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4 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Learn How to Drive

All your friends of the same age can’t wait to learn to drive or already drive.

That’s not the case with you. You’re the black sheep who doesn’t want to learn to drive.

Why don’t you want to learn to drive? It is most likely the fear of driving, but other factors, such as too expensive vehicles and the many possibilities of getting to the desired destination without your own car.

driving a car

Today, driving a car is a mandatory skill; if you don’t have any health problems preventing you from doing so, you are expected to learn to drive.

But you just don’t want to.

You think you’ll get through life just fine if you skip that skill.

Hey, you know some people who don’t drive and don’t miss a thing, right?

Everyone has the right to make their own choices, and if someone chooses not to drive, that’s their choice.

But as soon as you read this article, it means that something is bothering you and that you are still reconsidering your decision.

That’s why we will try to find out why you don’t want to learn to drive, but we also try to offer some solutions that can change your mind.

You Don’t Want to Drive? Here Are 4 Possible Reasons

driving car in the city

Why do you hate learning to drive?

The reasons why you don’t even want to learn to drive and wrote it off at the start can be different, and these are the most likely:

1. You’re too Scared to Drive

The most common reason why someone refuses to learn to drive.

Traffic accidents that happen every day contribute to this.

Perhaps you have been involved in a traffic accident and are now scared to drive.

Maybe you also have some phobia about driving. Someone from your environment may have scared you and passed that fear on to you.

And when you watch movies and see a car crash, you feel more scared than when you watch a horror movie.

You are probably a little too overwhelmed with statistics about the possibilities of a car accident.

Driving a car scares you so much that just thinking about it makes you sweat and feel nervous.

You don’t want to be one with a driver’s license but who is too scared to drive.

We understand that the fear of something happening to you while driving or hurting someone can be overwhelming.

You are also uncomfortable driving with others. You always ask them to slow down and can’t wait for the ride to end.

2. You Find Driving a Car too Stressful

girl stressed in the car

In addition to being afraid to drive a car, driving is highly stressful for you.

And we don’t just mean the fear of a severe potential traffic accident.

The thought of driving a huge vehicle is burdensome and too responsible for you.

All those rules and traffic signs, who will remember all that.

Just the thought of getting lost makes you even more stressed.

There is navigation today, but you still think it is possible to miss the way.

You imagine scenarios that never happened. Let’s say you’re on the highway, you miss a turn toward your destination, and then you desperately try to get back on the right road, and everyone is honking at you.

As for other drivers, they make you incredibly nervous.

Mostly everyone drives according to the rules, but someone always has a “Need for Speed” and endangers others in traffic.

Let’s not just talk about the uncivilized behavior of some drivers while driving.

You don’t drive, but you were present when some not-so-nice words were exchanged between drivers at the traffic lights.

You may be a calm person by nature and don’t want to be like that in traffic.

Or maybe you’re easily irritable and think you’ll argue too much, so you don’t even want to drive.

You are an anxious, nervous, and easily irritated person in general, and you think you will be like that when driving.

3. You Think That Driving a Car is Too Expensive

Collect money to buy a new car

First of all, you think that taking a driving lesson is expensive.

After that comes the purchase of a car.

The thought of spending so much money on a car overwhelms you.

A car is a status symbol, and you are not the kind of person who cares too much about material things.

It’s not just the costs of buying a car. There are also car maintenance, repairs, and registration costs.

Of course, the car needs fuel, and we won’t even talk about fuel prices.

And so you spend all that on your vehicle, and someone scratches your car in the parking lot when he parks and runs away.

You already know that you will not be financially able to drive your own car, so you will have to share it with other family members, but you don’t want others to drive it.

And you know how irresponsible others are, and you already see arguments about who will drive the car when, who made a mess in the car, and similar. 

All that makes you think, why even bother to buy a car?

4. You Realized That You Don’t Need to Drive a Car

It is noticeable that the new generations are less interested in driving.

Younger generations are less likely to want to drive and are less confident about their driving abilities than older generations.

Here, we are primarily thinking of Millennials and Gen Z.

The reason for this can be much better public transport.

This is especially good for people who live in big cities where public transportation works excellently.

It’s easier to get on the subway and get to your destination without stress. You prefer that instead of rushing in a car and fighting for a parking space.

There is also the fact that the new generations are much more socially conscious and care about environmental protection.

That’s why they choose more environmentally friendly transportation options.

You decided to go to work on an electric scooter.

Because of that, someone will call you a hipster, but it’s much more convenient for you, and you’re much happier than nervous people in cars.

How Can You Change Your Mind About Learning to Drive a Car?

Young worried funny looking man obsessing about cleanliness of his new car on a summer day.

We respect your decision, but answer these two questions honestly:

  • Do you want to miss out on a life skill because of fear?

Deciding not to learn to drive is your decision, but ask yourself if you are restraining yourself of an essential skill.

Think about it, babies are also afraid to start walking.

Probably even more so than you to start driving.

And in the end, they walk, and that’s how their world changes.

That’s how you should start with baby steps when you start driving.

The world will change for you, too, when you start driving.

New experiences, new destinations, and a world of possibilities increase with the ability to drive.

Don’t let fear limit you; you can do it!

Also, did you know that driving a car positively affects your other skills?

The cognitive skills you use while driving and leveling are coordination, memory, and better decision-making.

  • Do you want to allow yourself not to drive because of others?

You think there are too many maniacs behind the wheel.

Do you also need to leave the house because many rude people are on the streets?

Don’t let others influence your life.

You drive at your own pace, and they can get annoyed and honk as much as they want.

  • Do you want to constantly depend on others for a ride?

No matter how much you think you can manage without driving, there will always be times when you will have to ask others to drive you.

Life is unpredictable, you can’t rely on public transport and Uber, and sometimes when you need something the most, maybe no one will be able to drive you.

And no one wants to be too dependent on others for anything, including driving. It’s always better to be independent.

  • Is learning to drive a car really such an expensive investment?

Learning to drive and later buying your car seems like an expensive investment.

And we won’t say it’s cheap when it’s not, but think about what you’re buying.

You are buying a valuable skill you will need when you least expect it.

You also buy freedom, privacy, and the possibility of higher earnings, because you may have to drive for some work.

So learning to drive a car is an investment in yourself, which will bring you many benefits later.

To Conclude

“It is natural to feel anxiety when learning to drive, but we mustn’t let these fears and worries block us from gaining a precious life skill.”

Every skill is valuable in life, and so is driving, don’t miss it. 

Even if you don’t drive all the time, it’s good to have that skill and option more in your pocket.