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4 Reasons Your Wife Doesn’t Want You to Get a Tattoo – What to Do? 

If your wife doesn’t want you to have a tattoo, it means that she doesn’t like you or doesn’t like tattoos. 

Your body is only yours; of course, it is your decision on what to do with it. 

But that doesn’t mean that others don’t have the right to react to the changes you make to your body, nor that you can control their reactions. 

Lack of Understanding between spouses

Although a tattoo does not necessarily mean a permanent change in your personal description, removing a tattoo is still not very cheap. 

Statistics show us that the percentage of people who decide to remove the tattoo after a while is not very small. 

Of about 30% of people who get tattooed, it’s estimated nearly 23% of that population experience tattoo regret.

Although there isn’t much room for discussion here – it’s your decision and responsibility what you do with your body – it’s still worth considering how your choices regarding your body can affect the people around you, especially your wife.

If you haven’t gotten a tattoo yet, what made you want to do it right now? Tattoos are a statement, your message to the world that you want everyone to see. 

There may be another way to express what you want.

Certainly, the goal of this text is not to dissuade you from getting a tattoo but only to encourage you to understand why it might bother your wife and how to handle such a situation.

4 Reasons Why Your Wife Doesn’t Want You to Get a Tattoo

A tattoo is permanent, and ideally, so is your upcoming marriage. But if she opposes them, you may see it as a hint that the two of you might not get along in the long run. 

In reality, the difference in your likes and dislikes matters more than the tattoo. 

The tattoo isn’t the only thing about you two disagree. 

Contrary to what Hollywood portrays in those “happily ever after” movies, marriages are not as simple as they seem. 

Fewer than half of them survive for a lifetime, and some only do so because they are compelled to be together for some reason or another. 

The essential thing is to discuss everything with your partner, make sure she understands your motives, and if she still disagrees, see if you can live with it.

1. She Doesn’t Understand Your Motivation for Getting a Tattoo

People who decide to get a tattoo usually have a strong motivation to do something like that on their bodies. 

Great losses, life lessons, or wonderful memories can be the main reason why someone decides to leave a reminder of it on their body. 

For someone, a tattoo can be a way to beautify their body, an expression of personal creativity. 

Certainly, you must understand what exactly motivates you to get a tattoo, and the next step is to explain to your wife, as well as possible, why it is so important for you to get a tattoo. 

For some people, it means having a reminder in their body of what is most important to them in life. It makes them feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. 

Any reason you have for getting a tattoo is perfectly legitimate. It’s just important that your wife understands your reasons. 

If she doesn’t want to understand you, you have bigger problems than your tattoo.

2. She Has Prejudices About Men with Tattoos

Although tattoos today are not only reserved for bad guys, sociopaths, criminals, and outsiders, they are still often associated with certain prejudices. 

For many women, tattoos symbolize something perverse, dirty, and dark. 

For you, it may just be a way to refuse to get old, the need to be seen as young and avant-garde. 

If you haven’t been prone to such frivolous behavior before, and if it’s a big surprise to your wife that you even want a tattoo, it’s only to be expected that she’s prejudiced about it. 

It is important that you explain to her why you want to get a tattoo, what it means to you, and what exactly you want to get tattooed. 

It’s also a good idea to, for example, show her the premieres of some great celebrities who are tattooed or some mutual acquaintances that you both appreciate and love who also have tattoos. 

The perception of tattooed people has changed significantly today, which you should also consider.

3. She Is Afraid You Won’t Be Able to Remove the Tattoo Effectively

Maybe your wife sees your desire for a tattoo as a passing craze and is afraid that you will soon change your mind and that you may not be able to afford to remove the tattoo. 

If you are also worried that you might want to remove your tattoo one day, maybe you should consider getting a tattoo in the first place. 

The very idea of a tattoo is for it to remain forever on your body, the possibility of removing a tattoo is relatively new, and such treatments are neither simple nor cheap. 

Certainly, if you are sure that you want your tattoo to be with you forever, then it will not be difficult for you to explain to your wife why you want a tattoo, but also to show her all the possible ways to remove the tattoo and its consequences.

4. She Is Afraid of What Others Will Say and Think of You 

Maybe your wife has no strong convictions about the tattoo and doesn’t mind that your body will be changed that way. 

However, you as a family are part of a larger family system, and it is perfectly legitimate for her to be concerned about how other important people around you might react to your tattoo. 

Maybe you live in a conservative environment where a visible tattoo would affect other people’s perception of you

This view on tattoos is incredibly dominant if you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and is quick to judge.

You probably feel that this environment in which you feel trapped and that mindset is holding you back.

Your wife’s fear is completely unfounded. 

It is a good idea to think about how you will face the possible disapproval of the environment, whether you will really care what others think or not. 

Put Yourself in Her Shoes – Are You As Tolerant As You Want Her to Be

The essence of marriage is reciprocity and an honest, open relationship. Love by itself is often not enough at all. 

So think about how you would behave if your wife changed her personal description. 

Can you handle it quite easily if she loses or gains 10 pounds, radically changes her hairstyle, starts dressing, or applies makeup differently? 

Are you ready to give her the same freedom you want for yourself? 

It’s easy to say that your body is just your business, but in marriage, you share much more than just your body, so it’s perfectly fine to take her opinion into consideration when you want to get a tattoo. 

How much you tolerate each other is up to you. 

And that is a matter of agreement. 

There is no universal rule about what is allowed and what is forbidden in marriage, these are all rules that you determine yourself, and their main purpose is to make both of you happy and satisfied and to make your marriage successful.

Is Tattoo Your Way of Saying No to Something?

If the tattoo is just your way to defy her, to do something against her will because otherwise, you have the feeling that she is in charge of everything, then think about how mature a desire that is and how mature your behavior is generally.

If, for example, you put all the burden of household duties, taking care of children and bills on your wife, and then want to get a tattoo out of protest.

The real question is whether you see her as your own wife or as your mom.

To Wrap Things Up,

In a healthy, equal relationship, the tattoo issue is not a problem and can be resolved easily. 

But if the tattoo is just a symptom of some other, more significant problems in the relationship, it doesn’t matter if you get a tattoo because those problems won’t go away whether you get a tattoo or not.

If you care too much about your wife’s opinion, even though she doesn’t care if you get a tattoo or not, maybe you’re not even sure you want it. 

Bearing that tattoos are relatively permanent, you should definitely not make that decision in a hurry.

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