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My Husband Wants to Go Out All The Time – Should I be OK With That?

When it comes to going out in marriages, many potential situations can arise.

We have examples of marriages where the partners understand each other very well when it comes to going out, and they don’t have any tension when one partner likes to go out more than the other.

You don’t have an ideal situation because your husband would want to go out almost every night while you want to spend quality time together at home.

Why does your husband want to go out all the time? It’s because he’s highly social and enjoys spending time with his friends. He’s also worried that he might miss out on something fun if he stays home. However, he may also want to escape from spending time with you.

husband wants to go out

If you notice that he always wants to go out without you, it means he is hiding something from you, or he doesn’t want you to go out with him to not spoil his fun.

All this opens up various questions and creates room for arguments in your marriage.

In this article, we will delve deeper into why your husband enjoys going out frequently, paying particular attention to situations where he may not want to go out with you.

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Husband Wants to Go Out All the Time

Do you have a party animal for a husband or just someone who wants to get away from home?

Let’s explain your husband’s behavior in more detail:

1. Your Husband is Extremely Social

Some individuals have a strong need for social interaction and thrive on being surrounded by friends and acquaintances.

He has a strong need for social connection and avoids being alone by staying in touch with childhood friends and continuously making new ones.

He gets energized when he hangs out with other people. This is the opposite of you because people generally drain you, and you prefer to be alone or with your husband.

Here we have a classic case of the clash of opposites, your husband an extrovert on the one hand, and you an introvert on the other.

For example, it is perfectly acceptable for you to go to a restaurant alone, while your husband must always be surrounded by people.

They say that opposites attract, but we believe they must be balanced for a marriage to work well.

2. Your Husband Is Afraid He’ll Miss Something

It can be pretty tiring when your husband suffers from FOMO and always has to go out.

This can be influenced by the fact that he remained in that youthful mindset where he had to be present at every party, game, and even at every random gathering of his friends in a bar.

Your husband will just be jealous if he misses out on something when his friends tell him what a wild night they had the night before.

And what if you convince him not to go out but to stay with you? He then looks non-stop at his phone to catch up on his friends’ stories on Instagram. Perhaps you were hoping to spend quality time together that evening, but he is preoccupied and not fully present.

Can we agree that this is extremely immature behavior for a married man?

Of course, there are some events that he cannot miss, and it’s totally okay for him to go out with his friends from time to time, but he can expect things to stay the same as they were before he got married.

3. Your Husband Chooses Going Out as a Stress Response

If your husband is facing challenges at work or in his personal life, it might be helpful for him to unwind by spending time with his friends and socializing.

Going out is a defense mechanism in the fight against stress for your husband.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with leaving worries and stress behind and having a good time. However, it becomes a concern if your husband fails to address the problems and chooses to go out instead.

4. Your Husband Goes Out To Get Away From You

What if you are the problem your husband is running from?

If arguments are frequent in your marriage, and not a day goes by without them, your husband has decided it is better to use every moment to get out of the house.

Unfortunately, many topics can lead to arguments. There may be some concerns about your husband’s behavior and possible issues with your own strictness.

Staying home reminds your husband of complaints. You already have complaints ready for him, and we are not saying they are unjustified. Therefore, he concluded that he should be out drinking rather than listening to your complaints.

Whatever it is and whoever is to blame, his response to it cannot just be to run away from home and act as if nothing happened.

5. Your Husband Likes To Go Out Alone Without You

This attitude of his certainly raises some questions.

The first is, of course, are you some party breaker who ruins the party for your husband?

Well, he also ruins special occasions for you, so it’s mutual.

And how are you ruining his fun? Maybe it’s because you nag him about how much he’s been drinking. After all, it annoys you when he drinks too much and makes a fool of himself.

Also, you are bothered by his childish, rude friends who influence him badly. Unfortunately, your husband seems to prioritize the opinions of his friends over hearing you out, which may cause him to overlook your concerns.

Also, your husband doesn’t like you going out with him because he’s hiding something from you.

You may start to suspect that your husband is having an affair if you notice him frequently flirting with other women, even when you are present. This behavior could also make you wonder what he does when you are not around.

But it doesn’t have to be that; maybe he wants to enjoy some vices you are against, such as alcohol or gambling.

It can be distressing when your husband goes out without informing you and doesn’t call you all night. That leaves you feeling anxious and concerned about his whereabouts and activities.

How to Deal With Your Husband Desire to Go Out Frequently?

If your husband desires to go out frequently, you may feel concerned about how to handle this situation. It’s understandable to feel this way, and there are various ways to approach the matter.

Here is what you should do:

1. Communicate About Your Feelings

It’s time to tell your husband how you feel about his constant desire to go out, especially if it’s going out without you.

Explain to him how his constant outings impact you and the relationship.

You don’t mind him going out occasionally, but the frequent going out bothers you.

Your husband must understand that if he continues like this, he doesn’t care about your feelings and that this is definitely not the marriage you want to be in.

2. Look For a Compromise

You can’t expect yours to never go out just because you don’t want to.

If your husband likes to go out and never does stupid things but only enjoys being with good friends, why should you be angry at him?

You don’t want to be that angry, overly controlling wife who prevents her husband from going out and pushes him away from his friends.

But he also has to understand your needs. You are his wife; he should spend most of his time with you.

Finding a balance between his desire to go out and your need for quality time together is crucial.

It is possible to organize the time and find a solution that suits you and your husband.

3. Set Boundaries

As in many other marriage cases, boundaries are also needed in this one.

Your husband must understand that he can’t act like an outgoing bachelor and that many parties will go by without him.

And even when your husband goes out alone without you, that doesn’t mean he should act like he’s on a break from his marriage.

He needs to act respectfully and responsibly and avoid doing things that may harm his marriage.

It is possible to have fun without destroying your marriage.

It’s time for your husband to adapt to the new rules because if he doesn’t, he’s not mature enough for marriage.

In The End – Is It Normal For Your Husband To Go Out Without You, And How Often?

Of course, it is completely normal for married couples to go out sometimes without each other. 

The most important thing is to respect your partner because if you go out without a partner, it does not mean you got a hall pass from marriage.

And how often? It is impossible to determine exactly because every marriage is different. What is important is finding a balance between spending time together and pursuing individual interests is crucial for a healthy and thriving relationship.