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My Wife Drink a Bottle of Wine a Night – What Should I Do?

It has already become routine for your wife to drink a bottle of wine daily in your house.

You didn’t pay too much attention to it at first, but now you see that it has become serious and want it to stop or at least be reduced.

Why does your wife have to drink a whole bottle of wine daily? This is because, in this way, she tries to suppress some problems that bother her or reward herself after a busy day or she is bored.

Addicted wife

You may not want to admit it, but you know it is true. 

In any case, a bottle a day is a sign of addiction.

Your marriage is on shaky ground because of her habit, and you’ve also noticed that she has difficulty functioning during the day.

One thing is sure: drinking a bottle of wine a day is not considered healthy.

What should you do? You love your wife and don’t want her to ruin her life and your marriage with her addiction.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons that led her to drink a bottle of wine every day and how to show her that it is unhealthy.

Why Does Your Wife Drink a Bottle of Wine Every Night? 4 Reasons

As we have already established, drinking that amount of alcohol daily is unhealthy.

What makes your wife do something that is clearly not healthy for her:

1. Your Wife Drinks Wine as a Coping Mechanism

Depressed beautiful woman drinking wine

Unfortunately, many people choose to use alcohol as their coping mechanism.

Your wife may be carrying some emotional traumas from the past.

Maybe she hates her past self and hasn’t stopped thinking about something she did in the past.

Because of that mistake, she drinks a bottle of wine every night.

Also, maybe your wife is disappointed with her current life.

A job that makes her depressed, a career that doesn’t go according to plan, and maybe she has problems with her family.

She decides to drown all the demons that trouble her in a bottle of wine.

But there’s one problem, those demons know how to swim.

Maybe she forgets about the problems for the moment, but that doesn’t mean they will disappear.

2. She Sees Drinking Wine as a Form of Reward

You know how everyone has their own forms of relaxation, but your wife chose to drink wine. Undoubtedly there were better choices.

She starts to justify herself immediately when you complain to her about it.

She says she works hard all day and takes care of the kids. Doesn’t she deserve at least some reward?

She finished all her duties, the children are sleeping, and she thinks she has the right to alone time for herself.

Of course, she has the right to do that, but she shouldn’t use that time to harm her body and mind.

Maybe a chocolate dessert or a great movie on Netflix is ​​a better reward, but for your wife, it’s wine.

3. Your Wife Drinks Because She is Bored

Wife Drinks Because She is Bored

You will not believe how many people indulge in alcohol out of pure boredom.

Your wife can be a career-accomplished person, a wonderful mother who adores her children, and a great wife to you.

But some switch in the head can happen, and she starts drinking out of pure boredom.

When people finally get their life in order, they often lose motivation and start bad habits like drinking alcohol out of boredom.

Studies show that people who are often bored are more prone to mental illness and addictions.

It is not for nothing that it is said that boredom is the devil’s playground.

If you live where there is not much activity besides work, your wife has a higher chance of suppressing boredom with alcohol.

Maybe the alcohol reminds her of the fun times when she was younger.

Now that she realizes how much time has passed since then, she finds it difficult and wants to remember those fun times.

So she turns on the music she listened to in high school, pops open a bottle of wine, and gets the party going.

After a few drinks, she doesn’t mind being alone.

4. Your Wife Thinks it’s Completely Normal to Drink Wine Every Day

In this case, we come to a bigger problem that is generally present and noticeable.

That famous wine o’clock represents the appropriate time of day to start drinking wine.

This term completely revitalized the fact that people drink alcohol and potentially become alcoholics because of it.

Just as we always had the image of dads grilling and drinking beer in beer commercials, now we have the idea of mothers glamourously drinking wine in bathrobes.

If you don’t believe us, pay attention to social networks. How many Instagram stories will you notice where women drink wine because of wine o’clock.

Pay special attention to it during the weekend because the number of such stories increases rapidly.

And there are also a lot of memes that humorously portray drinking wine with messages like:

“Ding dong, it’s wine o’clock.”

“Look at the time; it’s wine o’clock.”

“It is wine o’clock somewhere in the world, so it’s legit to start drinking now.”

Because of all this, your wife thinks it’s normal to drink a bottle of wine daily because it’s generally acceptable. 

She says she drinks wine while making dinner, reading a book, or watching a movie, which relaxes her.

How Much Wine is Too Much Wine? Is Your Wife an Alcoholic?

Alcoholic wife

I know it’s hard to admit it, but you know well if your wife has gone too much with alcohol.

How much is too much?

We can go into detail and say that it depends from person to person, gender, weight, age, and many other factors.

By too much alcohol, we mean the amount that disrupts an individual’s life, in this case, your wife.

Is she cranky when she doesn’t drink and gets even worse when she does?

Or puts himself in uncomfortable situations by calling people on the phone or sending messages? Maybe she says something she doesn’t mean, and the next day she feels embarrassed about it.

Excessive alcohol consumption leads to reduced focus (which can be especially dangerous in traffic), neglect of work and family responsibilities, and poor hygiene.

Some days your wife’s hangover is so bad she can’t even get out of bed.

Has your wife suddenly gained a lot of weight or suddenly lost weight?

We’re sorry to tell you, but your wife has an alcohol problem if this is true.

That bottle a day definitely takes its toll, and long-term effects such as liver damage, brain damage, and increased blood pressure are possible.

How Can You Help Your Wife Reduce or Stop Drinking? 3 Helpful Tips

You have realized that your wife has gone beyond being a casual drinker to an addict, and it is time to act.

These tips will help you with that:

1. Explain to Your Wife What She is Doing to Your Family and Herself

Husband Doesnt Want to Spend Christmas with Wifes Family

You can also include other close family members in this.

We’re not saying to do a classic intervention like in sitcoms, but you can do it that way.

Explain that by drinking, she constantly creates arguments between you two when she gets drunk and neglects your family.

Not to mention that a bottle of wine every day is a substantial financial blow to the family budget.

There may be tears at the end of this conversation, but that, too, is a healing process.

2. Do Not Allow Your Wife to Relativize Her Drinking Habits

Many who have problems with alcohol try to point out that it is not as bad as it seems.

Such are mostly those whose choice is wine, like your wife.

Wine is a sophisticated drink. It is a part of history. 

There are many wine enthusiasts with amazing wine collections.

It is also true that wine has some health benefits, but in much smaller quantities than your wife drinks.

3. Offer Better Ways to Spend Time Together

watching movie in cinema

There are undoubtedly many better ways to spend an evening than with a bottle of wine all the time.

Suggest to your wife some much better alternatives, such as going to the movies, hitting the gym, home decorating, and spending time with kids (if they are not sleeping).

If the children are sleeping, you can work on your intimacy because you may have drifted apart in that segment because of your wife’s drinking habits.

It’s only important that those alternatives are healthy and show your wife that not all fun is in a bottle of wine.

Most Importantly, Show Your Wife That You Care for Her

talking with ex wife

Please don’t be rude to her.

Don’t lecture, criticize, and blame her.

Instead, listen to her feelings and problems and offer her help.

You are in this together, and with your support, she will be able to overcome her drinking problem.

Good luck to you and your wife!

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