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How to Be More Enthusiastic? 8 Tips

We know that somehow we are expected to be enthusiastic all the time because it’s good for us.

But it is not possible, and it is not natural; one cannot always be enthusiastic.

However, a constant lack of enthusiasm can have a negative effect on your mindset and well-being.

So how to be more enthusiastic in life? First, a change in mindset is needed; also, shifting focus from negative to positive and small changes in life can mean a lot for enthusiasm in the long run.

Enthusiastic Woman

What exactly is enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm is a great eagerness to do something or be involved.

That spirit pushes us forward to our goals and keeps us happy with what we already have.

Motivation and enthusiasm go hand in hand.

You need this because you have lost your will and interest in everything.

This article is here to restore your will and energy for the things you love and find new things to be passionate about.

Why is it Hard to Be Enthusiastic? 4 Major Reasons

When you get into such a mood, everything prevents you from being enthusiastic, but slow down.

Let’s find some common reasons that influence enthusiasm:

1. Dissatisfaction

Various dissatisfactions are possible in life.

Examples are dissatisfaction with a job that makes you depressed or dissatisfaction with a bad relationship.

As well as that frequent dissatisfaction that we can call “What am I doing in my life.”

It implies overall thinking that your life is terrible and that you have made big mistakes that you don’t know how to correct.

2. Boredom

“Boredom is the devil’s playground.”

All kinds of thoughts come to our minds when we are bored.

The routine of life where nothing changes, repeating the same things every day.

Sometimes you feel like you’re living Groundhog Day and that every day is the same.

It seems to you that everywhere is more fun than in your current life.

This stage of boredom has a significant impact on the lack of enthusiasm.

3. Hard Lessons From The Past

All sorts of things have happened to you in the past, and because of them, you are no longer enthusiastic.

You are guided by the thought, “If I am not enthusiastic, I will not be disappointed.”

Your motto is “Hope is the road to disappointment.”

We agree that the past teaches us lessons, but you still worry about something you did in the past instead of moving on.

But know that this defense mechanism of yours can prevent you from enjoying life more.

4. Self-doubt

Enthusiasm is associated with feeling good about yourself, which is the exact opposite of what you think about yourself.

You feel you are not good enough for something and are afraid that everyone will see it.

It may be imposter syndrome, where you feel you are surrounded by people who are better than you.

You only see flaws in yourself while ignoring the virtues.

8 Effective Ways to Be More Enthusiastic in Life

Enthusiasm is the spice of life that you need to be motivated. 

Here are tips on how to be more enthusiastic:

1. Think Enthusiastically

This seems too simple and dull, but it’s a start.

We choose how we see the world.

If you decide to see the world as an uninspiring and boring place, it’s no wonder you’ll feel that way.

This is also contributed to by the fact that we are creatures of habit.

When we get used to thinking in a certain way, it’s hard to get out of that mindset.

If you think everything around you is dull, your brain will look for evidence to support your theory and thus always keep you in that belief.

Isn’t it better to try thinking the opposite for a change?

Get out of the victim role because that thinking will get you nowhere.

See yourself as the creator of your happiness, make a plan and follow your bliss.

2. Find Your Passion and Cherish it

To begin with, find at least something that inspires you.

There has to be something that makes you excited.

We know your inner pessimistic critic already tells you it is pointless, but we tell you otherwise.

You have to focus on something that inspires you because what you focus on will grow.

Are there any things that make you feel passionate about them?

And it doesn’t have to be usual things like earning a lot of money, having a fantastic career, a big house…

Some people have it all and are still empty inside. It’s not always all about material things.

What is at stake here is what you love.

It must be important to you no matter how strange it may be to others.

That could be starting a vinyl records collection, a podcast about retro video games, or a travel vlog about exciting locations in your area.

3. Get Ready For A Big Change

We don’t want to scare you, but sometimes for a return of enthusiasm, some major change is needed.

People often hit that point where it seems like there is no going back and things will stay that way forever.

Do you know you can quit that job that bothers you?

We’re not saying you should quit your job and do nothing, but it needs to be changed when something drains you so much energy.

And even if you later struggle to find a better job, when you do find it, you will be grateful that you had the motivation to change something that bothers you.

The same applies if you want to change your residence because you feel trapped and limited there.

Moving to a new city alone doesn’t have to be scary when you have the right approach.

Even if you live with roommates at first, it doesn’t have to be bad as it sounds.

4. Surround Yourself with Enthusiastic People

The good thing about enthusiasm is that it is contagious.

If you’re constantly surrounded by people who don’t care about anything, are always grumpy, and are drowned in the boredom of life, it’s no wonder you feel that way too.

Have you heard the term crab mentality

Crab mentality is literally named after crabs’ behavior when placed in a bowl. They prevent each other from escaping. People can be like that too.

Now imagine yourself surrounded by people full of new ideas and passionate about their goals, and instead of complaining, they act.

In the company of such people, your enthusiasm would also level up.

5. Implement Healthy Habits in Your Life

We are not saying that you are not leading a healthy life already, but it is not bad to mention what those healthy habits are.

When you feel good in your body, your enthusiasm will be high.

You will achieve that first of all with a proper healthy diet.

Yes, some foods will help you feel more excited and productive.

Of course, we must not forget the importance of physical activity.

Regular physical activity, in addition to making us look more beautiful and handsome, also has a good effect on our minds.

You know how good the dopamine rush you get after a good workout feels.

6. Inspire Yourself to Be More Enthusiastic

Many great stories and inspirational people can inspire you, and inspiration is everywhere.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Read books from the authors you find inspiring;
  • Watch motivational movies (we know Rocky comes to mind first);
  • Visit museums and art galleries;
  • Go to concerts;
  • Spend time in nature;
  • Listen to podcasts about inspirational stories.

We are not saying to copy anyone. 

You are your own story, but let all this help you find your motivation.

7. Practice Gratitude

Sometimes it’s enough to look around and realize we have everything we need for motivation.

Focus on your victories in life and not on your defeats.

Start the day with positive affirmations about the things you have, not thinking about what you don’t have.

Jealousy and focusing on others instead of yourself is a sure ways to reduce your enthusiasm.

8. Keep Your Enthusiasm Sincere

No, this is not the fake-it-until-you-make-it thing.

Everyone hates over-enthusiastic people, those who are overly enthusiastic about minor things.

You can tell they’re fake by their behavior and even by their facial expressions.

Just as there is a difference between toxic and normal positivism, there is a difference between toxic and normal enthusiasm.

You want to avoid getting lost in that false enthusiasm and no longer know how to recognize what’s real and what’s fake.

To Conclude – Why is Enthusiasm Necessary in Life?

“Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Enthusiasm initiates changes in us, making us change what is bad and strive for something better.

The benefits of enthusiasm are being more confident and productive, and others will look at you more positively.

But the most important thing is that you will feel good about yourself when you are enthusiastic.

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