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How to Stop Thinking About Lost Money? 5 Ways

Losing money is one of the biggest fears for many people.

Whether you’ve lost your job, made some bad financial decisions, or suddenly found yourself in a huge financial crisis, you’re in that situation.

The best way to stop thinking about lost money is to accept your loss, make a financial plan, learn the lessons, and start over with a new perspective on money.

Unhappy young woman in glasses feeling stressed about lost money

That’s easier said than done.

There’s an old saying, “Don’t cry over spilled milk,” but let’s be realistic; it’s hard to stay calm in that situation.

Many questions arise in your head, and you need to know the right move.

We are here to help you better understand the situation, deal with it, and ultimately come out victorious.

Why Do You Feel so Bad About Losing Money? 5 Reasons

Loss of money affects everyone in its own way, but let’s dive deeper into what exactly losing money triggers in you.

It can be:

1. Loss of Security

This is the most realistic and likely reason for most people.

We can agree that money is not the most important thing in the world, but that sounds like such a cliché.

Without money, it is almost impossible to live a decent life.

What matters is the fact that money provides security, food on the table, a warm home, and health care.

Since you have lost a considerable amount of money, it is logical that you are afraid of losing the essential things for a decent life.

2. You Feel Like a Loser

Losing money takes a toll on our self-confidence.

We wonder if we are failures when we allow such a thing to happen.

Especially if that loss came directly from your fault, for example, through inappropriate behavior or bad business judgments.

An example of reckless behavior is gambling.

We all know the stories where some people there ruined live by gambling, only here you are the main role in that story.

Under irresponsible behavior, we can also mention problems with alcohol, for example, if you get fired for drinking on the job.

As for bad decisions, that are all those decisions can ultimately lead to you being broke.

Maybe you shouldn’t have quit your job so soon, at least until you found a better alternative.

The idea of ​​quitting your job and doing nothing doesn’t seem to have turned out well in the end.

Because of all these and similar situations, you have run out of money, and when you stand in front of the mirror, you only see a loser.

3. You’ve Let Down Important People

First, it is logical that you are afraid of how your family will view you, especially your partner and children who depend on you.

If you are a responsible person, you will surely feel that you have disappointed them.

Also, of course, there are your parents, who did everything for you to succeed.

You will feel that you have wasted their trust in you.

Even though the opposite is the situation if you had to deal with narcissistic parents, who held you back in life and told you that you would not achieve anything.

After a massive financial failure, you’ll probably feel like they were right.

4. You Are Obsessing About What Others Will Think of You

Do you worry too much about the opinions of others?

You might be out of your social circle without your lost money.

Especially if they are fancy materialists who like to brag about their wealth.

You are irritated because you will no longer be able to be a part of that community, where everything is about being richer than others.

What do these rich people usually brag about?

About who drives better cars, who goes on more luxurious trips, wears more expensive jewelry, and so on.

Such people think they are better than others because they have more money.

You feel like you are lost in that rat race where the most important thing is who has more money.

We can tell you instantly that you might be the ultimate winner if the new situation forces you to change that mindset.

5. You Are Afraid of Losing Your Comfortable Life

Are you someone who is addicted to a luxurious life?

Let’s say right away that this is not necessarily a bad thing.

You have earned your money and can spend it however you want.

But the problem arises when you no longer have the opportunity for that luxurious life.

When exotic vacations are replaced by trips near you, and when you can no longer wear the latest models of your favorite sneakers.

How to deal with it?

Ask yourself if you need all those fancy things to be fulfilled from the inside.

Remember how you used to be content with much less, but your appetites have grown in the meantime.

7 Ways to Deal With Financial Lost

We know you feel bad about your financial situation, that is certainly not a pleasant situation.

You may even feel depressed due to lost money

How do you bounce back after losing money?

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Accept Your Situation But Don’t Overreact

You have to face a new reality and the consequences that come with it.

Accept your losses for what they are, and don’t act as if nothing happened.

But don’t overreact and make the situation worse than it is.

You can easily fall into the vicious circle of overthinking.

It’s easy to be too pessimistic about the future and to lose your will for everything.

And that’s something you can’t let happen.

2. Make a List of Losses And Plan Your Budget

It’s time to reevaluate your losses.

How much did you lose exactly? How much do you have left? How much do you and your family need per month?

You’ll clearly know what to do next when you write it down on paper.

Everything depends on your financial situation, but take the time to determine what is essential and what you can do without.

3. Cut Back Some Expenses

Do you really have to spend that much?

We are sure there are some expenses you do not need and can do without.

You will be surprised how much more money stays in your pocket just because you have eliminated a few unnecessary spending habits.

Have you heard of Parkinson’s theory of money? 

According to that theory, your expenses increase according to your income

The more you earn, the more you spend, and that’s why you’re still not managing to save money at the end of each month, the same as you made a lot less.

To be realistic, do you use all the subscriptions to all the streaming services that take money from your credit card?

You also don’t have to eat at a restaurant every day; you can have a tasty and healthy meal at home for much less money.

4. Avoid Impulsive Reactions

We know you want to recover after a significant financial loss as soon as possible.

What is important is that you think clearly in that situation because you can easily get into even bigger problems if you are too impulsive.

Today, easy ways of earning money are offered everywhere.

After a few searches on Google, sponsored ads about how to earn money quickly and easily are jumping on all your social networks.

It all seems nice, but there are often various frauds, pyramid schemes, not to mention gambling, and similar.

You also don’t want to do something you’ll regret later.

We’re not saying to avoid every possible new job because not everything is a scam, but double-check every new way of earning.

Especially if its keywords are fast, easy, a lot, and other marketing power words that need to get users hooked.

5. Dont Compare Yourself to Others

Refrain from letting your worth be determined by how much money you have.

It is also better to distance yourself from people who are overly burdened with material things.

Don’t compare yourself with others because that is a sure way to jealousy and envy.

Maybe you’re too blinded by that desire for money to see that you already have enough.

And even if you don’t have enough right now, with a bit of work and effort, you will have it.

6. Learn From Mistakes

The mistakes of the past are there to teach us not to make them again.

We know you currently feel like you ruined your life with that mistake that made your money disappear.

But eventually, the situation will improve.

Surely you will be much more careful with your money now.

7. Accept The New Normal And Create a New Vision

It may be the new normal for you now that you can’t afford everything you could before.

It is better not to be too burdened with material things.

A new situation can help you learn many new things about yourself and ultimately improve your life.

Is losing that job you hated such a bad thing anyway?

You can have a new vision about expanding your knowledge and doing something new that will fulfill you and provide you with enough money.

To Conclude – Money Doesn’t Equal Value

“If you lost your money, you can earn it again, but if you lost your character, you can’t earn again”

Money comes and goes. 

There are always other means to make money, but the priceless things are always your health and family. 

Learn the lesson from why you lost the money and accept your new reality instead of dwelling on the lost money.

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