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I Just Quit My Job, and I’m Scared Now – What Should I Do?

After much thinking, you finally decided to quit the job that didn’t make you happy.

It took a lot of courage to make that decision, but you were happy when you did it because you felt that you were doing the right thing.

After resigning, that good feeling you had for a while is completely gone and replaced by a sense of fear and anxiety.

One question appeared in front of you that is bothering you, and that is: WHAT NOW? 

Although it seems simple, this question can mean a lot.

Why do you feel scared after quitting your job? The main reason is that you fear the unknown future, doubt your skills and think you made a big mistake.

man being depressed by working in office

We have to tell you that what you are going through is normal, especially if you didn’t have a plan for what you would do when you quit your job, or that plan failed.

Fortunately for you, this article is here to guide you in dealing with the situation in the right way.

What Are You Most Afraid of After Quitting a Job?

We get it, there are a lot of things that are going through your mind right now. You may even think you have made the biggest mistake of your life.

These are the fears that make you think that way:

1. Fear of Losing Security

This is the main fear when you do not have a job or a stable source of income.

You fear whether you will have enough to pay for the basic necessities needed for a normal life, have enough to pay the bills or run out of health insurance.

Some would say that life is not just about paying the bills and that there is more to it, and that is true, but those bills still need to be paid.

Even if you have a family and someone who depends on you, we believe you feel even worse. It is possible that you feel entirely depressed because you quit your job, and now you don’t know how you are going to live.

2. Fear of The Unknown

We all have a fear of the unknown to some degree. Unless you are some great adventurer, we are sure that this fear of the unfamiliar is bothering you.

You have been doing the same job for a long time. Over time, you got into a routine and a comfort zone you didn’t want to leave.

But when you had to quit your job, some new circumstances showed that that comfort zone is not quite as comfortable as you thought.

People have a habit of rationalizing everything, putting it in specific frameworks, and always having a plan. This is especially pronounced today, where we have to know everything immediately and leave nothing to the unknown.

There are new and unexplored possibilities before you that scare you instead of making you excited.

3. You Doubt Your Own Skills

You worked at the same job for a long time and got into a routine because you thought you knew enough, and the job itself didn’t require more than that.

It didn’t occur to you to upgrade your skills or to further your education because it wasn’t necessary for your job.

Who needs more learning anyway. You graduate from university, know to do something, and you are good to go, right?

That system may have worked once, but it no longer does in today’s modern age.

Absolutely all skills today require constant upgrading, even the more traditional ones. And if your professional field is related to more modern jobs, such as programming or graphic design, where trends change rapidly, and if you don’t constantly improve, you will be out of the game sooner than expected.

There is also huge competition for jobs, which seems intimidating. All of them are experts and have countless diplomas. In addition, they have many followers on social networks, where they tell motivational stories about success and careers.

You thought you would easily find the new job you want, but your enthusiasm has dropped very quickly because of all this.

4. Fear Of Other People’s Opinions

Have you noticed that everyone looks at you differently now that you’re not working?

You feel as if you are pitied, and some even criticize you, while others congratulate you on the courage (or craziness) to quit your job.

Those who judge you are probably your family, especially your parents, for whom it is unimaginable that someone quits their job, change their career, and similar because they are already used to a certain system. Any deviation from that system is not clear to them.

And those who congratulate you on quitting your job are probably those fake friends, who congratulate you on that decision, but actually think you’re crazy for doing such a thing.

These people say they want to quit their jobs and do nothing, but they don’t even dare to ask their boss for a raise.

All this creates an additional mess in your mind, making you anxious and wonder how long this will last.

What Are the Reasons Why You Quit Your Job?

Before we advise you on how to overcome the fear caused by not working anymore, we need to remind you why you quit in the first place.

You need this reminder if you are doubting your decision.

The most common reasons people quit their jobs are:

1. Low Earnings

It doesn’t matter if you are a too materialistic person or not. You just want to earn more.

That salary was enough for you once, but life has changed, and it no longer meets your basic needs.

You think the work you know how to do should be paid more, which is a legitimate opinion.

2. Feeling Disrespected at Work

Unfortunately, another common reason why people quit their jobs.

If you felt discriminated against at work in any way, it is good that you escaped from such a toxic environment.

3. Bad Coworkers

Although relationships between colleagues are often the subject of comedy movies and sitcoms, it is not quite like that in reality.

Sometimes some people are too much, and you don’t want to spend more time with them, even if you have to change jobs.

4. Poor Work-Life Balance

Good job, excellent salary, but nothing is worth it when it’s your whole life.

You don’t have time for anything but work because even when you’re not at work, that’s all you think about.

Life isn’t all about work, but you always acted like it was.

You probably have problems with somebody close to you who think you work too much.

5. Classic Burnout

This is the culmination of all of the above.

Because of all these factors, you feel totally burnt out and dissatisfied.

You ask yourself questions: “Is this all I will achieve in my life?” and “Am I going to do this job that makes me unhappy my whole life?”

How to Stay Positive After Quitting Your Job?

The key is to stay positive in your situation because anything to the contrary only negatively affects your mental health. Here’s how to do it:

1. Don’t Panic

It’s easier said than done, but it’s crucial.

You are neither the first nor the last to quit your job and doubt your decision.

If you think this was not a good decision, consider why you quit your job again.

The situation cannot be solved immediately, so staying positive is essential instead of panicking.

2. Make a Plan

It is essential to make a plan in this situation because, with a plan, you can avoid falling into total disorganization.

Ok, you don’t have a job anymore, but you have to maintain some plan and routine.

That plan refers to finding a new job, but you can also plan your other activities to stay on track.

3. Take Time To Rest

If you are in a desperate hurry to find new employment, you may end up with an even worse job.

What if you need more time to get ready for a new job? You know how some people say they are unprepared for new relationships after a breakup. You may not be ready for a new job either.

So give yourself time to rest and evaluate the situation well to make the right decision.

4. Upgrade Your Skills

Do you know what job you want but need to be more skilled for that position?

Then why don’t you make an effort and master the necessary skills?

We know you already have a list of reasons you can’t study. You probably think you don’t have enough time or are too old, but those are just excuses.

It is always possible for a person to further educate himself and change their life.

5. Try New Things

It doesn’t have to be just work-related stuff.

Now that you have more time, you can try the things you were interested in but didn’t have time for.

Hiking, going to the gym, starting your own podcast, why not? Whatever makes you happy.

Most Importantly – Don’t Forget To Enjoy

Yes, you should enjoy and be grateful for the new opportunity to change the things that limited you and made you unhappy.

“Don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a brand new opportunity to rebuild something that you truly want.”

Instead of being afraid, you should be excited.

Let that fear stay in the past. Just like that job that didn’t make you happy.

Turn yourself to new opportunities and work to make your dreams come true. Good luck!

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