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My Girlfriend Thinks I Only Want Her for Her Body – Is She Right?

You entered a new relationship with that amazing and beautiful girl, and at the beginning, everything seemed fine. However, things escalated very quickly.

She started accusing you of using her and only wanting sex from her, not a serious relationship.

You don’t understand why this behavior is on her part because you think you made her aware that you want a committed relationship and not just sex.

Why does your girlfriend think you only want her for her body? It is mainly related to her previous experiences or personal insecurities. Still, it is also a consequence of how you treat her and what messages you send her with your behavior.

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Now, this is unclear to you. Can’t a guy like a girl because of her body? Of course, you can like your girlfriend because of her body; that’s normal and necessary.

However, what is not good is insincerity and taking advantage of someone who would want something more than just sex.

In this article, we will explain in detail what you should pay attention to when a girl accuses you of only wanting sex from her and how to let her know that you want something more.

Why Does Your Girlfriend Think You Only Want Her Because of Her Body?

First, we’ll explain two reasons that have nothing to do with your behavior but have to do with your girlfriend’s beliefs.

These two reasons influence your girlfriend to create the image that you only want her for sex. And those are:

1. Previous Experiences

We are all defined in one way or another by previous experiences, which is part of life’s learning process.

Your girlfriend’s previous relationships or life experiences may have left emotional scars, making her cautious about being objectified or taken for granted.

She wants to avoid repeating the same big mistakes as before, so she’s cautious about you.

Of course, we should learn from previous experiences, but we should not let the past destroy our present either. And that’s exactly what your girlfriend is doing.

2. Personal Insecurities

Her insecurities are holding your girlfriend back from believing you don’t want her just because of her body.

This is especially the case if she has lost a lot of weight recently and changed her appearance, and suddenly men are chasing her. They are not attracted to her personality, obviously.

Let’s not forget the influence of society and the media, which often promote superficial ideals of beauty, which can contribute to feelings of objectification.

How Does Your Behavior Make Your Girlfriend Think You Only Want Her for Her Body?

Again, not everyone wants a serious relationship, and many want a casual hookup. 

Look at dating apps, where most just want to “have fun” or “don’t want anything serious right now.” And you know what? That’s perfectly fine; everyone has the right to their own decisions.

However, what is absolutely not respectable is that you say one thing and think and do another to hook up with a girl.

You may not even be aware of it, but some of your behaviors have greatly influenced your girlfriend to get the impression that you only want sex from her. And those are:

1. You Only Talk About Sex

She’s noticed that, and it’s starting to bother her.

Every conversation you have with your girlfriend turns into sexual.

We don’t even want to mention what kind of pics you send to your girlfriend when texting. You know very well what we mean.

You even started being too relaxed about sex too early in the relationship. You haven’t even gotten to know each other enough, and you’re already asking your girlfriend is her favorite sexual position. Slow down!

Maybe this approach is your thing, and you are too open about sex but know that this is how you show your girlfriend that you only care about sex.

2. You’re Too Focused on Your Girlfriend’s Look

How can you not be focused when she’s smoking hot?

Again, you should focus on your girlfriend’s looks, but what about her personality?

If your girlfriend feels that you compare her with other women or emphasize physical attributes excessively, she may feel objectified and unappreciated for who she truly is.

It’s true that women love compliments, but the way you comment on her makes her feel like a piece of meat to you.

3. You Act too Secretive in Front of Your Girlfriend

Are you unconsciously hiding things about yourself from your girlfriend?

We get that you’re not the kind of person who likes to overshare, but is that fair to her?

You two have been dating for a while, and she knows nothing about you. Why? Because you don’t want to let her into your life too much because you only want sex from her.

That sexual attraction will pass over time, and you don’t want her to stay in your life, so you give short answers and try to let her know as little as possible about you.

4. You Don’t Want to Meet Your Girlfriend with Your Friends and Family

We’re not saying that after a few dates, you should introduce your girlfriend to your friends, and especially not to your family. It’s not even good to rush it too much.

However, enough time has passed, and you haven’t introduced your girlfriend to anyone from your surroundings.

She also noticed in several situations when you went out to the club together how you managed to skillfully avoid introducing her to the friends sitting at the next table. How do you think she felt then?

5. Only You Plan “Dates”

At the beginning of the relationship, you subtly established that only you choose where to meet your girlfriend.

And where do you two go on dates? Probably in crowded clubs with loud music, and you quickly suggest that you two go to your place? Classic “player” move.

Do you always insist that you and your girlfriend see each other in the evening?

Basically, your whole dating experience is having your girlfriend come over to have sex.

Do you think your girlfriend isn’t starting to find it weird that you never take her on real dates?

How to Show My Girlfriend I Don’t Want Her Only Because of Her Body?

After reading this, is it clearer what signals you are sending your girlfriend?

You’ve realized that you want much more from her than just sex and want to let her know. Follow these tips:

1. Be Honest

This is the most important advice, and if you are not going to follow it, don’t even read the rest.

First, be honest with yourself; ask yourself what you want in a relationship with this girl. Is it just sex or something more?

Then be honest with her. Please don’t lie to her and trick her into thinking you want a serious relationship when you don’t.

There is nothing worse than manipulating someone with lies into sleeping with you. Don’t be that guy!

It is much better to say right from the start that you are only interested in sex than to hurt your girlfriend.

2. Don’t Focus Only on Her Physical Appearance

We know it’s hard for you because she’s beautiful, but if you’re too preoccupied with her physical attributes, you’re sending the wrong image.

Let her know you are attracted to her entire being, not just her physical features.

Acknowledge her achievements, take an interest in everything she is interested and support her in and her goals.

If she has negative past experiences or personal insecurities, show patience and willingness to help her overcome it.

3. Be Open To Her

Of course, your girlfriend will think you’re only using her for sex if she knows nothing about you except what your naked body looks like.

Share your thoughts and feelings with her.

That way, you will let her know you want her to get to know you better.

Make realistic promises and follow through on them. Consistency in your words and actions will build trust and demonstrate your commitment.

4. Spend Quality Time with Her

We’re not saying that the time you spend having sex isn’t great, but to show her you care about more than that, you have to do other activities with her.

Engage in activities that foster emotional intimacy, such as deep conversations, shared hobbies, or experiencing new things together. 

This will help your girlfriend see that you value her as a complete person, not just for her body. 

Taking All of This Into Account,

You are one lucky guy.

In addition to having a girlfriend whose physical look you really like, it’s evident that you also like her personality. That’s a perfect combination for a successful relationship!

Apply these tips and be someone who will prove to her that you see her as a complete person and not that you only want her for her body

Treat her like a lady. She deserves that.