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I Hate Weekends With My Husband – Is it Possible to Change That?

The weekend is approaching… Everyone around you is already in their “FriYaY” mood and can’t wait to enjoy those two days that come as a reward after a long work week.

You were like that too, but over time that excitement faded, and now you don’t look forward to the weekend; in fact, you’ve even started to hate weekends.

The reason for that is your husband, who makes every weekend disappointing, stressful, and frustrating.

Why do you hate weekends with your husband? Because you have different interests in how you want to spend the weekend, and all your mutual problems come out right then.

arguing with husband

Monday through Friday afternoon, everyone has their own rhythm. Everyone is at work most of the day and stuck in their routines.

It seems that people wouldn’t even know how to function without those routines, but on the weekends comes that free time, which should be used to unwind after the working week and enter the next as rested as possible.

But the weekend means one more thing: spending more time with your husband. This is precisely what makes you nervous in advance.

This situation is certainly not desirable in any marriage, and it clearly indicates many problems in the relationship between spouses.

In this article, we will explain why you hate weekends with your husband and how to change that.

4 Possible Reasons Why You Hate Weekends With Your Husband

When you think about it, you and your husband probably don’t see much of each other during the work week.

He’s busy with his work and schedule, and you’re busy with yours.

You probably only see each other in the evening at dinner, and even then, you barely talk. The topics of your conversations are things like what you need from the grocery store or who will pick up the kids from school tomorrow. There is no deeper conversation.

It’s that well-established Monday through Friday routine, which the weekend will completely disrupt.

Even though everything is fine during the work week, those two days seem like all hell breaks loose, and you blame your husband for that.

What does your husband do that makes you hate weekends with him:

1. You and Your Husband Always Argue on The Weekends

Ah, that inevitable mandatory weekend argument. It has become part of the routine.

Even though you and your husband don’t fight during the week, the weekend is the time to make up for it.

And what is the reason for those fights? It can be anything, as we will explain in the following reasons.

During workdays, you have limited time to think about problems. Instead, you focus on taking things one day at a time.

The weekend provides that opportunity to think better, and suddenly various problems and disagreements appear.

The weekend suddenly became a battleground in your house for everything you didn’t fight about during the week.

2. Your Husband Expects You to Finish all The Housework Over The Weekend

Let’s be honest; most people leave household chores for the weekend.

And it’s not by chance, because everyone is too busy with their jobs and obligations during the working week. Tasks around the house are generally done only as much as necessary.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that the weekend reminds you of the sound of a vacuum cleaner, a sink full of dishes, and a pile of dirty laundry.

Ok, it’s not something you should panic about; with good organization, it can be completed relatively quickly so that your weekend is not just spent cleaning.

With the help of your husband, you can finish it quickly. But where is your husband? He plays video games all day and has absolutely no interest in housework.

Your husband won’t even do basic things around the house if you don’t remind him.

He considers housework your responsibility by default and doesn’t let it ruin his weekend.

Holding a significant conversation regarding the equal share of household chores in your home is urgent.

3. Your Husband Wants You to Spend Every Weekend at Home

Being at home is usually the best, but don’t you need a change sometimes?

The weekend provides an excellent opportunity for a romantic weekend getaway or a trip to nature to recharge your batteries for the upcoming week.

Even a dinner out, a movie, or a concert can make a weekend memorable.

But with your husband, there is none of that. He just wants to spend the weekends at home.

Why your husband doesn’t want to go anywhere? The reasons can be different, from the fact that he is an introvert, finds it too expensive to go out, or even that everyone annoys him, which is why he wants to be at home.

If your husband is this type of person, there is very likely not much romance in your marriage.

Have you forgotten the last time your husband took you out on a date?

Or, have you noticed a lack of small gestures of kindness, spontaneity, or gifts lately? It’s been so long that you can’t even recall the last time it occurred.

4. Your Husband Doesn’t Respect Your Weekend Plans

This is entirely opposite from the previous one because it is about a husband who does not know how to spend a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

Worst of all, his weekend hyperactivity ruins your weekend too.

Your husband expects you to spend every weekend somewhere he envisioned.

Mostly he asks you to spend the weekend with his parents. Oh, how enthusiastic you are about it. You’re so excited you’d rather get back to work.

Maybe he anticipates you will join him and his friends every weekend on their night out. You don’t mind them, but you don’t want to see them that often. Especially if your husband gets drunk on those occasions and ruins the evening.

Maybe you’re already used to it because your husband has a habit of ruining special events.

Possibly it annoys you even more that he has to drag his family and friends over to your house every weekend. Your weekend turns into fake smiles and a neverending pile of dishes to wash. How delightful.

You want to dedicate the weekend to yourself and have alone time, but your overly social husband can’t understand that.

If your husband goes out without you because you don’t feel like going, it can cause worry about his whereabouts and activities if he doesn’t call you or return home at a reasonable time.

How Not To Hate Weekends With Your Husband? 4 Major Tips

Are you struggling to enjoy your weekends with your husband? Here are four tips to help you avoid hating weekends together:

1. Don’t Let The Weekend Be Dedicated to Arguments

Having arguments with your husband every weekend is not productive or beneficial.

It would be best if there were no arguments. But when there is already some problem between you and your husband, you can solve it on weekdays, not only weekends.

We understand that weekdays can be busy, but prioritizing marriage is important. Making time for what’s important, even with a busy schedule, is possible.

2. Divide Household Chores Equally

It makes no sense for you to spend the weekend overwhelmed with responsibilities while your husband enjoys a carefree weekend.

This can only create strife and resentment.

It’s time for your husband to understand that he is not a guest in his house but must actively participate in all those boring household duties.

By adequately distributing household tasks between you and your husband, you will save a lot of time and nerves.

3. Find Common Ground

In marriage, it is necessary to learn the skill of finding common ground without either partner feeling disrespected.

What does it mean? This means you should visit your husband’s parents one weekend, without your objection.

But next weekend, your husband should join you at a concert of a band that you really love, even if it’s not his usual taste in music.

It’s best if you manage to find activities that you both enjoy.

One way to strengthen your relationship with your husband is by finding shared activities, such as taking a walk or trying out a new restaurant. 

This can create excitement and anticipation for spending time together.

4. Make Time For Yourself

You and your husband don’t have to spend every moment of the weekend together. This does not mean that there is a problem between you two. 

You must have time for yourself, especially if you have different interests or hobbies.

It’s absolutely acceptable for your husband to go fishing while you prefer to spend the weekend reading your favorite book.

It is only essential that there is a compromise and mutual understanding.

In The End

Do you hate weekends with your husband or your husband? That’s something you need to consider.

Weekends are days you should spend doing things you enjoy and not ruin them because of disagreements with your husband. Implement these tips, and you will start enjoying your weekends together again.

Have a great weekend!