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I Wish My Girlfriend Was Prettier – Should I Stay in That Relationship?

Physical attraction plays a huge role in choosing a partner. Although many will say that their partner’s physical appearance is unimportant, this is usually not true.

Physical appearance may not be decisive, but it is significantly important.

You are in such a situation because even though you love your girlfriend and have a great relationship, it bothers you that she is not attractive enough.

Why do you want your girlfriend to be more beautiful? Because you have unrealistic beauty standards, you compare your girlfriend with other girls, you have insecurities and feel pressure, or the reasons can be the lack of emotional connection between you and your girlfriend.

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Do you think that your way of thinking is shallow?

You may be considering breaking up with your girlfriend because you find her unattractive and believe it will always be a problem for you. However, it’s worth taking a moment to reconsider.

Because of such an attitude, you may drive away from your life a person with whom you can spend wonderful moments, and perhaps your perspective about her physical appearance will change over time.

Let’s explain it all in more detail in this article.

4 Crucial Reasons Why You Are Thinking That Your Girlfriend Is Not Attractive Enough

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.”

The great philosopher Plato was the first to declare this long ago.

And that is true because what is beautiful to someone does not necessarily mean it will be beautiful to someone else.

You understand all this, but the problem is that your girlfriend is simply not attractive enough for you.

These are potential reasons why you may be feeling this way:

1. Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by media and social networks often lead individuals to wish their partners were more physically attractive.

It seems that these unrealistic beauty standards are never more prevalent than today, even though there is a lot of talk about body positivity.

Previously, the main sources of these unrealistic beauty standards were movies, magazines, and music videos. They still are today, but we must agree that social networks are the number one source of unrealistic beauty standards.

It is common knowledge that everyone presents their best version on social media. There are also additional tricks to make the photo look flawless and make your jaw drop when you see a hot girl and think, “Damn, she’s perfect.”

We understand that it can be difficult for everyone nowadays due to the social media algorithm. Men, in particular, may find it challenging as the algorithm may work against them(or for them).

As you browse through your Instagram’s Explore page, you may come across numerous photos and videos of girls who fit your idea of beauty. This results from the algorithm paying attention to your search history and the content you spend more time on and suggesting similar content.

It’s not uncommon for social media to ruin relationships these days.

2. Comparison With Other Girls

Do you frequently compare your girlfriend’s appearance to that of other girls?

If you do, you’re probably constantly unhappy because you think other girls look better than her.

You often compare your girlfriend to random girls you see at the gym or bar.

It’s even worse if you compare your girlfriend to your female friends, which she also noticed, and that’s why she’s jealous of them.

Also, you are jealous of how your friends have such beautiful girlfriends, and you don’t. You think they are not handsome or more successful than you, yet they have more beautiful girlfriends.

Do you often compare your girlfriend’s appearance to your ex-girlfriend’s? This is a frequent comparison in relationships, which can signify that you are not yet over your ex-girlfriend.

3. Insecurity and Low Self-Esteem

Your own insecurities and self-esteem issues can play a significant role in these feelings.

Sometimes, projecting your insecurities onto your partner’s appearance can be a way to deflect from your own struggles with self-image.

This is like a twisted defense mechanism to protect against one’s own insecurities.

4. Pressure on the Future of the Relationship

Pressure from friends or family to be with someone who fits conventional beauty standards can also lead to these thoughts.

You might feel embarrassed or judged by others because of your girlfriend’s appearance.

In addition to your girlfriend being a great person who treats you well, you need to decide about taking the next steps in your relationship.

The reason for this is her physical appearance because you wonder if spending time in a relationship with someone you don’t find attractive enough is worth it.

You constantly wonder what it would be like to be in a relationship with one of the attractive girls who match your standards of beauty.

5. Lack of Emotional Connection

If your relationship lacks a deep emotional connection, you might place more emphasis on physical attributes.

In such cases, the desire for a prettier partner might indicate broader issues within the relationship.

Have you and your girlfriend drifted apart? Do you argue too often, or do you not talk about serious relationship issues at all?

Is the romance long gone in your relationship, and the intimacy also lacks?

This atmosphere in your relationship can lead to you not finding your girlfriend as attractive as before. That’s why you pay too much attention to other girls and imagine what it would be like to be with them.

What Should You Do When You Think Your Girlfriend Isn’t Pretty Enough?

Besides feeling guilty for thinking your girlfriend isn’t attractive enough, you’re questioning the viability of your relationship.

Did this kind of relationship have a future? Here’s what you need to consider to find a solution to your problem:

1. Change Your Unrealistic Beauty Standards

As an individual, you cannot change public opinion and the fixed standards of beauty, but you can change your mindset.

Consciously challenge society’s unrealistic beauty standards. Understand that beauty comes in various forms and that your partner’s unique qualities make them special to you.

Consider the substance of those girls on social media instead of objectifying them for their bodies. What message does this send to women?

Approaching the situation from that perspective rather than solely focusing on visually appealing aspects.

If you are too overstimulated with social networks and more explicit content, why not take a little break from social media? It will help you clear your mind and think differently.

2. Self-Reflection

Start by examining your own insecurities and self-esteem issues.

Do you think too highly of yourself? You may physically see yourself as a ten, while your girlfriend is barely a five.

There are two questions here. The first is, is this really true? Are you really as physically perfect as you make yourself out to be?

Another issue is whether one’s appearance should be judged at all.

Maybe not only has your girlfriend put on a few extra pounds, but you’ve also put on a lot of weight.

It can be that “relationship weight” because couples often know to relax too much in happy relationships.

So before you comment negatively about your girlfriend’s weight, look in the mirror first, and don’t project your insecurities onto her.

3. Don’t Compare Your Girlfriend to Other Girls

Are you aware of the blow to your girlfriend’s confidence when you compare her to other girls? Especially when you talk in front of your girlfriend about how beautiful another girl is.

Your girlfriend is a person of her own, and it would be best if you accepted her as she is.

Comparing your partner to others can create unnecessary stress and insecurity, ultimately causing damage to not only your own mental health and your partner’s self-esteem.

4. Recognize And Value Personality Over Looks

While physical attractiveness can be captivating, the real essence of a relationship lies in the connection and bond you share with your girlfriend.

Your primary focus should be developing a deeper appreciation for your girlfriend’s personality values.

Take the time to notice her kindness, intelligence, humor, and other qualities that make her shine.

Looks may attract attention, but personality keeps it.

5. Realize When Your Relationship Has No Future

Although you don’t have to be shallow, you have to consider breaking up as an option.

If you feel no physical attraction towards your girlfriend, and her personality cannot compensate for that, you must be honest with her and yourself.

Although physical appearance is the dominant reason for your dissatisfaction, it is evident that other issues in your relationship are also involved.

Most Importantly – Focus on Shared Values ​​and Growth

Before making any hasty decision, shift your focus from physical appearance to shared values, interests, and experiences.

Remember why you fell in love with your girlfriend in the first place and the qualities that make her an incredible person.

If you are happy with your girlfriend, ignore society’s superficial beauty standards and the opinions of others.

Growth and acceptance of yourself and your girlfriend are crucial for a healthy relationship.

We are sure you have a great person beside you, and you should be grateful for that.