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5 Ways You’re Unknowingly Inviting Snakes to Your Yard

You might be unknowingly attracting snakes to your yard.

Everyone loves having a beautiful yard to enjoy outdoor activities.

While we can’t prevent all critters from basking in the sun, there are steps we can take to keep snakes at bay.

We talked to a pest control expert to understand what draws snakes to your yard and how to keep them away.

1. Your grass might be too tall

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“Tall grass gives snakes cover from predators,” says Meg Pearson, a wildlife training manager at Critter Control. Grass that’s too high also allows snakes to sneak up on their prey. Keep your lawn mowed regularly so it stays short, making it less inviting for snakes to hide.

2. Debris piles offer snakes a hiding place

Snakes don’t just hide in tall grass. Your yard might have other hiding spots like woodpiles or loose debris. Keeping your yard clean and removing clutter can eliminate these hiding places.

“Yards with woodpiles, loose debris, or anything that can provide cover or shelter for a snake could be an attractant,” Pearson explains.

3. Rodent or pest problems

“Rodent and pest infestations also attract snakes,” says Pearson. It’s crucial to address any pest issues promptly, such as getting rid of mice, squirrels, or other rodents that snakes might prey on.

4. Feeding pets outside

Pet food left outside can attract rodents, which can attract snakes. Try to feed your pets indoors or clean up any leftover food immediately. Store pet food in a container with a tight lid to keep pests out.

5. Overwatering your lawn

Watering your lawn helps it stay green, but overwatering can make it soggy and attract pests that snakes eat. Water your lawn just enough to avoid creating a habitat for worms and other snake prey.

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard

“Mow your yard regularly,” advises Pearson. She also suggests removing potential shelters for snakes, such as debris piles, trimming shrubs, and getting rid of rock piles.

Be careful when clearing debris, as snakes might already be hiding there. Pearson recommends keeping potential shelter areas clean to deter snakes from living there.

You don’t have to manage this on your own. Getting professional help can be a great way to keep your yard free of snakes.

According to Pearson, “Regular pest and rodent control services can also help prevent snakes from residing on your property.”

What to Do If You See a Snake

If you spot a snake in your yard, leave it alone. “Don’t try to handle the snake yourself,” warns Pearson. “Call a professional to remove it from your property safely.”

Pearson also suggests watching the snake safely while waiting for help. This helps the wildlife removal specialist locate and remove the snake quickly.