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7 Reasons Why Most Relationships End After 6 Months

Have you ever thought after the first date: “We are soul mates!” 

However, the magic disappeared after a few months of the relationship. 

A similar scenario often repeats, and you can’t achieve a long and stable connection. 

You can predict when the end of the romance is near. 

Likewise, you feel disappointed and hopeless.

Why do most relationships end after six months? That happens because we are in love and idealize our partner at the beginning of the relationship.

breaking up

All connections work perfectly at first. 

However, the real challenges usually come later. 

Working on relationship challenges is hard work. 

Don’t listen to people who say, “With the right person, you won’t have to work hard.” 

That’s not true.

If you have this attitude, every relationship will end after six months. 

In this article, you will find top reasons why relationships fail.

Falling in Love is a Beautiful Feeling, But Be Mindful!

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feelings we can experience.

When we fall in love, the world around us changes completely. 

A person in love is visibly in a good mood, energetic and enthusiastic. 

We are all familiar with the euphoria created by falling in love. 

We don’t need to eat and sleep for days and still be productive. 

In our mind, we are playing the lead role in a romantic movie. 

However, in addition to the beautiful feelings it gives us, falling in love also has drawbacks. 

Flaws in the relationship become visible only when the euphoria has passed. 

Let’s check a list of reasons why relationships fail.

1. Feel in Love Doesn’t Last Forever

Nothing is better than waiting for a message from the person you like. 

We think about that person all day long, look at their pictures, and dream about the next meeting. 

We wondered where we could meet her and what we would ask her then. 

The person we like seems simply perfect to us. 

However, the truth is that we don’t know each other for real. 

Hormones strongly influence us, and we don’t think objectively. 

We ignore potential issues and concerns. 

This state is natural. 

We should allow ourselves to enjoy being in love and its charms. 

But challenges come later.

2. Passion is the Most Intense at the Beginning

In the first six months, your relationship is true romance! 

Many studies show that falling in love passes after approximately six months. 

Physical impressions and beauty play a significant role in falling in love. 

However, what happens when we talk about the character and qualities of that person? 

We usually get to know them better only later, when the intensity of the desire has weakened. 

After that period, you can better meet that person. 

Some of the partner’s features don’t suit us, so we examine our relationship. 

It is the reason why most relationships end after six months. 

3. You May Idealize Your Partner

“You are the perfect person for me!” 

If you haven’t said this sentence, then at least you’ve thought about it once. 

The next time you consider that, we suggest you do the next. 

Ask someone married for ten years if their husband or wife is perfect. 

As we have already said, falling in love can be a trap. 

Under a huge emotional charge, we can’t reason rationally and objectively. 

Because of that, we can’t notice “red flags.” 

Your partner isn’t a divine being, and a perfect human being doesn’t exist!

 He has his virtues, but he also has flaws. 

And you have to accept that. 

In essence, we should carefully review what suits us in a partner and what does not. 

Can you take the faults of our partner and continue the relationship?

If You Are Doubt, Let’s Do a Little Homework!

Divide the paper into two columns. 

On the left side of the form, write the word “FOR.” 

On the opposite side, write “AGAINST.” 

Then write what you like about your partner, what makes you happy, and what you don’t like. 

If you are at a crossroads, this trick will help you decide. 

Have a better insight into whether it’s worth pursuing further. 

We are sure this task will help you, so get paper and a pencil!

4. Fear of Attachment

Fear of attachment represents a tendency for a person to enter into short-term relationships. 

This way, a person avoids unpleasant feelings such as shame, fear, and hurt. 

Also, in this way, people prevent the conflicts that they will indeed have if they feel close to someone. 

People with this problem change partners as soon as they feel that emotional closeness can occur. 

They tend to have sexual adventures without emotions. 

One of the similar fears is the fear of marriage. 

If you want a long relationship, and your partner is afraid of commitment, he will leave you soon. 

Your views and plans for the future don’t match. 

Therefore, it would be good to have an honest conversation on this topic on time. 

No one expects you to ask, “Are you planning marriage?” on the first date. 

However, it would help if you defined whether you have the same views on your relationship. 

Otherwise, you are wasting your time.

5. Jealousy is the Main Enemy

It is not easy to recognize a jealous partner. 

Especially at the beginning of the relationship when we are crazy in love. 

We can justify our partner and interpret his jealousy as love or concern. 

However, jealousy in a relationship becomes a severe problem after some time. 

It is necessary to have trust in your partner. 

If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a jealous person, you’re probably familiar with the following scenario. 

You want to go out with your friends in the city or have a coffee. 

However, your partner sabotages your need for companionship. 

He doesn’t want you to be without his supervision at any time. 

His pressure continues if you go out with your friends despite his attitude.

Your partner always calls you while you try to hang out with your friends. 

If you want to have friends and social life, you won’t be happy in a relationship with this kind of partner. 

How would he react if you had to go on a business trip? 

You may have to endure a few months. 

However, after six months, your relationship will turn into absolute agony. 

Jealousy is one of the main reasons for many breakups, remember.

6. Renunciation is Neccessery

Achieving any success requires renunciation. 

For example, you must keep socializing to a minimum until you prepare for exams. 

You can’t go to nightclubs every weekend if you want to succeed in a sport. 

It’s the same with a relationship. 

We must give up something if we want a long relationship that brings happiness. 

Every relationship requires you to devote much of your free time to it. 

You may have less time to hang out with friends. 

However, it is challenging for selfish people to give up something. 

After a few months of a relationship, it will be evident whether you are a priority for your partner. 

If they constantly escape to see you because of others, you have every right to be angry. 

Selfishness in relationships isn’t welcome!

7. Different Plans for the Future

After six months of dating, you should see if you have the same or similar plans for the future. 

No one will discuss the topic of children and marriage after a month of dating. 

But you are undoubtedly interested in whether your partner wants you to live together soon. 

Or whether he wants to start a family in a couple of years.

How do I Start Such an Unpleasant Conversation?

We know that meaningful conversation arouses anxiety

Be relaxed and ask your partner how he imagines himself in a few years. 

It is an excellent way to check your visions of the future. 

Compromises are part of any relationship. 

However, if one partner wants to have children and the other does not, you have a problem. 

In such cases, there is no compromise. 

The ending is the only option. 

Otherwise, you waste your time with the wrong person.

Well, What’s next when “Butterflies in the Stomach” Disappears?

It’s now clear why most relationships end after six months. 

However, you may now be upset by a new question. 

Do you have plans to continue the relationship if it is no longer as exciting and fantastic? 

Our answer is short and clear. 

Love is hard work! 

Don’t listen to cliche sentences like “with the right person, you won’t have to work hard.” 

“Butterflies in the stomach” are beautiful, and you should enjoy them. 

However, don’t let the infatuation fool you. 

Therefore, be prepared for renunciation if you want a long relationship. 

Every relationship has its ups and downs. 

Problems and challenges are an integral part of every relationship. 

We hope this article helps you to understand better this often problem. 

So, we wish you luck in finding your soulmate!

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