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6 Ways to Stop Thinking About Someone Who is Not Interested in You

It’s a beautiful feeling to think about someone, but sometimes that feeling is not mutual.

If the person we are thinking about is not interested in us, instead of that lovely feeling, we have an unpleasant feeling, as if something is kicking us in the stomach.

How to stop thinking about someone who is not interested in you? Understand the reason why you are so interested in them and focus on yourself, and happiness will come.

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It may sound selfish to say that happiness will come when we focus on ourselves, but it’s true.

When focusing too much on someone, you may neglect yourself.

When you are good to yourself, and in the right state of mind, the right people will come into your life.

Let us talk more about that particular person you are interested in, but unfortunately, that feeling is not mutual.

Why Are You Thinking About Someone Who is Not Interested in You?

This is the first question you have to ask yourself to stop thinking about someone who doesn’t care about you.

The main reason you think about someone is that you think you’ll be happier with them.

You consider that person the missing link of your happiness and want them to be there in your life.

Everyone usually associates that when we constantly think about someone, it is a love interest, but it can also be a family member, a friend, and so on.

To identify the right solution, we have to see in which of two categories that person you can’t stop thinking about fits.

1. You Just Met That Person, and You Had No Relationship With Them Before

This is a love interest or maybe a friendship you want, but the other person doesn’t.

You meet someone, and he knocks you off your feet. With his charm, beauty, and charisma, the butterflies in your stomach immediately start working their magic.

It doesn’t even have to be a love interest. It can be someone whose career you admire; you want to learn from him and have him in your circle of friends.

In both cases, you didn’t get the reaction you wanted, and now you’re thinking, why is that person not interested in you?

2. That Person You Keep Thinking About Was in Your Life Before, and Now He is Not Interested in You

This is probably a more painful situation.

This can be a family member, friend, ex-partner, or ex-spouse.

You clearly share a history with that person, but they don’t care about you anymore.

Maybe that person reminds you of the good old days when everything seemed ok.

How to Stop Thinking About Someone Who is Not Interested in You? 6 Helpful Methods

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Do you know that constantly thinking about a person who doesn’t care about you can have consequences for you?

If it’s a special someone who you like physically but he doesn’t like you, you may become insecure about your appearance.

Huge disappointments are also possible, leading you to think that your life is bad and that you don’t deserve anything.

These are substantial mental blocks that can cause problems with your self-confidence.

It’s time to break out of that loop, and you can do it by following these steps:

1. Figure Out Why You Are Thinking About That Person

This seems straightforward, but it can actually be challenging.

You have to dive a little deeper into your subconscious.

Who is that person you think about so much? Is it a family member you fell out with and are no longer in touch with, a friend who disappointed you, or someone completely new?

That new person may be a new female coworker at work, and it seems you have already crossed some boundaries.

There can also be someone successful in the field you want to achieve yourself, so you need him as a mentor.

We conclude that you need that person because of something you feel is lacking in your life.

You probably need emotional support and understanding if it is a family member or friend who doesn’t care about you.

If a person attracts you physically and mentally, you probably want a relationship in your life.

You feel that you want your business career to progress. It’s no wonder that you then think of someone in a better position than you in terms of profession.

When you figure out why you are so interested in that person, you will also know what to work on in your life.

2. Don’t Become Obsessed With That Person

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It’s easy to become obsessed with someone, even one who has rejected us and doesn’t want to interact with us at all or as much as we want.

If you’re in love with someone who doesn’t care about you, don’t spend every moment idealizing and thinking about them.

Even if you are angry and have negative emotions towards that person because they hurt you, don’t fall under those influences. 

Nothing good will come of you hating that person and holding grudges against them.

And when you stop being too burdened by that person, you will open the door to new amazing people who will know how to appreciate you.

3. Accept Instead of Regret

Instead of hating this world, realize that in life, you must be rational and understand that your interest in a person will not always be mutual.

We know it can hurt, especially if you used to be close to someone, but it’s the harsh reality, unfortunately.

If you’ve just met that person, maybe that person is already in a relationship or has no desire for a connection, or they simply don’t like you(that scares you the most).

Don’t get the impression that someone hates you for no reason, just because someone rejected you and you are disappointed.

Rejection is a part of life, and it’s all normal.

It’s better to accept it as it is than to struggle and constantly think about someone who doesn’t care about you.

4. Limit Contact or Do Not Make Contact at All

Sometimes it is complicated to limit contact with someone who has hurt you.

Even if someone rejected us politely, an awkward situation could be created.

If it’s someone from your job, you certainly won’t like to keep looking at someone who rejected you, and you have to.

Our advice is to get over it and move on, but if it’s too hard for you right now, reduce contact as much as possible.

Whatever triggers you to think about that person, try to cut as much out of your life as possible.

And, of course, let’s not forget social networks.

Don’t be the first person to see every Instagram story of the person who rejected you.

As much as you still need to know everything about that person, you must overcome that need if it is necessary to unfollow them.

5. Focus on Yourself

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Instead of thinking about someone who doesn’t care about you, think about yourself.

When you talk about someone and think about him, you give him the power to influence you.

Focus on yourself and on the things you want to change about yourself.

Redirect the energy you spend thinking about someone else to yourself because what you choose to focus on will grow.

If someone doesn’t care about you, why should you care about that person?

While you wonder why and maybe even hate yourself, that person is living their best life. Think about that.

6. Find Healthy Distractions

Instead of negative thoughts and spending energy on someone who doesn’t deserve it or isn’t interested in you, find healthy alternatives for your occupation.

We said above that you should prioritize yourself. The best way to do that is by working on your self-discovery.

Get to know yourself better. Even if you are alone, it doesn’t mean you should be depressed about it.

There is nothing strange about going to the movies or a restaurant alone.

Also, work on what you consider your flaw.

If you are not happy with your weight, start working out. There is definitely some type of exercise that will suit you.

Is your business career stagnating? Invest in education and work to reach the goal you have set.

It’s all about the goals in life. But first of all, it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

New hobbies and passions can be born from these distractions, enriching your life further.

To Sum it All Up,

Side shot of thoughtful pensive sad young female sitting indoors feeling unhappy

“The very act of trying to stop thinking about someone (or anything) makes us think about them more”

— Joanne Davila

Instead of thinking about how to stop thinking about someone, the best remedy is to focus on yourself.

In this way, we control our thoughts and the flow of our energy and direct it toward ourselves.

Besides being happy with ourselves, we open space in our life for those who will care about us too.