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Why Your Husband Wants to Name the Baby After His Father?

If your husband wants to name the baby after his father, one thing is sure – he feels huge respect for the family. You’ve probably fantasized about what to name your baby since childhood. But, considering your child will carry the name for his entire life, the decision about his name should not be made without careful thought. 

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During pregnancy, expectant parents spend a lot of time negotiating the child’s name, and some find it difficult to agree on the final choice.

There are many traps on the way that make this task even more complicated. 

A trendy name may sound nice, but it will definitely lead to confusion, and names with strange initials or abbreviations can also embarrass the child.

Remember that children can be cruel and give offensive nicknames, whatever name you choose. 

There is no way to insure against it, but pay attention to what you can prevent.

Choosing a name can be a very tempting and beautiful task for future parents. 

Still, it is also very demanding and responsible. By choosing a name for the baby, parents choose a “mark” that their child will carry throughout his life.

The ancient Latins said that a name is an omen, so it is not surprising that 75 percent of parents believe that the names of babies determine their fate and that the choice of a name itself is not at all naive. 

In the rest of the text, find out how to choose a name for a child in a simple way, as well as what to worry about when choosing a name for boys or girls.

Why My Husband Wants to Name the Baby After His Father?

There are many folk beliefs about pregnancy, some of which concern the choice of names for children. 

To preserve tradition in the family, names are passed down from generation to generation, so children increasingly bear a family name that has been kept in the family for many years.

Traditional family names were given to children in honor of their ancestors. It is common for a son to be called after a grandparent today. 

But what happens when you and your husband have completely different ideas about how to name your baby? Well, you need to know one thing – to men – their names and reputation are EVERYTHING! 

He Wants to Name Your Son After His Father Who You Never Liked

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It’s really awful that you have to call the person you love the most by the name of a man you never liked just because your husband follows some tradition. 

Sometimes it is a great honor for a child to bear the name of his grandfather, but even then, it means that the child should be a walking memory of his ancestor. 

You must understand that, as a mother, you have the right to vote in this situation. 

You should not give in just because you may have agreed that the first child will be named by him and the second by you or something similar. Your husband may have a habit of doing everything his way, but you have to stand up to him for the sake of your child. 

The child will carry that name all his life, and you, as a parent, want him to have the best possible life, right? 

Remind your husband that if you don’t agree on a name, that child will remind you of the conflict for the rest of your life. Is that what you want for your child? 

Your husband may not be aware that your son will have to carry that name throughout his life and that his peers will recognize him by it. 

The extended family will have certain expectations of him following the name, and your husband may feel too obliged to cave to their expectations. 

When a child is given a name this way, it is as if the eternal game of comparison begins with his birth. 

If the child happens to look like his grandfather, he will constantly hear that he is the same grandfather. 

If he does not look like his grandfather, he will constantly hear that his grandfather was such a man and how much he was different. 

In a way, your child may spend his life in his grandparent’s shadow – does your husband really want that?

He Wants to Name Your Son After His Father Who Had a Terrible Fate 

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Although there is nothing rational about it, no one wants their child to bear the name of a person with a difficult fate. It is natural, and of course, that we want to protect our child from everything bad that can happen. 

If your husband insists on naming your son after his grandfather, who suffered a lot during his life, because he sees him as a great hero, perhaps it will be enough to remind him of the price of such heroism. 

You should also ask him directly if this is the fate he wants for your son. 

Men sometimes blindly follow tradition without thinking, simply because tradition gives them a sense of security. 

You have to face him with the fact that your child cannot and should not fall out because of family tradition in any way. 

You can also suggest that both of you write a few favorite names on pieces of paper and then, without looking, draw one out and make a decision about the name that way. 

This way, it will seem as if your child’s name was chosen by fate.

His Father’s Name is Awful, and He Wants Your Baby to Call After Him

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Suppose you are against naming your child after your husband’s father simply because you find that name ugly. 

In that case, that is a perfectly legitimate reason to insist on a compromise. The question of the name is very important, and it is very important that you both agree on it. 

You cannot choose a name for the child that your husband hates, nor can he force you to choose a name for the child that you don’t like

In this case, you need to explain to your husband how important it is that you both feel good about choosing a name and that he can’t just ignore your wishes. 

Suggest that everyone make their own list of names and then compare them. Maybe some names match. 

If he cares about tradition, suggest that you start a new, just your family tradition of choosing a name.

You Feel His Father’s Name Does Not Fit Your Baby 

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It is not at all rare that a pregnant woman has a clear feeling about what the baby will be like and what name it will have. Maternal intuition is not fiction. 

But how to explain it to the husband who has a different attitude and wants your baby to be named after his father. Maybe even a smart joke would be enough to influence his attitude. 

You can say something like, “do you really want to be a father to your father?” or, “do you want your father to wander around in diapers in our house.” 

You may be able to reach him and show him how irrational his attitude is that the child must bear the name of his father. 

Certainly, do not give in, you are both equally parents to that child, and the name he bears should be a reminder of your love and not of conflict.

Final Thoughts 

Some parents know the baby’s name even before they become pregnant. 

At the same time, some already decide what to name their child at the beginning of pregnancy. 

Still, when they hear comments from friends, they waver, which is one of the most common mistakes parents make.

Parents may have one expectation associated with the name, while the environment has another. 

Names are often associated with a character, so some are associated with being a good and kind person. 

In contrast, others are reminded of some not-so-good and painful past memories.

The best example of this is the names of pop stars, politicians, actors, or acquaintances. 

For these reasons, it is certainly good to listen to the advice of the environment. 

Still, when it comes to choosing a name for the baby, you do it exclusively yourself, in agreement with your partner.

If you have decided what name to give your child, you don’t need to discuss it with others. 

Their experience may be completely different from yours, and, likely, you will not like their comments and associations with the baby name that you like.

Choosing names for children is a responsible job, but it is undoubtedly also fun and interesting. 

There is no wrong answer to this task, and you can’t go wrong if you choose a baby name that you feel in your heart and makes you fall in love every time you say it.

It is ideal to decide on a name that always brings a smile to your face, so let the choice of baby names be a matter of love and agreement.