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Why is My Girlfriend Jealous of My Female Friend? 5 Possible Reasons

Jealousy in relationships can create huge problems and make some situations extremely complicated.

You are in such a situation because your girlfriend is extremely jealous that you spend a lot of time with your female friend.

In addition to caring about your girlfriend, you also think it’s wrong to end a long friendship just because of your girlfriend’s jealousy.

Why is your girlfriend jealous of your female friend? It could be because she feels that there may be something more than friendship between you two. It could also be due to her insecurities, fear of losing you, previous negative experiences, and feeling excluded and left out.

Young married couple arguing

Jealousy is a complicated emotion that can create tension and discomfort in relationships, especially when it involves close friends of the opposite gender. 

Due to this feeling, people often question whether platonic friendships can truly exist between men and women. We will explain all this in more detail in this article.

5 Probable Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Is Jealous of Your Female Friend?

If you mention your female friend, who you’ve known for a long time, your girlfriend reacts negatively by rolling her eyes. It’s even more intense when you see a female friend, as your girlfriend becomes highly jealous and creates a scene.

We need to understand the root cause of jealousy to find solutions to this situation.

So, what is behind this behavior of your girlfriend? It can be:

1. Something More Than Friendship

Your girlfriend believes that there is something more between you and your best female friend.

Did you give her a reason to think something like this? Or do her green-eyed jealous eyes see something that isn’t there?

If you have a more relaxed and close relationship with your female friend, your girlfriend can easily get various jealous thoughts.

It just doesn’t make sense to your girlfriend that you’re so close to your female BFF, and nothing ever happens between the two of you. 

2. Insecurities and Low Self-Esteem

One of the primary reasons for your girlfriend’s jealousy may be her insecurity and low self-esteem.

Is it jealousy or envy, or both? We come to that inevitable mutual comparison to which women are especially prone.

What if your girlfriend perceives your female friend as more beautiful or successful than her? And your complimentary comments about her further contribute to such an opinion.

Trust us; your girlfriend definitely wants to avoid hearing about how your friend lost a lot of weight and looks better than ever or how she’s very successful at work, especially if some of it bothers your girlfriend.

Imagine telling your girlfriend all the time how beautiful your female friend is. No girl wants to hear that.

3. Fear of Losing You

Your girlfriend loves you and doesn’t want to lose you; that’s perfectly normal, but what if her jealousy makes her overreact?

Are you familiar with the memes about jealous girlfriends? Your girlfriend is the perfect example of that.

Her fear can cause her to behave erratically, such as stalking you or even your female friend. 

Due to her behavior like this, she must be crossing some privacy boundaries, such as when she takes your phone without permission and checks your messages with your friend to find out if there is anything fishy.

4. Previous Negative Experiences

Your girlfriend believed in male-female friendships, but that was a mistake, according to her.

In a previous relationship, your girlfriend experienced a lot of disappointment and was hurt because her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with his best friend.

Therefore, in the current relationship, she does not leave anything to chance and does not want to take risks, so she wants to separate you from your best female friends.

Is it even fair to you that your girlfriend lets negative experiences from previous relationships ruin your current relationship? Of course not.

5. Feeling Left Out

Your girlfriend is jealous of the relationship you have with your best friend. The two of you have a lot of common topics and memories, and it is clear that you know each other very well.

Your girlfriend hasn’t been in your life long and feels inferior to your best female friend.

Therefore, she might perceive your friend as a competition for your attention and affection.

It certainly contributes to this if you spend too much time with your female friend, and sometimes it really seems more like you two are a couple than you and your girlfriend.

What Should You Do When Your Girlfriend is Jealous of Your Female Friend?

Your girlfriend’s jealousy over your best female friend becomes unbearable. 

Her anxiety threatens to ruin your relationship, and you feel conflicted. 

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Reassure Your Girlfriend

Offer your girlfriend to talk honestly about all the concerns that bother her about your female friend.

Even if the jealousy is unfounded, don’t call your girlfriend irrational, but allow her to express herself and give her a rational explanation about everything that is bothering her.

Create a safe space for your girlfriend to share her past experiences and fears.

2. Set Boundaries With Your Female Friend

We are not asking you to stop hanging out with your longtime female friend because of your girlfriend’s jealousy.

Take a moment to reflect on whether you might be overstepping any boundaries in your friendship with her or if you are genuinely prioritizing her.

For example, is that ok if you go out with your friend and don’t tell your girlfriend where you are going? Aren’t couples supposed to tell each other where they’re going?

3. Involve Your Female Friend in Your Relationship

You don’t want to lose a longtime friend, but you also don’t want your relationship to fail.

There was never anything but friendship between you and your best female friend. Then why don’t you prove it to your girlfriend?

Introduce her to your female friend and encourage them to get to know each other. This will help your girlfriend become more comfortable that there is no romantic connection between you and your friend.

Most Importantly – Prioritize Your Relationship

You can’t have a serious relationship if you put your girlfriend second and your female friend first. No wonder she’s jealous if that’s the case.

Demonstrate to your girlfriend that she is your top priority by being attentive, affectionate, and supportive. 

Show her that you appreciate her by complimenting her, acknowledging her strengths, and reminding her why you are in a relationship with her.

By behaving in this manner, your girlfriend will likely become less jealous. With time, she may also gain a better understanding of your friendship with your female friend and perhaps even develop a friendship with her herself.