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Why Does My Sister Hate Me and How to Fix Our Relationship?

Do you miss spending time with your sister?

Instead of today’s silence and distancing, you are nostalgic for the beautiful times of laughter and hanging out.

brother and sister together

All those hurtful words and the distance between you resonate.

We understand. Sisters are like superheroes in every family; they are best friends and someone you can always rely on.

It is not easy to repair a broken relationship with a sister.

The good news is that even broken can be fixed.

Arm yourself with patience and goodwill and try these steps to do the right thing and bring one important person back into your life.

First of all, you have to ask yourself two questions:

– What did you do to make your sister hate you?

– Does your sister hate you or do you feel that way?

Hate is a strong unpleasant emotion. It brings nothing good to anyone.

Your past actions may be why your sister hates you, and it could be something you’re doing now, too.

Whether your sister hates you or is just mad at you, follow these steps to reconcile and put all quarrels aside finally.

Swallow stupid pride and be the first to take the first step

Yes, be the first to initiate reconciliation.

We understand that your pride is holding you back because maybe you still think about what your sister said to you last time.

Don’t let pride hold you back this time.

Your mission is much bigger than your ego.

To forgive is to forget

You remember everything, all the quarrels, negativities, tears. Forget them!

It doesn’t matter who made a mistake and started first.

Don’t play the “blame game” who did what in the past that leads nowhere.

If you say “sorry” and still go back to something from the past, you may deepen the old wounds even more.

The past is what hinders our future.

Let bygones be bygones, and look forward to a new future with your sister.

Identify the problem to find the best solution

Is your bad relationship started with one specific event, or is the seed of the problem much more profound.

For both of you to get to the root of the problem, the first step is to identify it.

After that, you need to work on it. 

Approach the problem together, talk a lot, and say everything on your mind.

When you solve the problem, you will feel tremendous relief, and the burden will fall from your back.

Remind her of some good old days

Sisters spend time together

Nostalgia is a powerful tool. We shouldn’t rely too much on it; as we said above, you do not want to stay in the past.

The magic of nostalgia makes us miss the past and the beautiful little details that made us happy. 

Use the power of nostalgia in the right way.

Remind your sister of those beautiful moments when you watched your favorite movies, listened to all that music that is no longer popular today, and enjoyed your childhood.

If there have never been beautiful moments, concentrate on making them.

Respect the differences and don’t judge

Being from the same family doesn’t mean you have to be the same person by default.

You may be the opposite in appearance, behavior, and lifestyle.

And you know what? That’s ok.

We don’t all have to be the same; the beauty of life is in diversity. 

If your sister lives and thinks entirely differently from you, show her that you respect her individuality.

Remember this well, never judge, because you will surely only make an even bigger rift between you.

Don’t fuel the negativity and toxic behavior

It is challenging to deal with toxic people.

If you are a toxic person, before you embark on a mission to improve your relationship with your sister, embark on a mission to repair yourself first.

If you don’t fix it with yourself, you won’t fix it with your sister either.

You must approach her patiently if your sister is full of negativity, a toxic person, or an energetic vampire.

The most important thing is not to fall into that toxic circle but to make your sister think about the results of her behavior through communication.

We are not saying that you should make her feel bad, but that she understands that her actions and words hurt you.

You are not competing with your sister

So what if you are more successful in life than your sister?

Or maybe you are jealous of all the success that surrounds her?

And what exactly is a success, and who determines it?

You know that your most significant success right now would be to reconcile with your sister, so first of all, don’t compete with her.

Show that you care

It sounds simple, but it can be complicated.

Show that you care with deeds and not just words.

Every little token of attention can mean a lot.

What is your sister’s favorite food? Song? Movie?

Surprise her with something that means the world to her, and you will surely see a smile on her face because she will know that you care.

sisters in cinema

Bonus tip: Say “I love you” 

Yes, that’s right, say those magic words.

As much as we think they may have lost their meaning in today’s world, they are still the most powerful words that can change everything.

All that matters is that they are sincere and come directly from the heart.

To Conclude

Unlike other relationships in life, you can’t choose the most important one.

Of course, that is the family and, therefore, the sister.

What is your pride worth if you lose such an important person in your life? 

With a lot of patience and love, you will be able to reconcile with your sister and create new memories together.

There is a huge mission ahead of you, but if you are persistent and honest, you will succeed.

Good luck!