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My Girlfriend is Financially Dependent on Me – What Should I Do?

You are in a relationship, and everything is going great, but you can no longer ignore that something is bothering you.

This fact is related to your girlfriend’s financial dependence on you. You don’t want to seem stingy, but sometimes you feel financially drained by her.

Why is your girlfriend financially dependent on you? Her financial dependence on you can be attributed to her cultural and social background, personal circumstances, and overall spending habits.

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This topic is controversial because it raises the question of whether you should help your girlfriend financially, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

It’s one thing when you’ve been through a lot together, but it’s completely different when your girlfriend starts acting like you’re her sugar daddy right from the start.

Should you accept this behavior from your girlfriend, or do you need to do something about it? Find out more in this article.

Why Does Your Girlfriend Keep Asking You for Money? 4 Crucial Reasons

Financial dependence within a relationship refers to a scenario where one partner relies on the other for financial support, either partially or entirely.

Feeling pressured when your girlfriend repeatedly asks you for money? It’s even worse if you start to suspect she’s using you for your money.

What are the main reasons why a girl keeps asking you for money:

1. Personnel Circumstances

Let’s start with an example where your girlfriend has become financially dependent on you due to various circumstances that have happened to her, so we can avoid sounding judgmental.

Life can be tough, especially with finances. Is your girlfriend going through a tough time?

Health issues, family responsibilities, or personal setbacks can contribute to financial dependence.

The situation is that you are the only one your girlfriend can rely on to help her.

For instance, if your girlfriend has high medical bills and lost her job recently, she may have already used up her savings.

2. Cultural and Societal Factors

We are walking on thin ice as far as this topic is concerned, but it is necessary to address this possibility, which is not so rare at all.

Societal norms and cultural expectations can play a significant role in financial dynamics.

In some cultures, traditional gender roles still dictate the relationships in which the man should be the main provider.

If your girlfriend grew up in a family where this more traditional approach to finances was dominant, it’s no wonder she adopted it.

3. Your Girlfriend Spends Too Much Money

Your girlfriend’s spending habits are too big for anyone’s pocket, especially yours.

And worst of all, she is too focused on material things, while you don’t care too much about material things. Lunches in fancy restaurants and shopping every day, that’s everyday life for your girlfriend.

Was she always a big spender like this, or did she start when she got into a relationship with you?

This question is important because maybe your girlfriend comes from a wealthy family, and wasting money like that is completely normal to her. However, if she started behaving like this when she got into a relationship with you, think about whether she is only with you for money?

4. You Have Used Your Girlfriend to be Financially Dependent on You

While this shouldn’t be an excuse to your girlfriend, consider the possibility that you contributed to her being financially dependent on you.

You wanted to impress your girlfriend from the beginning of the relationship.

Did you start showing off your money to impress your girlfriend on your first dates? That wasn’t enough, and you showered her with expensive gifts despite your financial struggles. 

Now that your girlfriend is used to such treatment, you realize how wrong you were for acting that way.

When You SHOULD Help Your Girlfriend Financially?

There are specific scenarios in which it is appropriate to financially assist your girlfriend. You should offer your support when:

1. She’s Going Through REAL Financial Trouble

Buying new sneakers or iPhones is not a real financial problem.

Some of the most pressing financial concerns include medical bills, rent, and impending debts.

You might think this is not your concern because you have just started dating that girl, but consider this issue when she asks you for money.

2. She is Responsible with Money

In all the time you’ve been dating, you haven’t noticed that your girlfriend is irresponsible with money.

She has never once shown herself to be someone who wastes money, especially with the money you gave her.

3. She’s Not With You Because of the Money

Just because your girlfriend needs financial assistance doesn’t automatically make her a greedy person who takes advantage of you.

Your girlfriend has repeatedly demonstrated love for you, particularly when you needed help.

If you are in a committed relationship, being there for your partner in difficult situations is essential. This will only strengthen your bond.

When You SHOULDN’T Help Your Girlfriend Financially?

There are times when it is appropriate to financially assist your girlfriend and times when it is not, as in the following situations:

1. She’s Irresponsible With Money

Your girlfriend is a huge spender and never has any money because she spends it all on trivial things.

The worst thing you can do to a financially irresponsible person is give them more money.

2. She is Lazy

We are not implying that money is the most important, but logically, those who are lazy and unmotivated may also lack financial stability.

Your girlfriend has no work habits because she is too used to relying on others.

Encouraging her to change that attitude is much better than giving her money.

3. She is Taking Advantage of You

The most painful truth you may have to face.

Your girlfriend is taking advantage of you financially; all the red flags are there; you need to see them.

Do you want to be in a relationship with someone ungrateful, who doesn’t care about you, and never offers to pay you back?

Finally, Is Money That Important?

Money may not be the only thing that matters, but it plays a crucial role in any relationship.

It’s not sustainable for one partner to bear all the financial burden while the other takes advantage.

If you are just at the beginning of the relationship, you should understand this as a huge red flag for the future. 

However, if you have been with your girlfriend for a while and want your relationship to last, it would be best to make a financial plan together that considers your and your girlfriend’s incomes, expenses, and financial goals.