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How to Break the Habit of Taking the Phone to the Bathroom? 

A bathroom is a place that we usually associate with hygiene and physiological needs.

We typically want some privacy when we are in the bathroom.

However, if your boyfriend sometimes spends a little more time in the bathroom than is reasonable, this may not be a cause for concern. It could be a sign that he needs a little more privacy.

Many women also use the bathroom when they want some time to themselves without disturbing others.

Hand sign do not disturb put on the room doors.

Why Do Guys Take Their Phone to the Bathroom?

Back when we didn’t have smartphones, it was normal for a guy to take newspapers to the bathroom.

Smartphones provide access to a much wider variety of content and offer many more possibilities.

But that still doesn’t mean guys only use their phones in the bathroom to hide something.

Just like reading newspapers on a toilet seat was commonplace earlier, today, scrolling through news feeds is what many guys do to relax and distract themselves. 

Some guys take their phones to the bathroom just to vent out.

They may read global news, watch trends in the stock exchange, go through their mail or do anything that simply gives them a break from their everyday routine

reading news on mobile in bathroom

Yes, some guys may be using their phones in the bathroom to cheat on you.

If that is the case, there will surely be other signs that he is cheating on you, so focusing on why he uses his phone in the bathroom will not help. 

Toilet reading practitioners are not weird, despite fanciful theories about its unconscious implications.

Studies repeatedly demonstrate that a significant portion of people admit to reading in restrooms, especially when reading on digital devices is taken into account.

Some research indicates that many people are toilet readers, with greater percentages among males and the young, the well-educated, and white-collar workers.

Toilet reading is a common practice, not just a fringe practice.

Why Should Anyone Break the Habit of Taking Their Phone to the Bathroom?

woman using mobile in bathroom

We may argue whether it is necessary to break this habit at all, but there are surely reasons why it is not smart to use the phone in the bathroom.

Let’s see the most important ones: 


It cannot be denied that bacteria are attracted to phones.

Microbiologists claim it is simple to locate hundreds of bacteria, fungi, and yeast on phones. Many are possible pathogens that can make you ill, but most are benign.

The risk of further contaminating our phones increases since many bathroom surfaces, including urinals, toilet seats, knobs, basins, and faucets, are coated with microbes.

These microbes are also not joking around. Fecal pathogens can include organisms like E. coli, the bacterial strain that causes staph infections, and Acinetobacter.

This opportunistic pathogen takes advantage of any opportunity to wreck you and generally manifests as a contagious respiratory illness.

In the bathroom, germs are virtually everywhere.

Despite your best efforts, there is no way to know what other people have done (or, more crucially, not done) to contaminate every surface.

Therefore, consider that your post-bathroom screen is full of germs just waiting to spread to your swiping finger until they develop a self-sanitizing phone cover.


Some people seek refuge in the bathroom to avoid work.

But ambitious, business-oriented people see taking the phone to the bathroom as a chance to be productive by reading and sending emails.

Businessman sitting on the toilet in the bathroom and using a smartphone

The bathroom used to be a sanctuary devoid of electronics and distractions.  

But the worst thing regarding your productivity is to be on your phone all the time and even on the toilet.

Never allowing your mind to unwind and roam will prevent you from coming up with solutions to the trickier, more difficult creative challenges that are ultimately more significant than sending an email response in five minutes.

Our brains are able to explore the corners of our minds thanks to these periods of boredom, which we are losing more and more of. Nearly all of our finest and original ideas are generated this way.

Additionally, sending emails while using the restroom just creates additional work.

If you react to every email as it comes in, the number of emails that are exchanged and the number of emails you have to open will increase.

In the long term, our fixation with being always connected to technology and responding as quickly as possible is wasteful and a complete waste of time.

Breaking the Habit of Taking Phone to Bathroom

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you or your boyfriend to stop taking your phone into the bathroom, then you should definitely take precautions.

This means disinfecting your phone regularly, especially after using it in the bathroom.

Like any other habit, this one also requires a certain amount of time.

To begin with, you can create a different routine in the bathroom by decorating it differently and making it look more like a place for relaxation and less like a toilet.

You can mute your phone when you go to the bathroom to ensure it won’t disturb you while inside.

Wrapping It All Up

Of course, the question is how much this habit bothers you and how much it affects your quality of life.

Suppose the only thing that bothers you is that you don’t really know what your partner is actually doing with the phone in the bathroom.

It’s much easier to ask them discreetly and openly than to create a campaign about the consequences of using the phone in the bathroom. 

A certain degree of privacy is normal and necessary in any healthy relationship.

If you are generally happy about your relationship, don’t let petty things like this one cast a shadow on your happiness.