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Am I Too Lazy to be a Parent?

Have you already realized that you are too lazy to have children? Or are you a new parent afraid you’re too lazy to be a parent?

Raising children is a beautiful but challenging job.

Children are amazing, but they are also a full-time job.

Young tired single mother suffers from headache

It requires a lot of sacrifices, putting their needs before yours, sleepless nights, and constant worries. You might easily think you are not up to the task.

If you still haven’t had a child and these are your conclusions, that’s ok to some extent, but if you have, you’ll have to change something.

Why do you think you are too lazy to be a parent? Let’s find out.

Lazy Parents Raise Lazy Children

This statement sounds logical.

Since we pass on our genes to our children, why not pass on that little laziness gene?

Take a look at your parents, for example. What were they like when they raised you? Maybe now, from this perspective, you think they were lazy.

If they put themselves before you, neglected your needs, didn’t instill enough discipline, and prepared you for life, then yes. Your parents were lazy and maybe even bad parents.

Before you conclude that your parents were lazy, put yourself in their shoes and don’t jump to conclusions like that lightly.

Don’t call your parents lazy if they didn’t provide everything you wanted.

Parents should give you love and support, not every possible materialistic thing that will replace their time.

Those parents who just buy everything for their children and fulfill all their whims are lazy.

Of course, we should buy things for children according to our capabilities, but above all, we should devote time and attention to them. That is the characteristic of dedicated parents.

If they were lazy, and now you are lazy too, you are afraid that your child will be lazy too.

It doesn’t have to mean anything, change is always possible, and children don’t have to be lazy if their parents are lazy.

Children do not inherit all character traits from their parents. Even if they inherit, they can work to change it.

It can be additional stimulation for some children, and they can be opposite in terms of laziness from their parents.

How Lazy Are You Actually?

lazy girl

You must have wondered how lazy you are.

Unfortunately, there is no unit of measure for laziness, so we cannot measure it precisely.

How lazy are you, from not being able to go to work to not even being able to eat?

Can you even function because of your laziness, or do you think you’ll just be lazy as a parent?

Have you always been lazy, or is it something you’ve developed over time?

We often and lightly say that someone is lazy. Parents especially often know to tell their children that.

It is easy to label ourselves and others as lazy.

For example, you work all week, and when the weekend comes, you like to rest, stay home, and watch movies. It’s entirely normal for you. You can seem lazy for someone who enjoys an active weekend, hiking, or playing sports.

Your life, your rules, of course. If you can afford to be lazy and it works great for you, be as lazy as you want. We are not judging here.

But do you know that laziness often hides more serious issues such as dissatisfaction, mental illness, lack of motivation, etc.?

Laziness is only the tip of the iceberg, and other problems are hidden underneath.

Lazy people are full of excuses and will say anything to avoid taking action that will change that.

It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re lazy and decide not to change anything about it. It’s harder to look for the real problem behind it and change it.

Laziness As a Defense Mechanism

Maybe being lazy is your excuse for various things in life, such as parenting.

It’s hard for young parents today, but it always has been.

Education, work, and a serious relationship takes a lot of time and can go in the opposite direction than you expected.

You’ve just sorted it all out, and you are living your life how you want, but a little kiddo comes to disrupt everything.

People usually decide to have children when they have everything sorted out and feel the time is right.

But the reality is that you are never ready enough for children.

Is waiting for that perfect moment of readiness just an excuse?

Ok, of course, it’s better to decide to become a parent when you have a steady job than when you’re unemployed, but that’s not the only point.

Parenting is something we are never fully prepared for, and we constantly learn with our children how to be good parents.

We understand that you’re scared, and how could you not be?

Magic happened, and a wonderful little creature came into the world, and now you are responsible for it.

mother and baby

Maybe you are still a child in your head, and now some child is dependent on you.

Changing diapers is the most minor problem. The more significant issue is how to raise and raise a child into a quality person.

Consciousness Of Your Laziness is a Sign of Maturity 

Various questions are running through your head: Will you stay up all night, or will you have to do extra work to provide your child with a quality education?

The fact that you are already thinking like that is a sign that you are not as lazy as you think.

Tired father sleeping with baby on his lap

Lazy people are often irresponsible. They don’t think too much about the future.

Narcissism is a characteristic of lazy people. Narcissists always put their own needs above all other needs.

You haven’t even become a parent yet, and you’re already thinking about these things. Or you are a new parent already thinking about which college your child will attend.

It is a sign of responsibility and maturity.

Even if you’ve decided that you’re not ready to be a parent right now or that parenting isn’t for you, that’s a mature decision that you have the right to make.

Many people don’t think too much before becoming parents, and they should before deciding on such a big step.

Then later, it turns out that they are not parent material, and then we have unhappy children.

Lazy Parenting as a Concept

The word lazy doesn’t usually go well with parenting.

Here we are talking about a concept that is the opposite of constant and excessive care for a child.

Intentional laziness parenting may sound too drastic and new age, but it has some benefits.

Of course, children are taken care of in this parenting model. 

Lazy parenting as a concept does not mean letting children do whatever they want and not caring about them at all.

Children are allowed to develop a sense of self-efficacy, which helps them later in life. 

Parenting is not about fulfilling every child’s wish without thinking. It’s about teaching the child that they can’t have everything in life because disappointments are part of life.

It is also not good to be an overly protective parent toward your children. This can lead them to excessive dependence on their parents and later to various insecurities.

Parenting Can Beat Your Laziness

son and mother painting

Many people think that when they become parents, all their inner problems will change. The reality is they won’t.

In fact, they may be surfacing even more.

However, what parenting can do first is to make us face our problems, and then it makes us overcome them.

Children are great motivators that push us to be a better version of ourselves.

That child who came into the world and now depends on you can significantly boost your desire to change some bad habits, such as laziness.

There is always something to do around children, especially when they are small. There is no place for laziness, trust us. 

Yes, there will be some sleepless nights, but you’ll do it with a smile on your face.

Sometimes you will be too tired and just want to lie down, but that doesn’t make you lazy. All parents feel that way sometimes with their kids.

Let’s say you are not a parent yet and hate your job, which makes you feel depressed. That job killed your motivation and made you lazy.

When you become a parent, you can get new strength to escape from that dead-end job, find a new job, and be happier in that aspect of life.

Parenting is like a superpower. It gives you new perspectives and new strengths you never knew you had in you.

All Things Considered,

Parenthood and laziness don’t go together.

If you think you are too lazy for such a big step in life, it is still much more responsible than being lazy towards a child.

You’ve already become a parent and still think you’re lazy? Things will work out, that laziness doesn’t stand a chance against that little kid.