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How to Make My Husband Attracted to Me While Pregnant? 5 Best Tips

You can often read tips on how to feel attractive again after giving birth. Many women want to get their bodies back to how they were before pregnancy as soon as possible.

But you can read fewer tips on how to stay attractive to your husband during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in every woman’s life, but let’s be honest, it’s not like you’re going to feel desirable then. You will especially not feel attractive to your husband because you noticed that he avoids intimacy with you during pregnancy.

Key tips on how to be attractive to your husband while you are pregnant are:

  • Embrace your new body
  • Be confident
  • Practice self-care
  • Talk about your feelings
  • Engage in intimate moments
pregnant woman with husband

All this sounds logical, but sometimes it is challenging to keep up with all that during pregnancy.

You may even be angry at your husband because he doesn’t look at you the same way now that you’re pregnant as he did before. It gives you insecurities, and when insecurities mix with your raging pregnancy hormones, it can lead to arguments with your husband.

Wouldn’t it be better to avoid it all? Even to maintain attractiveness during pregnancy? Keep reading this article because we will help you with that.

Why Some Men Don’t Feel Physically Attracted To Their Pregnant Wife?

Since you’re reading this, we will assume that your husband is one of those men.

Before pregnancy, you and your husband had a very active love life. Your husband couldn’t keep his hands off you until you got pregnant, and now he doesn’t even want to be intimate.

Is it because he doesn’t find you attractive anymore? Or even thinks you’re fat? 

Because of all that, you feel rejected by your husband during pregnancy.

We can tell you immediately that you should not panic because many men lose interest in making love with their wives during pregnancy. 

Let’s explain further the reasons for that:

1. Overall Stress and Anxiety

Men are not machines. Stress, anxiety, and lack of control are all factors that influence attraction.

Your husband is concerned about your well-being while you are pregnant, and intimacy is not on his mind.

Pregnancy is wonderful, but it also brings with it a lot of fears and anxieties. And these fears are felt not only by women but also by men.

The emotional roller coaster of pregnancy, including mood swings and heightened emotions, can affect the connection and intimacy between partners. Men may struggle to navigate these changes, leading to decreased attraction.

2. Your Changes in Appearance Affect Your Husband

Let’s be honest, Pregnancy often brings significant physical changes, such as weight gain, stretch marks, and swollen breasts.

These changes can affect your husband’s perception of your attractiveness and subsequently impact passion.

We hope that your husband is not someone who commented negatively on the fact that you eat a lot and gain too much weight. You’re pregnant; that’s normal!

Is it possible that your husband had unrealistic expectations of your physical appearance during pregnancy, which may indicate selfishness and immaturity?

3. Your Husband Is Not Comfortable Being Intimate While You Are Pregnant

Concerns about hurting the baby or causing discomfort can lead to a decrease in passion.

This is especially possible when your pregnant belly is already starting to show. Or when you can feel the baby bump on your stomach.

Your husband fears that he will hurt the baby or you during intercourse, so he avoids being intimate with you. He is also afraid that you two might trigger premature labor if you get too relaxed in the bedroom.

4. Your Husband Doesn’t Look At You The Same Way When You’re Pregnant

Does your husband now see you as someone who carries his child and treats you with extra care?

This does not mean your husband does not like your pregnant body, but now he sees you in a different role.

Be honest, and you make it hard for him to look at you sensually.

Pregnancy can be physically demanding, causing exhaustion, discomfort, and physical limitations. These factors can decrease a man’s physical desire towards his pregnant wife.

How to Make Your Husband Attracted to You While You Are Pregnant?

In addition to missing intimacy with your spouse, you feel insecure about your appearance. Your husband’s lack of interest in intimacy contributes significantly to this.

It’s time to change something about that because being pregnant doesn’t mean you’re not attractive; on the contrary! 

There is a whole new level of attractiveness and sensuality in you. You just need to discover that side of pregnancy.

These tips can help you with that:

1. Embrace Your New Body

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey.

Just stop and think about what your body is capable of? It is capable of bringing new life into this world.

Pregnant women have always been highly worshiped throughout history. Just look at those prehistoric figures of fertility goddesses.

You are such a goddess right now, so treat yourself that way.

Instead of stressing about the pounds you gain during pregnancy and the inevitable stretch marks, see it as part of the process of bringing a new life into this world.

Don’t bother with any diets during pregnancy; that baby has to eat! You will easily get rid of excess weight after childbirth, and now you can enjoy your favorite food without a guilty conscience. You deserved it.

And as for stretch marks, be proud of them. These are not stretch marks; these are warrior marks.

Bonus tip: Take photos of your body throughout pregnancy. This way, you can track how much your body has changed and how amazing it is.

Looking back at these photos can boost your self-esteem and remind you of the incredible journey you’re experiencing.

2. Dress to Flatter Your New Body

We know you want to spend all day in a cozy hoodie and sweatpants. It’s not like you need to wear your best dress when you’re pregnant because you know you’ll be annoyed when you realize you can’t fit into it.

But there are plenty of dressing options that can actually complement your new body.

Try wearing clothes that show off your best features.

You can sometimes step out of your super comfy pregnant hoodie into something more attractive to your husband.

And don’t forget seductive lingerie. There are plenty of options that will really emphasize your new curves and make your husband crazy about you.

3. Practice Self-Care

We understand that during pregnancy, you can entirely fall out of your routine and forget to enjoy everything you love.

Don’t allow that because that’s how you’ll fall into a negative flow of thoughts that will affect your mood and, thus, your self-confidence.

Take care of yourself by engaging in activities that make you feel good.

Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath, get a prenatal massage, or change your hairstyle. Put on your best makeup just to remind yourself how good you are at it.

4. Talk With Your Husband About Your Feelings

Your feelings are mixed up, and maybe you’re more irritable than usual (again, hormones), but your husband must listen.

The theme is clear: you want to let your husband know you wish to have intimacy during pregnancy.

You do not need to feel bad about it because physical intimacy during pregnancy is normal, and maybe even your libido increases under the influence of raging hormones.

Tell your husband that it hurts you that he doesn’t look at you the same way anymore, and work together on how you can change that.

Just don’t be too harsh on your husband. He is also going through your pregnancy journey and may be stressed.

Be realistic. You can’t really expect your husband to think you’re hot when you keep throwing up or can’t get out of bed.

5. Engage in Intimate Moments

If your husband has concerns that you will hurt the baby during the intercourse while you are pregnant, it is best to consult a professional.

Consult healthcare professionals to better understand the dos and don’ts during intercourse while pregnant.

When your husband has that information, he will surely relax.

And now it’s time to bring the action back to your bed.

Physical intimacy during pregnancy may be different from before pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. We’re sure there are many ways to still have fun in bed.

Also, don’t forget about cuddling, engaging in heartfelt conversations, and spending quality time together.

Taking All of This Into Account

What can be drawn as something common to all these tips? Every tip is based on your confidence, so BE CONFIDENT.

That’s right, confidence is that magic ingredient that makes you feel attractive and desirable, even during pregnancy. Confidence is contagious, so your husband will pick up on that if you are confident.

If you doubt yourself, remember that you can be cute, attractive, and seductive even while pregnant. Then you even have a special glow. 

Follow these tips, and before you know it, your husband will be crazy about you again. You might even get to new stages of intimacy that you haven’t reached before.

So, enjoy your pregnancy, and don’t forget about your intimacy.