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Surprising Garden Hack That Will Make Your Tomatoes Grow Bigger and Faster

Tomato plants that grow in the right conditions will produce large, plump, juicy fruits throughout the summer.

However, one tip can help your tomatoes grow bigger and quicker.

Sharing his tomato-growing trick on TikTok, Armen Adamjan (@creative_explained) suggests that removing the suckers will significantly improve your harvest.

The secret to growing great tomatoes

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“If you want your tomato plants to grow bigger and faster, you need to prune off the suckers,” Armen explains in his video.

“They grow between leaf nodes,” he adds. “Use sharp scissors and snip them off.”

But don’t discard them. Armen mentions that you can start a new tomato plant with the suckers.

“Don’t throw them away. Put them in a glass of water,” he advises. “They will develop roots, giving you a whole new tomato plant.”

“So whenever you see a sucker growing between the main stem and a leaf, cut it off and watch how quickly you’ll get tomatoes.”

Armen’s followers loved this tip.

“I love all your info,” one person commented. “With my first veggie garden going, I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you.”

Others shared their own tips.

“I just pinch them,” one person said.

Another experienced gardener noted that this works only for indeterminate plants.

“Tomatoes come in two types: determinate and indeterminate. Determinate plants have a set growth limit, while indeterminate ones will keep growing.”

Additionally, determinate tomatoes tend to ripen all their fruits early and often simultaneously, while indeterminate tomatoes will keep growing until the weather no longer allows it.