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Why I’m Jealous of My Boyfriend for Going to the Gym? 3 Main Reasons

Jealousy is an emotion that is not desirable in any relationship, although it is highly common.

You believe your relationship is great, but lately, something has been deeply troubling you regarding your boyfriend.

It’s about his regular visits to the gym that don’t give you peace because you’re constantly thinking about various scenarios that could happen there, as well as why your boyfriend decided to go there.

Why are you jealous because your boyfriend goes to the gym? You’re jealous because you know that many affairs start in the gym. It also makes you insecure because you think he is working on his physical appearance to impress someone else or will neglect you.

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This emphasis on the excessive importance of physical appearance may seem superficial, but it all makes you highly insecure.

In this article, we will directly address why you feel jealous of your boyfriend going to the gym and give you concrete advice on how to deal with it.

3 Primary Reasons Why You’re Jealous Because Your Boyfriend Goes to the Gym

You have managed to avoid typical relationship jealousy traps, such as when your boyfriend spends too much time with his friends or female coworkers.

However, this jealousy about your boyfriend hitting the gym did not evade you.

Here are some possible reasons for your jealousy:

1. You’re Jealous Because You Know That Many Girls Go to the Gym

Gyms have become more crowded than clubs in the past few years.

Lots of girls go to gyms and not just any girls. It’s enough to check who your boyfriend follows on Instagram, and everything will be clear.

Your boyfriend follows many fitness models, who, besides looking flawless, tend to dress especially skimpily when they go to the gym.

Many girls follow the trends set by fitness influencers, so they dress like that when they go to the gym. Now that you’ve figured out this is attractive to your boyfriend, you can only imagine where his eyes will be fixed in the gym.

Also, you don’t want some fitness hottie hitting on your boyfriend, or worse, him hitting on her.

This scares you because you know that many affairs start in the gym. Everyone is more relaxed there, and having a conversation and something more happening is easy.

2. You are Afraid That Your Boyfriend Will Look at You Differently

The first thing related to this is the fear of being compared to other girls.

You may compare yourself to other women at the gym, thinking they are more attractive or fit than you. Or worse, that your boyfriend will compare you to them.

His sense of the attractiveness of a woman’s body can change a lot. He may suddenly like it when a girl is extremely fit, so he may begin to look at you differently.

How would you react if he openly complimented another woman’s beauty in front of you?

Or has he started counting your calories and making subtle comments about your weight? You know you’ve put on a little extra weight, but that’s no reason for him to make you feel bad.

3. Fear of Losing Attention

The gym as a hobby can take a lot of time.

In addition to regular trips to the gym, there is also preparation, as well as mandatory rest afterward.

You might be concerned that your boyfriend will start spending more time at the gym and less time with you.

Maybe you already have such an experience with an ex-boyfriend who was also a gym rat.

It’s more than just your boyfriend going to the gym that’s a problem. There is constant talking about it and neglecting other things, especially you.

You had planned a date with your boyfriend, but he canceled due to either having to go to the gym or feeling too tired from a gym session.

Additionally, he only talks about exercises, calories, and other gym-related topics when you are together. This can be quite boring for you, especially if you are not interested in the gym.

What Should You Do When You’re Jealous Because Your Boyfriend Goes to the Gym?

Now that we’ve explained the reasons why your boyfriend’s going to the gym causes you so much uneasiness, let’s also explain what you should consider in that case:

1. Are You Overly Jealous in a Relationship?

At the start of this article, we mentioned that you may think you’ve avoided all jealousy traps in a relationship, except for when it comes to the gym.

Is this really true? When asked if they are jealous, many people say they are not, even though they actually are.

Have you ever experienced feelings of jealousy towards your boyfriend, even if he hasn’t given you any reason to feel that way? For instance, have you ever argued with him because you believe he spends too much time with his female friends, even though they have never had romantic involvement?

Self-reflection is the first step towards successfully reducing unfounded jealousy.

2. Are You Bothered by Some Insecurities in Your Relationship?

Jealousy comes from insecurity.

Those insecurities may be related to your physical appearance and the concern that your boyfriend will like someone else.

You might worry that he is working on his physical appearance to impress someone else or that he’ll become much more attractive than you.

Practice mindfulness and work on your insecurities because they can affect your relationship and well-being.

3. Why Don’t You Join Your Boyfriend at the Gym?

We will assume that you are not a big fan of the gym, especially if your boyfriend started going there.

Going to the gym with your boyfriend can be a win-win situation! Even if you’re not a huge fan of exercising, consider hitting the gym with your boyfriend.

That way, you’re working on your insecurities about your boyfriend being in the gym, but you’re also doing something good for your body and your self-confidence. Also, it’s a whole new healthy hobby that you can share with your boyfriend and thus make your bond stronger.

To Bring Things to a Close,

Apart from justified jealousy in a relationship, any unjustified jealousy is a sign of inner insecurities.

It is not acceptable to create jealous scenes simply because your boyfriend goes to the gym.

Instead, work on what makes you react that way, and we guarantee you won’t need to think jealously. And, of course, start your gym membership with your boyfriend today. We promise it will be fun and beneficial.