

Encourage her to follow body positivity influencers and channels that showcase diverse body types.

2. Personal Insecurities and Low Self-Esteem

Sometimes, people have unrealistic body expectations based on personal ideals, leading to disappointment and insecurity.

Low self-esteem can cause body image concerns. If someone doesn’t value themselves, they may not appreciate their body.

The root causes of this attitude may stem from more profound dissatisfaction beyond one’s appearance.

Such insecurities can be reflected in her behavior and rapid mood swings, so your girlfriend can suddenly accuse you of never telling her that she is beautiful.

Also, she feels jealousy towards other women, even a totally unfounded one, such as jealousy towards your best female friend.

Solution: Do Not Feed Her Insecurities

Most importantly, avoid blaming and shaming.

We hope you do not make offensive comments to your girlfriend when she puts on a few extra pounds. If you are, don’t wonder why she has insecurities; you are the reason.

If she talks terribly about herself, interrupt her and emphasize what you like about her.

Even if your girlfriend gained a lot of weight recently, you must not tell her that she is fat because that will only hurt her feelings.

Instead, help your girlfriend deal with her insecurities and improve her overall well-being.

Help her find her strengths and passions by engaging in activities that boost her self-esteem.

3. Constant Comparison

The tendency to compare oneself to others is a common human trait. People compare everything, including their business success, career, and, of course, physical appearance.

If your girlfriend constantly compares herself to people she perceives as having “better” bodies, it can trigger feelings of insecurity.

Does your girlfriend suffer from a victim mentality? According to her, all other girls from her environment are always more beautiful, hotter, and successful than her.

Solution: Don’t Compare Your Girlfriend to Other Girls

Just don’t, even if you think it’s a well-intentioned comparison.

Comparing your girlfriend to your ex or female colleague, what kind of message does this send her? That they are better than her?

No woman wants to hear from her partner about another woman’s beauty.

Instead of comparing, emphasize your girlfriend’s qualities and why you love her.

4. Unhealthy Relationship With Food

Have you noticed that your girlfriend has unusual habits when it comes to food? Does she avoid eating, or is she constantly thinking only of food?

Her dissatisfaction with her body may be due to eating disorders, which are increasingly prevalent nowadays.

Common indicators of eating disorders can be:

  • Dramatic changes in weight
  • Restrictive eating or binge eating
  • Preoccupation with weight, food, calories, or dieting
  • Fear of eating in public
  • Preoccupation with food

This is why your girlfriend is burdened with weight and is constantly on diets that exhaust her mentally and physically.

Or the complete opposite, she has whole rituals around food, binge eating habits, or she wants to cure all problems with food, a behavior known as depressive overeating.

Solution: Suggest Professional Help

The first signs of an eating disorder are often ignored, and help is sought only when the situation becomes serious.

Therefore, if concerns about body image are causing mental distress, suggest seeking specialized guidance from a therapist or counselor.

Taking All of This Into Account,

In addition to showing your girlfriend that you like her physically just the way she is, you also need to let her know that you’re not with her just because of her body.

Remind her that your love and support are not contingent on her appearance. Emphasize that you cherish her for who she is as a person.

Helping your girlfriend overcome body insecurity takes time and effort, but your genuine, sincere understanding and unconditional support can make a difference.