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My Partner Didn’t Get Me Anything For Valentine’s Day – How to React?

Valentine’s Day has passed again, leaving you with a new disappointment.

It’s strange because Valentine’s Day is a universal day for celebrating love for all love birds.

So what’s the problem? Has the power of Cupid’s arrow that struck you weakened, and you are no longer in love as before?

No, that is not the case because you’re in love with your partner, but there’s just one small thing.

Your partner didn’t buy you anything for Valentine’s Day, and you don’t know how to process it.

Why didn’t your partner buy you something for Valentine’s Day? Because he is forgetful and lazy, he doesn’t like that holiday, but in the worst case, he might not respect you enough.

Sad or serious woman feeling lonely and unloved druing Valentines Day

It’s even worse if you bought him a present but didn’t get anything from him.

We can only imagine how disappointed you must have felt.

One thing’s for sure, Valentine’s Day is ruined for you, and you’re wondering about the future of your relationship.

We have some tips to help you in your situation, so stay till the end of this article.

Why Didn’t Your Partner Get You Anything For Valentine’s Day?

You would also like to know the answer to this question.

This may depend on the type of relationship you have, as well as many other factors.

Therefore, we will consider four specific situations to better explain his action (or rather the lack of action).

My Boyfriend Didn’t Do Anything For Valentines Day

Since it is a boyfriend in this case, it is clear that the relationship has yet to reach a more serious stage, such as an engagement or marriage.

But that doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t serious.

If anyone needs to impress you on Valentine’s Day, it’s your boyfriend.

But he didn’t; here’s why:

1. You Haven’t Been in a Relationship Too Long

Since you’ve been in a relationship for a while, he thinks it’s too early for gifts.

He doesn’t want to give the impression that he’s too pushy in the relationship and turn you down that way.

Sometimes in new relationships, it is wrong to overdo it with gifts at the beginning because it has a counter effect on the partner.

This doesn’t make sense to you. 

Hey, he didn’t even invite you to celebrate New Year’s Eve together.

He thought it was too early to take such a big step, and he didn’t want to give the impression of someone limiting you at the beginning of a relationship.

But you really wanted him to make the first move and ask you out, just like you wanted that your Valentine’s Day with him to be special.

2. He Doesn’t Like Valentine’s Day

Yes, believe it or not, as unimaginable as it may seem, some people do not like Valentine’s Day.

Maybe your boyfriend is like that too, with whom you obviously haven’t talked enough on that subject.

Your boyfriend sees Valentine’s Day as a commercial cash grab, just like he sees Black Friday, excessive Christmas shopping, and similar.

This guy is obviously not obsessed with material things, which is perfectly fine.

But it would be best if you had a conversation on that topic so that it doesn’t get awkward like it is now.

3. He Doesn’t Take You Seriously

Ok, if the relationship is still new, the fact that he didn’t give you a Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to end the relationship.

But stop and think, do you think your boyfriend takes you seriously?

If his general behavior is such that he doesn’t care enough about you, he definitely doesn’t want a serious relationship with you.

It’s best to give this guy a nice breakup as a Valentine’s Day gift.

My Husband Didn’t Get Me Anything For Valentine’s Day

We are not talking about some random boyfriend here; we are talking about your husband here.

You expected a nice Valentine’s Day gift from him but didn’t get it.

Maybe this is the reason:

1. Your Husband Has Become Lazy in Marriage

This is undoubtedly the most common reason.

Men often change in marriage. The romance that graced them before is now long gone.

They feel they have won the girl, and now there is no need to win her anymore.

But that is a huge mistake because that romantic flame must not be extinguished in marriage.

The biggest mistake husbands can make is taking their wives for granted.

Your husband may have become so lazy in a marriage that you must remind him of everything, even some things he should remember.

To get a Christmas present from him, you must remind him in advance, or he will surely forget.

2. Your Husband Thinks Holidays Are Pointless

Here you have a case with a much bigger grump.

For him, there is no point in celebrating birthdays and holidays, which is why he didn’t do anything for your birthday.

That’s why you don’t want to celebrate your birthday anymore when you know his negative energy will ruin everything.

Behind this attitude of his may be hiding some more extensive problems, such as financial situation, health, or general dissatisfaction with life.

My Wife Didn’t Get Me Anything For Valentine’s Day

Why is it that when someone mentions that someone didn’t buy a gift for their partner for Valentine’s Day, it’s usually assumed that it is a man and not a woman?

There is this general opinion that women are more romantic, or that’s how it’s presented in the media.

That’s an absolutely unnecessary generalization because it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Even according to one study that included 730 undergraduate students, it was concluded that men are actually more romantic than women.

It all depends on the person, of course.

But it’s important to understand that women can also not buy anything for their partner on Valentine’s day for the same reasons as men.

My Partner Didn’t Wish Me a Happy Valentine’s Day

Ok, there were no presents and no romantic weekend, but your partner didn’t even wish you a happy Valentine’s Day?

It is entirely irrelevant whether you are married or in a relationship. 

Your partner could have said those three magic words.

Whether Valentine’s Day means anything to him or he is not a fan is also irrelevant.

If you explained to him that this holiday means something to you, we see no reason he didn’t at least wish you Valentine’s Day.

What to Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Get You Anything For Valentine’s Day?

We understand that you feel bad, but try the following steps so that the next Valentine’s Day is not a total fail:

1. Lower Your Expectations

We’ve figured that Valentine’s Day means a lot to you, but maybe your partner doesn’t share your enthusiasm.

And that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t care about you. 

It just means he doesn’t love Valentine’s Day like you.

Don’t expect too much in order not to be disappointed, especially if you are in a new relationship where you haven’t even gotten to know each other enough yet.

2. Express Why Valentines Day Means to You

Although sometimes we expect our partners to read our minds (and finish our sentences), it doesn’t mean that it will always be like that.

If Valentine’s Day means much to you, tell your partner instead of expecting him to read your mind.

And even if it’s a new relationship and you’re afraid of leaving the impression of some pathetic person, it’s better to tell than to get angry later because your partner didn’t understand how much Valentine’s Day means to you.

3. Give Hints What You Want For A Gift

Again, don’t expect your partner to give you exactly what you want, so it’s better to give subtle hints.

Don’t put all the pressure around Valentine’s Day on your partner, and expect them to do everything perfectly.

You have to help him with that too.

For example, you can say that you would really like to visit a new restaurant.

Or if you say that you really like reading a specific writer, he can easily figure out to buy you his new book.

4. Reevaluate Your Relationship

Is this not giving gift rule an ongoing thing in your relationship or marriage?

If you think it’s just a tip of an iceberg problem in your relationship, it’s time to think about how to fix the relationship and the future of that relationship.

Most Importantly,

Don’t blame yourself if your partner, despite knowing how much Valentine’s Day, didn’t give you anything.

Valentine’s Day, in addition to being adequate for people to fall in love more, also knows how to open some burning questions in the relationship.

If you love that day so much, don’t let it go to waste because of a lousy partner.

Treat Valentine’s Day as a day for yourself, and enjoy what you usually do for special days.

Yes, all you need is love, but a little chocolate won’t hurt, either.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♡♡♡

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